Monday, July 9, 2012

All about choices

Tracks, rails, trains, planes, buses, cars...
where the rubber meets the road, or the butts hit the couches
it's all about choices.
When you get right down to it;
finding the way through the many and mired neurotransmitters of the brain, the connection of the heart that often leads the brain, or the brain that takes over the heart
and the many messages between
one must at some point along the way come to the reality
that we "own the choices" we make that govern of our lives.
Like it or not;
we either step up, step out, or make the choice to not step at all.
But during the brightest of days
or darkest of nights
WE, each and every one of us
makes a choice, and to not make a choice is in fact choosing.
 A person can view a cave, and trust that there may be a big ole bear in there; disbelieve and wonder in to find out!
they can go in that cave and dwell there in the dark, choosing that as a frame of mind
they can choose to emerge into the light of their life,
through struggle and effort and even kicking and screaming if they want; knowing that they are a survivor and thriver.
Many will look to others for a hand; and that is alright as well; while others will learn on their own that at times it feels like history has been a great teacher; and that perhaps at times they have been stuck at the "which way do I turn" moments, and have taken a "gut feeling" or a chance, and fought like mad to pull themselves UP and over
the tallest of struggles vowing to let their path be their truth for future decisions.
Life can be like that at times.
We learn from mistakes, from misfortune, from tragedy, from loss.
We can either go into the cave, stand on the tracks and await the train to just have its way with us,
or we can take action and responsibility for our lives and our times while embracing our experience as teacher.
Remember the old and wise saying;
"when the student is ready, the teacher appears".
It just may be that some are taking a remedial life course, and enjoy holding themselves back in grade school of life; as they continue to make those same bad decisions and choices for their life.
We hear about those who abdicate responsibility all the time; wanting to be treated and respected for good choice-makers and those we can believe and trust with decisions.
Yet we have to wonder as we watch them in their attempts to drive their lives and see that their means to do so, is similar to having a bike 
hanging on a wall rather than being used as transportation to get from here to there in thought, motion, or an exercise in kindness and extension of self; yet we are asked why we do not "trust".
Would you trust riding this as it is?
Doesn't look to me as though the wheels are on the ground;
and when thinking of thoughts and choices I would like to think them firm and reliable; wouldn't you?
Yes it's about choices, about respect, about trust.
Life is a time of great moments, and moments that take the breath away.
It is also a time of giving to another in service and care because
you can and want to.

Walk in Beauty


fluff said...

Thank you Dr. Sherry for the thought provoking message today. Do we make the choices we want to make or do we continue to make the choices we know other people wish we would make. Hmmm, something to think about. If we continue to make the choices others wish we would how do we change that to make the choices we really want for our life? Hmmm Lots of thoughts on this today

Hope everyone is having a peaceful day. I am back to work and busy, busy! It is much cooler today in SE Michigan. In the low 80s but pretty humid. Take care friends.

Anonymous said...

Fluff you said a mouthful in just a few words. Choices can be made no matter how young or old you are just sometimes people need help when they have made the wrong choices thru so many years. If you are adult and make choices that hurt other people and most of all that hurt children that is the worse kind. Some people I know make the same old choices with their life and usually dont really amount to nothing in life. It is the same with children, the choices the adult makes affects the children the rest of their life and they end up in most cases in adult life going the same route as the adult. We must think about the hurt and anger it causes in families. We must in lots of cases sit down and discuss choices no matter what age. Some of the choices may be made by adults that dont care what the outcome is of their choices. Some keeps bringing up religion but not living a religious life. We hope and pray the right choices will be made but there has to be some common sense somewhere in our lives. We live each day to the fullest not saying what can I get them to do for me, not what I can do for the people who constantly helps me. Good thoughts today and good choices. Blessings