Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mourning for Newtown CT and all our children

Tears are being shed as our Nation and the world hears of the tragedy in Newtown CT, as millions yesterday learned of a 20 year old who after killing his mother, left his home and then headed to a school; Sandy Hook Elementary School. The shooter somehow walked past security into the school and opened fire on the most vulnerable, the most innocent, the most joyous
THE CHILDREN at school doing what they were doing on a day in December.
I have friends who live in that community, a little 8 year old that goes to that school that I have known of since his birth and I nicknamed him "BEAR" way way back in the day.
He reported seeing a bullet go by in the hall and was swept to safety by a teacher.
HE IS SAFE now in the arms of his family, his Mom.
How in the world will his little 8 year old self process all of this, how will this family stand for so many in their time of shock and profound grief at funerals and vigils and wonder where his classmates are in the days and months ahead. How could such as this happen, and how grateful I am that he is alive.
My heart surrounds them and so many I do not know today.
Oh my God what is wrong with people who commit such horrendous acts against others and why can't they just jump from a cliff instead.   
My deeepest condolences to the community, the children, the parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, educators, fellow classmates, families who are trying so desperately to grasp the unthinkable, the devastation of what has happened there.
My tears join with yours from a distance in wonder, in anger, in dismay that once again something of such magnitude could possibly happen in our schools, our communities and leave 20 children dead along with a principal and 5 adults within the safety of a school, as children were huddled in bathrooms, offices and behind doors by quick thinking teachers urging them to stay down and stay quiet during this unfathomable time.
I cannot imagine.
I cannot imagine the moments endured by those precious children who now await Christmas, are celebrating Hannukka, Kwanza; enjoying the last week of school after programs of such excitement and joy.
I cannot imagine the sounds they heard, the sights they witnessed as they were escorted from the building.
I cannot imagine the sounds that came from their little throats and the wonders of how/why/who had been shot or wounded and where are my parents.
I cannot imagine why someone would do such a horrid act of violence on anyone to anyone and at such a place where we tell children they are safe.
I am so sorry.
I am so outraged.
I am also so stunned.
I ache for the community, the parents, the ones who are standing today in complete shock, not knowing how to pour a cup of coffee or who to call or what to do next as funerals for so many are in the next steps of doing and a small and very old community will gather in mass in and at churches and halls, and in the streets and candles will be lit.
As children will now need to be surrounded by arms of strength and words of encouragement, and love and support unlike they have ever known as they question their safety and wonder why and express their fears that will stay with them over time.
I will be amazed over and again at the radio and television reports of what experts say is the best thing to do or say, and ways to assure children they are safe and how to best cope with the aftermath of this.
I will watch and see on social media the rise of or need for gun control and the wonder if this person was ill/well/mean/disturbed.
I will be appalled by most if not all of it.
Mostly I will try and hold my thoughts to "how do we really tell the children, ourselves, each other" that we are safe? To rest assured that we can assure our kids, our grandkids, our godkids that we will make them safe?
How will we feel safe in a world that seems more filled with anger and hate than ever before, just how to we understand such random actions of so many who seemingly have so little regard for human life these days?
From Columbine to VA Tech to Aurora CO, to the teen in Tampa who plannned to blow up his high school and all in it, yet cried when given a hard sentence just recently.
BUT... to get into a little school in a little old community and to kill the children? The little children who are excited about Santa arriving soon?
To wantonly kill children, and then to take his own miserable life, leaving all to wonder how he gets to leave this life without letting anyone understand this act of senseless murder of our most precious babies?
Leaving us now with children and teens across the nation who will have nightmares and be looking over their shoulders, or not wanting to go to school at all for fear that it could happen to them?
And add to that... just last night on NPR a psychiatrist was on air letting all know his expert advise on how to talk to the children now.  He says for all to tell them, "you are safe, I will keep you safe and this did not happen to you; you will be safe. That is the best thing you can say to them now."
Well I cannot help but wonder how that will work in Newtown CT and surrounding areas; in all areas where kids have watched the horror in those faces of kids being escorted out of the building on National News since yesterday, and I really hope that folks will think about it deeply as they make that statement and wonder, how they will assure that in the minds of those children.
The reality is this: we can want our children to be safe, we can do all in our might to keep them safe at home, to keep ourselves safe, to be cautious and to teach safety and awareness.
we cannot promise nor guarantee safety anymore than we can assume our schools, playgrounds or rec centers to be safe anymore.
We have witnessed the unthinkable now.
We are crying for the children, their parents, the world.
and we should be.
Please make those phone calls, send those emails, those texts today.
We have only this moment, this day.
There are so many now in pain, in shock, those traumatized first hand and vicariously from what we have all witnessed in a small town where the unthinkable has just became a reality and this time it has happened to the little ones.
May the Creator wrap loving arms around all there as those children are in the arms of God safe from harm.
My heart is heavy as I think of the tremendous sorrow and all that is now needed up North, I ask that you join me in sending light and prayers to the families, the survivors, the community today and that you take best care of you and those you love.


fluff said...

Such a sad sad day in America! Prayers for those families who lost a precious innocent child and for others who lost a love one. Prayers for Newtown and for America as all are affected by such a tragedy. Thank you Dr. Sherry.

Please keep my 9 month old grandson Peyton in your prayers as well. He was rushed to the hospital, via ambulance, again yesterday with a seizure that last 25 minutes. He is back home but family is very concerned. Thank you. Doctors still do not know the cause.

Have a very peaceful day as you count your Blessings. /Sandy♥

oshkosh said...

Will do Sandy.

Is it not amazing how we see posts about all the reasons this happened? Need to remember that it has happened, and need to concentrate and use our energy and mouths to help those who are hurting in any way we can. Sick of the religious reasons, gun control reasons, and on and on. It has happened, and we go from here!!!! Really hard to wrap my mind around this tragedy. People need to stay focused on the need at hand----which are these precious families.

DrSES said...

yep that is it... the reality? precious lives GONE TOO SOON...

we are sorrow filled, tears are flowing... and that is what and how it is...

dont tell me the name of the shooter, dont need to know of his troubled or lone life... he could have taken his gun shot himself and fallen from a cliff without doing harm to others.. for now

we must lean into each other not use this as a platform for controls or mental health issues.............

we must stand/lean/hit our knees and feel the ground while we take time to know them, to say their names and to find our balance

and to feel safe again...

we must be still for a bit now

just be still and let people alone with the press/analysis/psychiatrists and all that while they try to catch their breath while offering support...

CReator bless us .. watch over us...