Monday, July 23, 2012

Ohhh It's Almost time, dreams coming true!

Oh it's Monday!
Only 5 more days, til boarding the plane here,
and in VA for
Santa Barbara California for the dream of dreams to come true for
Godson Kamryn!
Oh the excitement is building and the joy is already being felt from VA to FL
as he is up there balling on the courts to prepare...
to meet his HERO since the age of 2!
How to spell 
"all jacked up in VA"
as a dream is close to reality for a little guy who has loved Michael Jordon such a wee one with a basketball in hand,
we've snuggled on a couch to the view and sounds of Space Jam more times than one can count... oh 600 times doesn't do it justice I am sure.
And this plan has been in the works for 3 count them 3 years to get him to
Michael Jordon Basketball Camp
out there in California
to stand beside a legend
one he admires and wants to be like and ball like on the courts since he could walk.
When he was told about this via phone last August on his birthday I was so thrilled that Angie caught it on camera for me to see:
It looked like this:
 I was laughing as I saw this; noting he was wearing his MJ shirt as he looked at that phone like he was looking in my eyes hearing the gift of his trip and "who he would be spending the days with".
And then this is what happened as that reality hit his brain/heart/soul
and a dream was realized:
 He has told me and his brother before that one thing he knows for sure:
His "buddy pal"/Godmother doesn't "play/lie"
and I think that photo was when the 
"OMG I'm going to meet my hero set in"
Only to be topped if possible by this:
  YES baby boy,
On July 27th we fly from the East Coast to 
Santa Barbara CA, where YOU will be on court on the 29th with Michael Jordon and some of the best of the best coaches and other kids from all over the world to "ball" and to learn, play, live eat basketball for 5 days!
Happy Birthday Baby
We love YOU
here's to your wildest dreams!
 Here's to dreams, to realities, to HOPE
and a story of happiness
as the world grieves, is in shock and mourning.
Here's to goodness and light
on a Monday
and a little boy with passion
and ohhh what laughter he has and how infectious it is.
Here's to the ability to make another just as happy as happy can be with planning and sacrifice and desire.
When I asked Kamryn what was he going to do when he came face to face with his hero.
He thought mindfully, and then spoke.
"Well buddy pal ... uh I think I might just 
 The Next Jordon
at 11 wearing a size men's 9 Michael Jordon shoe...
Oh I should have duct taped him when he had those cute little sweet smellin feet!
I'll take that seat next to Michael,
I sure would like to talk to him while there
and love that blue shirt'
but I swear his feet look the size of Kamryn's and I can only pray that he gets the opportunity to stand beside him as I click that camera with a quick finger during our most awesome time!
 “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, and others make it happen.”
- Michael Jordan

Wishing you a day of wonder
on this magical Monday!
Walk in Beauty


Dot/Mom/Cob said...

Dreams do come true. Here in Va. there is much excitement and wanting the 27th to hurry up and come. Kamryn is walking proud telling everyone his Godmother is taking him to Ca.. to meet his hero Michael Jordan. I am sure he will have the time of his life as he is very much in awe of MJ. Here is hoping there will be lots of Making Memories for a young boy who has the ability to Spread his wings and fly. I anounced in Church Sunday that he is going to Ca. to MJ camp everyone clapped. He hung his head but was very pleased. His mom is beyond happy, walking on cloud nine. Thank you Dr. SES for the update. Blessings to all.

oshkosh said...

Cold chills a mile high!!!!! How wonderful!!! This is GREAT! I can only imagine when he first sees him---better be ready to catch him when he takes that first up close and personal meeting with his hero.

Absolutely Wonderful!!

Kamryn said...

thanks putty pal luv u

DrSES said...

Now it just doesn't get ANY BETTER THAN THIS... thanks all


CA. HERE WE COME, sure hope MJ has been practicing for my boyeeee :)