Friday, July 20, 2012

Just about had enough

Who's fault?
Pointing fingers
talking trash
taking things out of context, in context,
beating dead horses all over again and to the extreme.
People have just lost their minds and their moral compass around the world!
I've just about had enough.
The news media is on a constant feeding frenzy, social media sights are like gnats on crack with ugliness and finger pointing and extremes of emotions from "let their be peace" and "mindfulness will bring inner beauty"
"you are wrong" and "your mother is ugly"
to such political rants the likes of we have forgotten have existed long before this current President and his Romney opponent.
Yet it as an all time high of grabbing quotes and misquotes; of holding on to and striking out at others with wanton hatchets and words to wound even the most kind of the kind.
Knee-jerk reactions and actions that are fueling the fires of the economic climate and fears of individuals in the world and our neighbors who are striking out and sounding like they need therapy yet can't afford it and are not open to it.
Like the wild fires that are raging around and the record heat across the lands, the floods of Florida since Tropical Storm Debby and the pounding rains that have caused flooding since then... It is just crazy!
We can't find good news no matter how hard we try; turn on the television and the new line up is all about shows with men wanting to find women and women looking for their "soul mate" on national television with all the depth of a saucer.
Who in the world would put their life out there in such a manner?
What are people thinking?
Romney vs. Obama
the ugliness continues.
The Republican Convention in Florida,
Governor Scott deciding to help clean up the roadsides seen in rubber gloves and a pretty hat posing for pictures alongside the road.
The protestors preparing to exercise their first amendment rights; the police department ready to protect and to serve.
Our tax dollars at work;
and the ones who are supporting a candidate booking complete 5 star restaurants and the Hardrock Casino for their pleasure in Tampa.
The summer is on a hot roll.
If I see one more cartoon or comment of
"you didn't build that", I swear I will scream.
4 words taken completely out of context; yet now used in and about everything that can be used against the President with no regard to the message that was being delivered but taken as a personal affront to so many.
Out west folks are sweating, some are dying from extreme heat.
Storms are flaring up, rains are pouring down, but it seems in all the wrong places across the lands.
People are just "jacked up" and act like this is the first time an election of two people and republicans and democrats have gone toe to toe.
It is not.
It is a critical time for women, yes most definately.
Health care reform? That is not a new concept; it has been around for years and years, and brought to the table before in the last 20 or so years, by both republicans and democrats.
It is the child of back in the day of Medicare and Medicaid if you check your history.
A time for women to be concerned?
You can bet your a$$ on that one.
Yet, it is also a time of great worry of economy, of war, of homes, of jobs.
But make no mistake,
it is also a time where PTSD has never loomed larger in the world either, and folks are sure showing some distress and issues of mental health being frazzled in their reactions and actions across the lands.
Look at what just happened out in Colorado;
even those horrendous fires were caused by an arsonist. And just today or last night?
These are scary times indeed.
Yet, some are caught in their own little worlds, in their own dramas, stuck in the moment of procrastination and stories of the past loops that they refuse to break old tapes or make new choices and decisions to free themselves up for the wonder of themselves.
yes in a heartbeat, someone somewhere is oblivious to the bigger picture
that is taking residence in another persons life or the world.
That another person may be crying, dying, or in great pain.
A moment of silence, or care may be just the thing that is needed, wanted, longed for in understanding.
A moment of humor, of kindness, of understanding that goes beyond the media, the press, the politics, the smack and the stories of want, me me me and into others.
Maybe just maybe
if people could spend a day with just being grateful for everything it would regain some balance in the world affairs.
Just for a day, if people would stop the madness and get off the crazy train, let it go by
not participate in the doings of others that are so involved in drama, crap, demeaning others.
Just for a day,
if people would listen to the whole of a statement without finding ways to personalize, pick apart 4 words and then use them against someone, or take them for their own agenda.
Just for a day, take action and responsibility for self and the children and those in need of guidance and lead with honor and integrity.
I've just about had enough.
Just for today,
I'm goin to just be and reflect
on the kind of day where people are not so self absorbed and other judged.
Will you join me?
I do believe that the world and politics can do without us for the day.
Here's to happiness
may it always be foremost in your heart.



fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and Friends. Well, happy Friday to you all. Hope it is a good one for you. Thank you Dr. Sherry for the words of wisdom today. So many things to think about. So much stuff in the world around us. Wishing each of you a wonderful and peaceful day. Starting my weekend in less than 3 hours -YEAH!!! /SANDY♥

Anonymous said...

greetings on the wind friends. What great words doc. you could not have said it better. If people would just stop before they speak and think about what they are saying. Thanks for the rational voice in a time of such ugliness.
hugs on the wind doc and friends.

Anthony Andep said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and Friends. Well, happy Friday to you all. Hope it is a good one for you. Thank you Dr. Sherry for the words of wisdom today. So many things to think about. So much stuff in the world around us. Wishing each of you a wonderful and peaceful day. Starting my weekend in less than 3 hours -YEAH!!! /SANDY♥