Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"Ive Been Watching YOU"

Remember this?
 "I'm Watching you Focker"
was the line, that then had folks all over the place making the same gestures and heightened the awareness of 
"watching" each other as folks laughed through a movie, yet somehow knew that others and even they were watching perhaps a little closer!
Yes, often we watch, we wonder, we stand in amazement at times at others and if honest we often amaze ourselves, and not always in the best light.
We are human, we live and learn and make our own mistakes over time, and hopefully we learn from them.
Those who stand in the landmine created by others, receive the
"I'm sorry", amends are made, lives are carefully loved back together with time, great care placed in stitching the fabric in order to perhaps even make the cloth of relations stronger than ever.
Yet at times, truth be told, blankets are torn, and never to be put back together again nor mended.
Yet there are times when excuses are made; habits established, choices become the real words for patterns of destruction to self and others are taken down primrose paths through hell in the process. Sorry becomes as meaningless a word as rryos; it makes no sense to the ears or hearts anymore just as the letters are out of order so is the meaning and the actions that continue.
Anger is spewed as defenses are high; calls to "only God can Judge me" are thrown as marvelous and uplifting messages are left on voice mails, texts and on the walls of social media
and one shakes their head in wonder
while thinking indeed the world has gone mad.
The UP/Down of conversations that get started just end when comfort zones and reality are exposed, and start again as if with different people leaving folks to wonder if they have lost their timing or if just or only their mind and friend or relation.
Yet we know that indeed the Creator is watching, as are we; and joined by a host of others in wondering
and scratching our heads while just wanting to move to an island in a cottage and leaving no forwarding address.
It is truly amazing to listen, to "watch" and wonder the depth or lack thereof
of those who walk alongside us in this journey of life.
From bricklayers, to those pounding the pavement trying to tell us they will be great in local political offices, yet are soon to buy their Porsche; they want us to know they are with and for us; as our little and old trusty car sits in the driveway.
From those who say, "I'm here for you", yet they run not walk when trouble or need arises.
From those who say "I'm sorry" for my bad choices, yet do not find the courage to admit their guilt, their problem and take themselves for counseling to get the help and strength to heal their issues; yet continue on the path.
From those who say, "only God can Judge me" to those who run to the local tattoo shop and get Jesus placed on their bicep; yet will accuse a friend of being a liar; and yet when directly asked a question be evasive when they could possibly stand up and provide answers that would assist another in understanding.
Instead they tell you to go to the liar for truth and answers; they choose to not get involved? 
Responsibility and honor somehow replaced by tats and smack on and off the lips of babes.

Yep sounds like common sense is not so common anymore! 
I've been watching YOU
but most importantly
the children are watching as they grow and they watch closely.
Now they watch so much more close as the old days of marriages that are intact, and Ozzie and Harriett days are of the past; Happy Days on t.v. is long gone.
Marriage statistics have been in play for a while now; half of them fail, leaving one parent homes and that one parent has to work.
Leaving kids to always romance and dream of the "what ifs", the dad that is no longer around, the one who maybe sees a kid once a year if that;
or just is gone from sight.
Single moms who are trying to do both;
yet at times struggle with balance, with structure, with right way relations, or with making good and sound choices.
There are some stand out and stand UP Dads... we just don't hear as much on them as we do those "deadbeat dads" and single moms doing the jobs!
Were that it was like this:

Those children watch; they learn from those they see and are with.
Be it good or bad or indifferent.
They take it in and use that as the foundations for their lives as they grow and become more than children; as they move into those teens with raging hormones, and into adults who either are responsible and accountable to make good and firm choices that give to our world or take from it.
They were born into moments of love and God/Creator openess of the Universal Connection of beauty
and then they are taught by sound, touch, human bonding and what they watch.
The lessons learned from that moment on are either crawling to stand in glory and joy
or into ugliness, fear, lies, deceit, prejudice or hate. 
We learn by example, by what we are told, we learn truth trumps even a white lie.
OR we are taught to keep secrets and to lie, or we are "bought off" by those who want to protect their habits, addictions or choices.
Make no mistake though
not only God is judging,
so is the world, those children, members of family and community
as they grow and learn that others do not live or do as those they have been watching always do.
Stress is a terrible thing to teach to others.
Truth is a horrid thing to take advantage of or lose.
Believing in a person and having that taken away from you is a pain like a knife between the shoulder pains; and often happens as a result of lies, deceit and harms done from bad choices done over and again; added to the impact on others.
Faith and hope are mighty swords though and once used can combat many battles; and conquer the biggest dragons.
But make no mistake
just as that powerful song was sung, a visual was placed in the best of times where a child was "watching you and wanting to be like you"; is not only in the best of times.
It is also in patterns of each step that each one makes leaving an imprint on the earth, and in the hearts of those that are loved,
many times for the good
but sometimes for the awful.
That awful can include the way others are treated; abuse, relations with family, friends, strangers yet met.
It can include alcoholism, drug abuse, partying like an elephant thinking it an ant.
Prescription drug to ease pain or sleep better that turns into not waking up at all or scaring people and scarring them for life in the ways that drugs can alter behaviors and then leave folks afraid and scarred, waiting for the next phone call.
Watching YOU
can be the biggest lesson that others get to be the compass in which they set their own sails and voyages for their adventures or their lives.
 We are each the captains of our ships, our souls, our very lives.
One way or the other,
we take the helm
and our turns will and does affect all in the great scheme of things,
and you can bet your bippy
that someone somewhere is watching
and yes, folks are judging each step and each wave being made along the journey.
someone is watching and learning
Good/Great/or not so great
 Walk in Beauty


oshkosh said...

Say on, Dr. Sherry, just say on!!!
"straight up" YOU be!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bet your bippy is right! Stand on that mountain and shout it to every available ear. Lots of people would benefit to hear your words. Lots of wisdom in them there words. You speak the truth. Sometimes the truth chases people away. Just not far enough. Sadly