Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Only God Can JUDGE me"...

Interesting title for today,
interesting words I've read recently on the walls and in the words of some that are near to me.
Interesting sentiment expressed usually when someone is "jacked up", "attitude up", "defenses up", and wanting to pull the "only God can judge me" card.
I wonder at times where people learn that idea of only "God can judge me"
and then have the audacity to verbalize it in thought and actions as they live in ways that ungodly or not of thought of others or in "knee-jerk" reactions or selflishness.
"Only God can Judge Me"
certainly sounds like something that has been misinterpreted to me to benefit ones own behavior or cause.
I'm thinking I'll keep my belief that
God much prefers kind atheists above mean Christians or misinformed Christians any day of the week here. 
I read the words just this week;
"only God can Judge me" on the wall of Facebook; and then was even more surprised to see that 5 people liked the post!  They were of course all about 17 and 18 in age; two of them sport religious tattoos on their beautiful skin;
yet holler, yell at their Elders, stand in faces and let their judgment be known and rebel systems and now experiment with alcohol and deny it like every other teen since forever!
Yet others with similar "only God can judge me are 40-50 maybe even 65" and think that the world is just against them at times, stuck in their stories and always have to be right even when they are wrong in their slurs, their choices their siding up with those who are ugly, make bad choices and otherwise just know it all better than anyone else while professing to love all and throw knives.
Amazing isn't it?
Yet many...
They have attitude and are kinder to their friends parents than they are their own relations; yet now boast that only God can judge.
Where in the world do folks get such ideas?
Have they forgotten or been taught such foolishness by parents or faith communities; do they forget that people are judged each time they open their mouths and that actions speak louder than words as children, teens, adults and elders?
What of the "scales of justice"?
Yes they may not always swing properly, nor balance in the middle,
they were indeed set up as levels and measures of justice!
What of the education system; it is a system of judging whether one is passing the grade, can stand with others in learning and excelling.
What of the workplace?
What of passion, learning, moving, standing still?
What of behavior, skills, interactions?
We are judged every moment, in every day every way.
What of our mistakes, our choices, our very breath.
We are judged by our actions, our choices, our associations with others.
Going to church does not make a person a Christian or any other faith anymore than standing in a garage makes you a car, whether a Volkswagen bug or a Mercedes Benz.
"Only God can Judge me"
What of that golden rule that most are taught?
Living a life that is honorable, that is one of respect even through the teen years and into adulthood and the years of being an Elder with responsible choices and behaviors; learning through tears and mistakes and wisdom handed down.
Falling and getting up and taking responsibility for actions made in haste or just plain out bad luck at times. 
Having the courage to be thankful in lean times, asking for help when needed but knowing that help is not always there, and that there are times you do without to get by and get along, yet feel the sting, the pride and the gratitude to pay it forward with the grace of God or Buddha, or whatever Universal Energy that makes us all stronger together than we will ever be alone.
What of service to others, or those who were there when we stood alone and afraid, or clothed us when we were naked and wanted to be as good if not better than those we walked with, and someone was there and took care of us?
Without shame we accepted what was given and we embraced the knowing we were not alone.
yet know we here the same old song from some; the same paths walked and the same results from mistakes made so often that the words "I'm sorry" fall on ears that are weary from the sound of it.
The choices made now seem more like self sabotage and the fall back line of defense is anger or a football game gone wrong
with the defense line supposedly to be the almighty line;
"only God can judge me"
Seems that the age ole' line was misinterpreted from that man made bible that said,
"judge not lest ye be judged".
yet we each are judged; and it is humankind and nature to judge.
It is set up to regulate human behavior and to keep folks going in the circle of life;
from the streets to the workplace to the courts to the political scene.
