Tuesday, July 17, 2012

News, Politics, Media Streams...

One day in MD,
a bunny turned its back on the crowd and the News Media caught it!
Was it because of the continual listening to the news, the slander, the political ads of the elephants and donkeys at each others throats?
 Was it to get a better view, or deeper understanding of what might happen next,
or just a result of trying to get someone's attention or to stand on point of the next moment in time?
I wish I had been there to see it myself,
but the news is out,
President Obama 
And it is all over the place; being talked about, being recorded as if it is the next big thing.
And I missed it!
I woke this morning to the news of it
oh the press is having a field day.
 Our President and the First Lady
on a Cam seen kissing!
It has made the National News
it is now being seen and talked about around the world.
I wouldn't want you to miss it,
heaven help us.
It is sure to be the next ad used in the political battles that we have to be exposed to in the ongoing battles endorsed and paid for by the "Romney Team" or those who dislike or have disdain for our President.
And they call this 
One reporter says the crowds cheered and called for a "re=do"
while others interpreted it as boos from the same crowds.
Others are commenting, some think it wonderful, others saying what has that got to do with "unemployment", "the need for jobs in our country", "the current climate of affairs", "the future of our world".
I say it is about as exciting as watching paint dry; or that it was a touching moment between our President and his wife, caught on a live cam, just as many fans of a game hope to be seen and shown on a live cam at any venue of the same type as they enjoy or embrace, or wave those foam fingers in the air.
Yet, I saw it and immediately thought,
Oh boy, the other folks will have a field day with this; and I bet it will be taken out of context and probably used against him.
I bet we will see it on ads that are endorsed and paid for by Republicans or Tea Party folks and will then be linked to sex or games or world peace or something completely unrelated to a married couple who also happen to be
out for an evening.
I rather like to think it wonderful that two people who like and love each other took a moment and gave each other a kiss!
The picture I was so tickled to get of that bunny rabbit up there in MD was as cute as it could be; it was exciting to take a picture of a creature out there just being free and wild; yet it will not go viral, will not get a million hits on this page.
It will not be talked about, nor used in great campaigns, or picked up by National Geographic or Time.
Yet it was just something that I enjoyed, I had no agenda behind it, just beauty that was raw and out there to behold.
Interesting what is newsworthy, what excites us as people, what the media streams, and makes folks scream.
We now are getting our fill of politics, ads that scream in our homes; old reels of Hillary Clinton filtered into an ad saying "Shame on you" to our sitting President who she sits with; yet we have to wonder is that helpful or harmful.
We now have to realize that a vote will never be more important than this year as we look back on our lives and our dreams for tomorrow.
Many have opinions, thoughts, and truthfully will be swayed by media, news and hype.
  Some things are realities, some quotes we have ourselves heard with our own ears, seen with our own eyes, and know with our own hearts.
We each are responsible for our own paths, our own choices in our lives.
We each make mistakes along the way, yet we move forward or we stand still or sit it out.
I still say this;
my picture of that bunny was quite awesome,
the live cam that caught our President in a kiss with his first lady was endearing.
I remember taking the Godsons to see a hockey game of the Tampa Bay Lightning
and oh how they worked "it" to get on that live cam; and oh how thrilled they were for that moment of seeing themselves on that big ole screen!
Interesting the news media didn't pick that up as worthy, didn't stream it, nor did it go viral.
Guess there is no room for just 
good times, happy things, or things without agendas.
How bout this for some numbers to get your motor running this morning?
Maybe you will feel strongly and realize that voting is a right that many fought hard for; and you will be sure to show up and cast yours this year.
Talk about money?
Think if those who so freely spend and use it on the hill would feed it back to those of us working our A$$ES off every day to make a living, we all would be living a bit better.
Is this not just remarkable?
 Think I'll go back to takin pictures,
I hear thunder.

Walk in Beauty,


oshkosh said...

S M H---shakin' my head---NEXT? is correct! Dang!

Anonymous said...

Little grey rabbits and little kisses, people can turn anything around . Thought both were sweet photos. Also think people are NUTS!
As for the MEDIA???? Really?
Insanity running amuck again. You Doc, just keep on keepin it real.
PS Where is everybody?

Dot/Mom/Cob said...

Mornin, what a plesant surprise to see the bunny rabbit something fresh and beautiful to think about. These politics with the media is driving us to distraction. We must keep our minds fresh as to what is happening in our world. I will be so glad when it is over. The president kissing his wife well maybe he loves her. Maybe is there was more kissing and less fussing, telling lies and all of that stuff we would have a better world. Just hang in there things will be better someday. Rabbits remind me of everyday life here in the Country. Have a Blessed Day. Thanks for keeping it real.