Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Walkin the Walk

It's almost 
Michael Jordon Flight School Time!
These are MY Jordans babies,
all mine!
My very first pair of Jordans, high tops at that.
Hand me downs from my little Godson 
Oh boy was I ever tickled to life and he was too that he could gift his ole'
"puddy pal" his beloved Jordans
and I walk 10 feet tall in them I have to tell you,
and oh look "fly" as well!
Makes me want to take to the court and "ball" they sure do.
Now of course I'll never get another pair since little 11 year old Kamryn is now sporting a size Men's 9 Jordans and he has outgrown my feet by a long shot!
You can bet he will be in his newest pair thanks to his AuntieDot/Cob/Mom
and I can only pray that in his sleep he hasn't outgrown them!
Oh the excitement is mounting,
dreams coming true
California bound and shoes are made to be balling, walking, strutting their stuff with a grin that will go from the East Coast to the West!
Life is good.
Nope, let's just make that GREAT for a little guy and those who love them.
It's a family affair it is; now that the plan has been made, the dream made real, as everyone now is infected by joy, and contributing to the success and memories to be created and shared by texts, photos, and stories that Kamryn will share and hold for a lifetime.
The "I wonder if, and Do you think that" have already began, and I find myself just frazzled with the small details and already a buzz in my mind of the doing, and will wait to get there to just "be".
I can only hope that one day Kamryn will play and be so inspired by this experience that he will hold it for his life and future dreams; he will shake the hand of his hero soon, and look up to him as he does.
I can visualize him as it happens, see him on the court with that ball in his hands, see that heart of his pounding out of his chest.
Hear him in my memories as he ran around the pool here saying, "I'm going to be the Next Jordan Puddy Pal, some day I am" 
and the 100th time of hearing him shout from across the deck, "Watch this" and then shoot that ball and make the basket from the other side at 7!
Oh yes, I have dreams for him as well as he does!
Dreams with a plan, a plan that he has been working since diapers... and a hero of the finest that he wants to be like, big shoes to fill indeed.
And wouldn't ya just know it,
expensive shoes at that!
 A man who has inspired, thrilled and a man who is filled with passion, purpose and still is awe-inspiring.
He doesn't know the word failure to be a bad word, nor an excuse to stop.
I like that alot.
His quotes read like his life, like his success, like his pain, grief and triumphs:
 “I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”[MJ]
A man of greatness and great success
a man that Kamryn just loves!
 I'm thinkin  I would look real good in those tight shoes! But I want the ones with the red souls!
Ah life is a grand adventure and one who can and does talk the talk authentically is one who has walked the walk,
or in Michael Jordan's case, one who has and is the Jumpman with a reach that extends beyond expectations.
Sometimes there is just 
pure greatness to behold
and that greatness is fostered, nurtured loved and pushed beyond limits.
When you think you can't YOU MUST
and passion is fueled by desire, by want, by repetitive motions and habits and the want to in you that exceeds expectations.
Jordon once said this, “Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it."
 Focus, shoot the hoops and do what you want to be all you are!
Here's to you, your wildest dreams, and most powerful plans that you work to reality,
walk your walk, and be all that you are...
But most importantly,
never ever ever give up.
that's Kamryn shooting for dreams as a wee one, as he watched
ohhh he was so wee back then!
See those hands?
That's my boy, now going to see his hero!
“You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them.” (Michael Jordan)

And so it is!
Your inspiration of the day
Walk in beauty


fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. It is so great to read about the upcoming dream come true for Kamryn. What a splendid and exciting time it will be and captured with pictures of him and his hero for sure. Looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing it happen. Have a terrific time and safe trip. Wishing each one hear a wonderful Wednesday and hope all is good. /Sandy♥

oshkosh said...

He will hold it in his heart for a life time, and pass "the story" down to his own family, and their family, and on and on it will travel......