Monday, July 16, 2012


Seems now everyday we are hearing that rolling thunder, soon followed by the lightning and the torrential rains here.
I thought I could set my watch by it last week, as it began just in time for those on the roads heading home from work; lasting from minutes to hours, to all day long!
The thunder beings at play as they rolled, calling the lightning to dance across the skies and from cloud to cloud, then pierce those clouds in a swift moment and the rains come down with intensity.
The grass is greener than green and growing so quickly I think I need a goat to catch up!

Oh the rains, the HEAT, the days of summer getting going around the country.
Some need rain, some are raining frogs, and others are under a No water, no fires no where for fear of impending disasters.
We are even hearing folks saying they would love to see winter and put their heads in the snow... go figure!
Seems never is one satisfied in the moment of sun and her beauty and heat, always wishing and wanting what is not happening at the time.
Yet it is summer, and where did June go so quickly, now the fireworks are a dim memory, and we are already in the middle of July.
And I still see Stupid People
as they drive around and remember the need to just make a quick stop;
leaving their precious pets in the car.
I cannot help but wonder,
and think,
has anyone ever gone to the grocery store; turned the engine off, put up all the windows and just sat awhile?
Wait for someone to come back and give ya some air, some relief and some "coochie coo, good boy/girl for waitin" so patiently as you gasp for air.
Then I can't help but take it a step further,
IF you walk by and see a precious 4 legged in a car with windows barely cracked on one of these summer days,
what are YOU going to do about it?
Will YOU take a stand, or just walk on by cussing under your breath and get in your car, in a rage of irresponsible ownership of another and drive away wondering?
We all have strong feelings about this issue, of dogs, humans left in hot cars, knowing full well the effects do not take long in the sun, cars parked on concrete, as one goes in to "grab a quick something", while they may in fact get distracted along the way.
A select few feel so passionate on this issue that they will call 911 and in the meantime find something, anything and take action immediately.
What will YOU do?
Will you STAND and be proactive
will you walk by and wonder as you drive away how another human could be so selfish, so self-absorbed and careless?
A Child, Elder, Dog, Cat
left in a hot car
while someone has to stop, go or do something in the heat leaving a window cracked,
is negligent at best.
The results can be death at worse,
and dehydration and system failure.
Thinking about carrying bricks in my car, just in case they are needed myself;
how about you?
 Jeepers is wishin you a great day,
and hopes you have enough sense to come in from the rains, while dancing to the rolling of thunder
and stay out of the lightning reach!
He does enjoy a ride in the car,
only if he gets to go where you go
at all times!
Here comes the thunder beings
oh they are being unpredictable today! 

NOTE: we are missing a warrior>>> if anyone sees or hears from Irene/FIRM/Icescream, please tell her to check in here! She has been gone too long, without checking in ...
Walk in Beauty
keepin it real


Anonymous said...

Jeepers - creepers, that is one
fluffy dee-oh-gee
Heat / humidity turned all the way up to HIGH
Rain thunder growing grass weeds
Parking lot patrol for living creatures left in locked vehicles
Just WHO is this character missing from the page? Firm IceCream Irene?

fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends - Happy Monday to you all. Yes, been thinking about Irene and wondering what she was up to. I am missing you Irene - hope all is well. Just stop and say a quick hello so we know you are okay.

Sorry you are having those torrential rains. Here in SE Michigan we havn't seen rain for quite some time. It has been hot hot hot and oh so humid. Going to high 90s today and tomorrow and forcast rain for Wednesday.

Yes, PLEASE - if you see someone leaving their pet in a hot car Please call 911 urgently! You know I have called a few times. I also wait for the police to come or the person to come back. Most of the time the person gets back before the police get there and I then give them a talking to letting them know the terrible irresponsibility of pet ownership to leave the dog in the car on a day such as that. They don't like it and have many excuses but they know the police was called and they know they were seen. I even go so far as taking down the license number and description of vehicle and letting them know that as well. Hopefully, they will think before they do that again. It is also terrible to leave a pet outside in this heat as it has been. We brought a stray cat into the shelter recently with the pads of her feet burned from what we think was walking on the hot sidewalk. She was terribly dehydrated and would not have lasted much longer. She is much better now after fluids, antibiotics and much TLC. Jeepers sure looks good here and makes me happy for a four legged furry friend with such a grand home as Jeepers and the other four leggeds have. Okay, I will jump down off my soap box now. You know I can do that when it comes to those precious furry ones.
Wishing each of you a terrific day and try to stay cool and dry.

DrSES said...

Good to hear from our warriors and guests here... I appreciate all who "take the time" to drop a thought or several...

Irene has let me know that we can call off the APB, and look outs for her, she is fine... that is all she had to say!

Blessings and all the best to all who gather...




oshkosh said...

my dog who stays outside, wears one of those cold around the neck deals for people, and I cut the end open, and fill with ice cubes, and tie around his neck. When in his pen, he has a fan blowing on him, with a fine mist of water that the fan blows on him, and where he sleeps. When I am home, he gets the same treatment in the garage, with ceiling fan on him. He probably cooler than I am sometimes!! HA-- he also gets his hair shaved today, and he gets ice cubes in his water bowl. I catch him eating the ice cubes, and keep them refilled. Inside dog, is a mess. He ain't got no worries either!!!! LOL. BLESSINGS TO ALL.

Moore said...

Jeepers - creepers, that is one fluffy dee-oh-gee Heat / humidity turned all the way up to HIGH Rain thunder growing grass weeds Parking lot patrol for living creatures left in locked vehicles Just WHO is this character missing from the page? Firm IceCream Irene?