Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 ~ 12 ~ 12

Say it all day, celebrate, get jiggy with it, light it up with joy, breathe it, walk it, dance it:
we will never ever ever again be able to see it, write it, live it again!
Can you imagine it?
We have a folks out there just crossing their legs waiting with all their might hoping that their babies are born at exactly 12:00 so they can claim it "MY BABY WAS BORN ON 12/12/12 AT TWELVE O'CLOCK"
And we've read of the boy who turns 12 today, we'll hear more stories of things that have happened at 12, the wonders of the day just make me giddy, and folks are doing things to mark this most wonderful day, here a day that we will never know again.
Might just be we need to invent 12 more months, so we can exend things, months, years possibilities and the wheels of opportunities!
Dropping pepples into ponds and watching the ripples in all their beauty and the far reaching effects and wonder.
Sitting with our kids and having so much fun with words and asking them to get you something from the Kelvinator might be a good place to begin, or getting them an old time land line with a long cord to replace their swanky Iphone for Christmas!
Remember when the phone used to ring and everyone would run to answer it, just knowing it was for them?
Now if the landline rings?
No one wants to answer it as they know if it was for them, the person would call their cell !
Ah, 12/12/12
we embrace you and mourn your arrival at the same time, and wonder now ... what will the youngsters have to look forward to... and we have run out of numbers that repeat and we get such joy from them.
Super Storm Sandy will benefit from this day as a huge benefit is being held; what a day to bring relief and to gather.
Many "many' plan to marry, to mark this day that will never repeat itself in permanence they hope and pledge to each other.
The day holds magic I do believe.
     Others of course are preparing for the Mayans to be right, as they think we are almost at the end of the wheel (I do not however believe that to be true, after all my tree is up),
and some will think it is just another day!
and of course, I just have to share this bit of tidbit with you on this magical day:
From culinary cuisine to calendars, 12 has been a significant number since its creation. Just think about it – 12 months in the year, 12 hours of night and day, 12 astrological signs, 12 Olympic gods and goddesses, 12 days of Christmas, and Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. Oh, and let’s not forget about eggs – which are cheaper by the dozen! With so much significance on its side, 12/12/12 was seemingly destined to be a meaningful day."   

So wherever you are, and whatever you are doing on this most marvelous day,
I hope you are having the best
12/12/12 possible and listen to music loud, dance hard, walk with your head held high and with hope in your heart, throwing all judgment out the window, letting go of the coal of anger before it can burn you, and know this:
Let this day be one that is remembered and shared with a joy when you tell your story
to those around you!
Blessings on the winds to all who gather here.
hmmm, wonder how many are playing the lottery today with 121212
Walk in Beauty

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fluff said...

Heh Heh Dr. Sherry - Happy 12/12/12 day to you and all our friends. Yes, I remember getting things from the Kelvinator and the land line phones with the stretchy cords. I also remember party lines on our phone when we were kids. Had to wait until the other person finished their call to make our call. Kids today would think that was just crazy! Also, Motorola TVs did not have remote controls unless the kids were there to change the channels. Of course, we only had 5 channels and everything went off at midnight back then LOL

I hope that this day 12/12/12 will be a frantastic and memorable day for you. /Sandy♥