We are judged by those we play and pray and work with.
We often will judge ourselves if we look honestly within and ask ourselves are we living our best life; are we doing all that we can do for our children, our grandchildren, our communities, our earth.
Our we taking care of the temple within in order to take best care of those we say we love; so that when that final "judgment day" arrives we can then hope to hear 
from the Creator, from God/dess
"welcome home son/daughter, job well done"?
From birth throughout our lives until that day;
we learn lessons, valuable life lessons,
we are responsible for the choices we make, we are taught by those who raise us, and then we hit an age when we have to decide were those things we taught right or wrong.
Hopefully foundations were laid for each of us; and it is then up to each of us to build our houses, craft them from within, and to walk our own walk.
Build those houses to last your lifetime, teach lessons and learn along the way.
"only God can judge me"?
I wouldn't be so sure about that.
Those 10 Commandments that many learned throughout the years?
The honoring part, the lying parts alone
may affect that judgment on that final day;
it sure is affecting how folks are viewed today isn't it?
When one is pushed against a wall; when one is confronted on lying, when one hears things they do not want to hear, asked questions and asked to respond with honor, honesty, integrity
and replies with anger, or high intensity in volume;
there is a pretty good clue there that something lurks in the water.
And when the reply comes with
"only God can judge me"
you can bet there is more than meets the eye in that water
and that someone might be ready to snap!
Ah yes, it would be wonderful if folks didn't judge others, didn't have to wonder or not believe.
But, trust and truth are sacred to the heart; and once bent, once bad choices that affect others and systems are bent or broken, it becomes hard to regain balance.
Justice sweet justice you travel so slow;
but you can't change my love of the rose!
 Would that people realize that life is and can be as beautiful yet as fragile and fragrant as a rose.
Not always as it appears, one has to be aware of the thorns, respectful of it, in awe of it, taking each breath mindfully before speaking and knowing of the beauty even at times when tearing the skin by the thorn; knowing you will heal yet may leave a scar.
Truth at all costs, whether big or small.
Judgment is a big word; a reality of our world and actions and steps we take in our days on this earth.
To live our lives in truth and honor leaves an imprint on others, our community, our own well being.
We not need fear judgment, nor even think of the word or how or who will judge us in this life or the next if we live our lives with truth and honor now and here.
If we teach our kids with love, with consistency, through our own actions and behaviors that they can trust us, can know that we have control when they do not;
we have and will teach them right way relations and how to care for others; boys and girls growing into young women and men; believing they are worthy and kind.
Giving to others freely and creating abundance in their own lives.
Yes they will be judged by others along the way; judged as those who are good, those who do the right thing always not only when in the company of friends parents, but those who are in the company of their own relations, and community and they forget others are looking!
As adults they will grow and mature and lean not to sleeping aides or booze to cope; they will want and do more in their lives, minister to those who will benefit from the extension of a hand; the fullness of a smile, the caring of truth and honesty.
Who are we kidding by not teaching or commenting on things like
"only God can judge me"
when we see it?
But commenting not with anger, but with reality and kindness and education.
We see tattoos all over the place; beautiful young skin now with permanent ink; large symbols of Jesus on biceps, psalms inked on rib cages, crosses in hands inked
amazing things on the backs, legs, ribs and shoulders of young men and women as billboards to their Christian beliefs and lives.
Yet they are seen as promiscuity is at an all time high; as disrespect to parents and grandparents boggles the minds, as alcoholism and prescription drug overdoses fill emergency rooms and lying takes the place of conversations of trust.
I have to shake my head in wonder,
then when I read and hear
"only God can JUDGE me".
Just something to gnaw on
on this Tuesday for ya!
As Jeepers licks his lips and 
the 4 leggeds enjoyed the left over kernels on some fresh corn on the cob last night!
Oh boy did they all have the best treat ever!

