Monday, July 30, 2012

Livin the Dream!

Here they are arriving in Santa Barbara!
I was waiting for them forever it seemed,
only then to find out their luggage did not travel with them, but was lost on another plane!

But oh how excited we were to gather
in Santa Barbara Airport after traveling across the states!

One little boy,
Santa Barbara CA!

We've fit a lot in since touchdown on Friday, getting up at 6am to put toes in the Pacific Ocean, running like wild; to riding horses along the coast right beside the beach ~ Oh that was clearly one of the most remarkable experiences of my life I must tell you (*pictures to come*)

Yep we have our attitude of great gratitude on
Michael Jordan Flight School 2012
is here
after all the anticipation, all the dreams, the plans, the excitment still is high as the jumps!
Michael Jordan FLight School,
after our magnificent ride and at times gallops (I've still got it)
then to Goleta to the University, where this year
765 kids will join for the most incredible basketball camp in the country!
We were on our feet so long, mine are still tingling as the feeling just is returning, in the line for registeration, as the tension, excitement mounts!
Kamryn is looking everywhere, his little mind trying to comprehend all.
We are here!
The game room *(Kamryn with red back pack)
and his new roomies!
Room #208 with 4 roomates including
"Tre" who I really liked at "hello he played me"!

Oh my, I can barely see through the tears of joy as Kamryn texted last night to say,
"I'm bout to meet him"
and then I received this:
Kamryn met his hero
last night!
Can you even imagine
the thrill of that?

More to come,
it's time to rest
as Kamryn has just called and said a big horn sounded that let them all know to wake up and get to the cafeteria for breakfast, to eat well, drink water
get ready to

Today is the team photo with
then time to hit the court til 530 pm balling with all they have.

They will then eat, and ball some more!
Oh my,
can't wait to see him on that court!

HOpe you all are living the dream,
I am!

Walk in Beauty


Anonymous said...

Happy to read the much anticipated MJ flight school is here.
Kamryn is one special/lucky young man. Horse-back along the Pacific must have been a dream come true for all. Pictures to follow, I will wait, but for now, it is Monday, the last of 5 this July.

oshkosh said...

Hustle up with the pictures. ALL of them - Camp, horses WITH riders, and sore feet!!! LOL ---

Leave nothing to our imaginations!!!!

Bless you all!!

fluff said...

Dr. Sherry, so happy to read your words, see those great pictures and hear all about the experience so far. The experience Kamryn is having is something that he will never forget. It makes me happy to know how happy he is. Great picture of his hero - He sure is talll. Can't wait to read more and see pictures. That had to be a most fantastic time riding horses on the ocean. Can't even fathom such joy. Take care /Sandy♥

Dot Mom/Cob said...

Living the dream and making memories for a young man with many talents. Meeting his hero after dreaming the dream and now living it. What a wonderful life and love for someone so young. Dr. Ses knows how to make it happen. I would have loved to see Annie Oakley (ha) riding that horse on the ocean front. Cant wait for all of the pictures. Wish it could be a video and we could see all that was happening. Eating ribeye steak, salad and a tater seems like a whole lot with me just eating a great tomato sandwich. ha. I know Kamryn must be on cloud nine meeting so many people and making his dream come true. I bet he is playing his best on the court and off. That MJ is a tall man and oh so handsome. He has always been a role model for kids and adults. Glad he is using his talents and money to see that kids can follow their dreams. Have a wonderful time and be safe. Blessings to all.