Thursday, July 5, 2012

OUR AMERICA, and those who speak

I've got YOU!
We could learn so much if only we took the time to watch the winged ones, the crawlers, swimmers, the 4 leggeds in nature.
We say we have evolved, grown up, become civilized and successful,
are still trying to figure it all out.
Yet the great wisdom keepers are not being listened to and learned from;
whether humans or animals
and we continue on
in our talking rather than listening
in our doing rather than being.
In the judgment and haste of saying we know all or know best in these times of social media, abilities to say what we think or react to what we see and hit enter
before checking ourselves and our thoughts
Everyone has an opinion and somehow seem more free to share it, or to try and outspeak the other in haste, without care of or thought of its impact on the others ears, heart, soul or eyes.
Yesterday around the globe were celebrations of the 4th of July;
Red White and Blue could be seen on clothing, flags were flying, the sense of America
and all her beauty.
Many hearts were joined and families, friends gathered for good times, bbq's were lit up and burgers/fries and cherry pies evoked times gone by.
And in San Diego folks gathered and paid money to park to see a night sky lit up only to find that there was a glitch and all those fancy fireworks went at once
leaving the show over in seconds
in one big 
While the Macy's show and music was off the hook and the crowds ooohed and awwed
and the joys seen were amazing
another year of wow had in person and live on the screens around the country!
Our America
was joined together again, was celebrated across the lands.
And on the Capital Grounds folks gathered and they listened to the music, folks that knew each other, and those who had never met before got the chance.
A young man sang his heart out,
"Stand by Me" was his song, and he sung with passion, leaving the stage to shake hands with those who have served our country and were sitting in wheel chairs, missing limbs now.
He shook their hands and we could hear his words of "thank you" to each one; could hear his voice crack as his sincerity came through with each stop at each young man extended his hand.
in good, bad, stress, and protest.
We could learn from the winged ones in that picture, to extend of ourselves and grab on to each other, and stand with pride for the greater good of all.
United we are much more than we are apart,
yet we do have those freedoms to stand apart as a result of those who have fought, have died to protect us from all harm.
The celebrations yesterday were a fine show of people coming together,
and they did; regardless of their beliefs, their thoughts or opinions.
And it was a beautiful thing to watch!
 The Lincoln Memorial was shoulder to shoulder with people, as my FB friend Chris posted this picture for all to see; he and his family enjoying all that was there for them to absorb, feel and witness.
I was taken on a journey of old memories of times when I was there for those fireworks and their glory, the people, the energy that could be felt for miles on end and stayed with you for days on end. Seas of flags being waved, seeing soldiers, and others who stood together as we celebrated our country and her strength.
 The night finally arriving and the brilliance of those fireworks as they light up the sky over the Washington Monument; recalling how my Uncle Doyle used to carry me on his shoulders as he ran up those steps and knew the guards by name back in the day!
Also remembering working as security for the
Names Project when the AIDS QUILT was on display and there from the capital to the monument in its entirety as it will soon be again 25 years later.
 Our gratitude to those who have served and are serving.
While thinking of those who do not believe there is need for it, nor has there ever been.
Those who are so wrapped up in their belief that we have no freedoms, and in their judgment of calling Marines or others in the service now that are disfigured or lives destroyed as "Poster boys" and those who are "pawns" to the a system that they do not believe in.  I can't help but wonder if they have ever sat down with a veteran and talked; perhaps a walk through Walter Reed or time at the Vietnam Wall or time with the Patriot Guard, or Rolling Thunder, for a while; they could then discuss their strong views of the many things they know so much of and dislike of our country and feelings of no freedoms and manipulations and being made a "pawn" as our soldiers are and a Marine being used as a "Poster Boy"
 like this one?
 Perhaps that would be educational to those who have served our Country, and serve to be worthy of a discussion that helps those who are so disparaging of a Veteran and his picture to also help those who are so strong in their feelings and beliefs to make decisions on which country they want to call home since they no longer like it here.
I was asked "who is he" regarding that Marine and I don't know exactly "who he is"
but he represents "ALL WHO ARE SERVING" and have served.
He is the face of a warrior,
one with NO REGRETS for his sacrifices.
He is the face of so many now seen in Military hospitals around the country; though many are in gowns rather than Uniforms,
many with wounds that one cannot see,
many who want to be back "over there" for it is more comfortable than being "here" where they are having great difficulty adjusting.
When asked "who is he";
my initial reaction was to respond
"HE IS A MARINE, and who are you to ask?"
 In the world right now; American soldiers; men, women, service animals are out there;
they have made the choice to Stand UP
to represent the best of the best of the 
United States of America.
They are our brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, Mothers, Fathers, our children and grandchildren; our
They are putting their lives in harms way each and every day.
Are you willing to do that for your family, your country?
It is much easier to sit behind the keyboard of a computer and bitch and complain while thinking you have all the answers in the comfort of your home and say you have no freedom.
Yet many will forget;
they have the freedom to say and do what they want; to step away from that keyboard and walk outside in their bikini if they like;
to go to the store and buy a bottle of whatever thrills them; to lay on beaches or travel to the country; to use manners or not,
to be respectful or not,
to crawl in their beds
or sleep on the floor,
to shower or not,
to demonstrate respect
Those freedoms are not allowed everywhere;
nor are they always there without protection or without sacrifice.
Treaties broken?
You betcha, there is a long history of that.
You betcha, that is not new.
Where has that and caring gone.
The amazing thing about those who do not or will not demonstrate understanding as they stand for peace at all costs is that they insist on saying that they are taking the "high road", yet they violate the very principals of that in their condemnation of compassion of others.
Expressing views and opinions can be done without harshness.
Passion can be a joyful thing even if one does not agree with another.
Yet, to ridicule our Nation and those who serve
is to create harm for those who are risking their lives to protect each and every one of us!
So to those who are so very unhappy with America; as Rush is it seems;
If you don't like it,
take your all knowing cynical ass and leave our country, but
before you do, I would invite you to spend some time at a military hospital, spend some time with the fine men and women of 
and let them hear your views. 

With that said,
that is about all to say.

Hope your 4th was spectacular,
and that when you see a Veteran
you shake their hand and say
"thank you" for STANDING.
Today our warrior here will bury her beloved 
"Pop" a veteran, now in God's army joined by so many he will once again be free.
Blessings Ali, and may you feel him with you always; and find the strength you need for this most difficult day.

Walk in Beauty,


oshkosh said...

EXCELLENT!!!!! Well said.

fluff said...

Thank you Dr. Sherry for the messages today and yesterday. Very touching and inspirational. Truly - God Bless America and all those brave heroes who have fought and stood for our freedom. I missed the fire works last night. I just got my power back on since 10:30 a.m. yesterday. Bad storms in the area brought down the power, internet, TV and took a long time to restore. A lot of people still out. I am grateful it was only 35 hours for us. Could have been a lot longer. Very rough storms early this morning and some more stormy weather on the way the next day or so.

I hope all is well and you enjoyed your 4th of July celebration with family. Hope everyone took a little time to be thankful for our freedom. Thank you Dr. Sherry for the great pictures.

Keeping Ali and her family in my prayers during this time. Also praying for those often mentioned here.

Have a peaceful evening friends as you count your Blessings.

Robert Hernandez said...

EXCELLENT!!!!! Well said.