May your day be beautiful
your worries be few
you remember
that with each step you take
each breath you breathe
you are making choices, many many choices;
so I sure hope you make some good ones
and realize they will and do impact others one way or the other.
So don't lay it on the Big G out there,
it's you doing whatever you are doing,
and yes, someone somewhere is watching.

Walk in Beauty
keepin it real


Anonymous said...

danLrene ©2011 July 10, 2012 at 11:38 am

AWESOME. This is my view exactly. People use that only God can Judge me as a way of excusing what they know is not right and know that others see the truth and they do not want the truth out there. The sad thing is that those that speak the truth are turned into the enemy and maligned by the ones that were deceptive or did wrong and their friends. Ironic that this is a facebook thing you see for I have come to decide there is a lot of deceptiveness in facebook pages. They are right you know…God will judge them and they may not like what God has to say when judgement day comes. Thank you for keepin it real Sherry and for standing up for the truth….a commodity in short supply lots of times. hugs my friend.

DrSES said...
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DrSES said...

SHERRY E SHOWALTER July 10, 2012 at 11:46 am

we are all “judged” with each step, each word, each action…. what is anyone thinking to utter or state “only god can judge me” as they are living and walking on earth… do they think Creator has a short memory, no eyes? Are we are not an image of the Creator in how we treat others, how we live and walk in our feet? really? LOL, guess I was preaching today now that I think about it, spirit driven and message now out in cyber space, just keepin it real! blessings on the wind friend

Anonymous said...

Well preach on doc for it needs to be said. I find that just an excuse to do what we know we should not or to make excuses for what we already did. It needs to be said loud and clear. And you are not standing alone as I am beside you friend. And they are right God WILL judge them and wonder if they will like the judgement? Like you said do they think God forgets? Wonder why people can just not learn to say "I made a mistake" and take the responsibility instead of hiding behind that line.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well Dr. Sherry, you are on a roll this week girl, Mon. Choices, Tues. Only God Can Judge Me. It seems a lot of that is going on these days and I especially like the comment on the blog the first one really well. The things that happen need someone to Stand Up admit they have a problem and get on with this thing called LIFE. There are so many people who take too many drugs whether it be over the counter or dr. prescribed that is endangering their health and their family life. My friend has been taking a drug zanex for years and her dr. said she would not become addicted to it but I dont believe it. She has so many health problems her new dr. said you gotta quit that drug. Copd, diabeties and other stuff. She is trying. I do not want anything to alter my brain. If I cant sleep there are books to read and a good one is the Bible and we can learn who is the Judge.? Keep these kind of blogs going as we all need them. The world and families are in such turmoil with the economy the way it is and the uncertainty in life. We all should enjoy what we have while we have it and reach for the stars. I could write a book about this blog and yesterday blog. I will spare your readers anymore today. Blessings

oshkosh said...

Lawd---I reckon!!!! On point, and Amen!!! Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

Anonymous said...

oh can I be a witness doc? yes and YES, i think i will just pick reading here YOUR words and sage wisdom does it for me, might even print off these pages and start slippin em under windshields and door mats. thanks doc for keepin it real, you sure do that and we love it and YOU...

Anonymous said...

So, my reaction Oh Please.... Whoever says only God can judge me" is an idiot. We all make judgements everyday. I sure do. I judge who is lying, who is intelligent, who to stand with, and who is not worth my energy. Everybody does. if we didn't, we would be absolutely lawless, immoral, selfish etc etc. looks like many people are already there if you ask me. So, if you really think only God can judge you, you are in for a BIG surprise! You are being judged a thousand ways to Sunday, everyday,and maybe you are coming up short. hell, I judge myself everyday. Some days I fair better than others, but rarely do I judge hypocrisy as a desirable trait. Don't use any deity as a crutch. Step up, stand up and take responsibility for what you do, what you are and take a good hard look in the mirror. Thanks doc, as always, you are wise and offer sage advice in this too crazy world.

DrSES said...

Hello darlings, seems I preached to those that gave some great words here on this page today, while others remain silent, perhaps I hit a nerve or strength in words that many are unaccustomed to here.

Thank you all for taking the time, taking YOUR time to read and to write, to express yourselves in a world that yes at times seems to have gone mad...

I hold each of YOU close and send my best to you on the suns rays today... dont hold back dear ones, just keep it real!