Thursday, December 13, 2012

Anchors and things that just drop in at times

Anchors are good, great, and most necessary...
and can you even imagine looking up to see that one hanging from the ceiling here in Tarpon Springs?
Oh what a sight it was hanging from the once famous Pappas Restaurant here in Tarpon as I couldn't help but think of the strength of an anchor and those who have been anchors in the lives of others throughout time, and those ships and boats nearby who depend on anchors both large and small to hold them steady.
Friends are called on like that at times, to be the anchor during times of great stress, great joys, or times of needing a port in a storm; a place to settle their thoughts, their burdens, grief, trauma, an anchor of sorts while they can be still in the torment from within. Perhaps it is a shock that has broken their own anchor from within and their vessel is now churning in waters wild within, and the need for a strong anchor is needed to bring calm back until they can gain control once more, while finding the strength to rebuild their own anchor.
And then there are those times when out of the blue it may just feel like someone dropped anchor on your head and heart all at the same time from land as you were standing or walking through your day... not knowing where it came from.  A tragedy or bad news or someone's response to their own world and reaction to your own lifes work not jiving with anothers.
When out of the blue the anchor drops and hits you squarely where you live out of nowhere.
it could be that tragedy or news finds its way to you; and you sit dumbfounded wondering how could it be that something of such magnitude could happen here right then right now, without you knowing, and you feel so helpless to do a thing about it. There is no closure, no words, no way to say so long, to finish the conversation and you are without words...
Life and its uncertainties. 
One more reminder of the fragility of this thing known as a precious life.
One more reminder to take a breath before speaking to another and to realize that each walk with their own moments of time, each have their own times of sorrow, of hurt or things that are hard for them at any given moment.
One more reminder to end each sentence with I love you, or it was good to talk or see you.
One more reminder that anchors are good things unless they fall from the sky, or become untethered or fray over time and become shaken from the very life cord that holds them steady in storms of life.
One more reminder of giving thanks to those who are your anchors in this life.
Oh yes, anchors are good things, especially when we have another to anchor us in times of missing those loved ones, in times of walking with us through the storms and times of great pain and times of shock and dismay.
Maybe we should just create an
anchor day.
Maybe we should let go of things we cannot control and enjoy the things we know are ours to enjoy and to savor.
For today,
my thanks to all those anchors in my life, those ships that have sailed and those I have yet to board, the sea is calling and the sail at times must be adjusted with the winds of change.
It is our time to adjust our sails and to reach out for the ropes and to remind ourselves to check our anchors, to tend to those we call our anchors in this life, and those we care for with kindness, caring and compassion.
We have this moment.
Live it well.
Love large, be all that you are destined to be, surround yourself with beauty even in the storms of life.
Reach, REACH for understanding and for the pieces of shattered glass and create your own and unique stain glass masterpiece incorporating all your experiences and love known and treasured.
Yes you are missing moments, people loved, you always will, we all do and that is OK...
and we will know pain, it is part of our lives to know pain, but remember NO ONE knows your pain, it is yours alone.
Prayers goin UP for all today and all ways.   

Walk in Beauty


fluff said...

Thank you Dr. Sherry for the your words. Thank you also for being that anchor, and support, that so many can hold on to in the storm of life when they need a friend. For this I am grateful that you are here and understand. We all need that strong anchor in life when ours has crumbled and fallen deep into the ocean of life. Take care Dr. Sherry and friends and have a tremendous day. I hope that the sun is shining pretty and bright blue sky for you like it is here today. /Sandy♥

Anonymous said...

I have read and reread today's words several times, and all the while, nodding my head and reaching into the depth of my hear to find the words to post mt comment. Your words today have certainly hit home and have given me strentgh..
Anchors can surely pack a wallop as they drop on your head, as you say.. anchors may also need to be used to set your spirit free, when finally realizing they are holding you in muddied waters .. there comes a time to cut the rope, drop the weight that holds you down ~ in doing so, setting your ship free to move on to the next adventure in life. the safety of 'holding anchor' may sometimes become the chains that hold you down and pull you underwater if we realize there are brighter horizons awaiting us ~ I am so very blessed to have a few strong anchors in my life.. the friends who hold me up when I need the reassurance, guidance and support of their wisdom . At times in my life when that anchor has settled too deeply in the sand , a friend has listened without judging, handed me that box of kleenex, and reminded me that I am worthy, strong and vital .. I will be forever grateful for those friends,there are not enough words to say.. Thank you Doc. You may never fully realize how much you mean to your warriors, but you are such a gift and are loved dearly.
My stained glass frame has been put in place, and the colors are magnificent as I place those fragile pieces in place..
Blesseing to all on this day,
oerhaps a graceful butterfly will dance for you today .. That is my wish for all !
hugging my angels, ♥
sign me, A.

DrSES said...

OHHHHH... the butterfly as she danced... the ship is sailing and the horizons are being lit up, the tinsel and the razzle and dazzle of the day, put on your shades dear ones, as you outshine the day, "anchors away" but always close at hand if needed or desired ... with one who is at the ready, stay the course dear hearts, stay the course, or shift the sails... just move it, paint it, design it and SHINE