Friday, December 21, 2012

12 ~ 21 ~ 2012

The day that the world is to end according to the Mayans, the day of doom predicted and listened to for so long. The day we have now seen over the televisions, discussed by all, cartoons made of and folks just ready or I hope they are for craziness in magnitude.
Perhaps it is a day filled with so many questions and so few answers and just maybe the wheel was not large enough, or someone grew weary, or got distracted, or had a death in the family and never got back to what they were doing.
Who knows?
perhaps the Mayans got it right and our world as we knew it has ended indeed and now it is up to US to go into this new year ready for transformation and get back to basics and renewal if we are to survive and thrive differently than ever before.
It just may be that the Mayans were right about some things; we have abandoned fundamental things that once kept us aligned and in harmony with our soil, our waters, our foundations that led us to greatness, in our lives, in our parenting skills and in our ability to be sensitive to ourselves and one another.
It just may be that we have become a world that does not care as deeply as we once did for our children, our brothers and sisters, Elders and our Mother Earth, and now is the time if ever there was one to stop and pay attention.
A time to re build from the ground up, after giving thanks, sincere and honorable thanks for our lives, our families, each other.
It may be that it is time to stop with the everyday bullshit that we hear and see.
To monitor more closely our children, what they are exposed to and what we allow them to see, to do, to listen to in their everyday life.
It may just be that we need to "zip it" with our opinions while we jump quickly to defend our actions under the statement of 
"Freedom of speech", while conveniently forgetting that with that freedom comes responsibility as well.
Yes, it just may be that the Mayans got it right; it is the end of the world as we have known it; when movies then become an impetus for someone to be able to enter a place that people gather and have enough ammo and weaponry to kill and scar the minds and bodies in seconds.  Where places of worship must be emptied because of bomb threats, and schools and places of learning become the next place of carnage and need to be torn down in order to attempt to erase the horrors seen and the memories when folks drive by.
Yes the "right to bear arms" is protected in our Constitution of the United States and is historical in it nature. Once written by those who carried muskets and such; never imagining things like the internet and ability for anyone over the age of 18 living in homes and communities would be able to make a purchase of weapons and 1000 rounds of ammunition that then could be used to kill at will neighbors and children and animals.
Weapons of such caliber and magnitude belong in the hands of soldiers on fields of war, not in homes where we live, used by those trained for combat, not for those who are angry, unstable, miserable in their jobs or angry at their parents or siblings or systems.
Avid hunters need not slay a deer with high powered assault weaponry to make their kill nor feed their family or the hungry.
Yes the world as we know it has ended; most recently as we learned of the slaughter in Newtown CT; watched up close and personal or from around the world the eyes of such hell being lived there now. In the knowing that each step is forced by those there, in order to stand, to show up at the funerals, the vigils ... the strength to hold the survivors, to touch and be touched by each other all taking remarkable courage.
Now we are hearing from all over the country those who are living in fear; schools in lockdown secondary to bullets being found on buses, calls of threats and what this day will hold by copycat killer wannabes and kids who do not want to go to school making cyber-space threats and thinking it in fun.
It just may be that it is past time to realize mistakes have been made in ignoring the needs of those with mental illness, and that funds must be available for services for those who need attention. It is needed, places we once knew as institutions long closed and thought of as not needed have long been necessary for some.
While budgets are cut in hosptials and mental health communities and for first responders who bear witness to horror; it may be that we recognize that those who do such hard work need time to replenish and restore their well of giving so much by those who can come in and spend time giving to them through seminars and education and motivation.
It is time.
That we stood for compassion and for each other realizing that this is our moment.
While maybe not Mayberrry, we can return to foundations of caring communities while raising children to love and to care.
It is time for authenticity and some times hard love in reality based living.
The world as the Mayans wheel indicated indeed has shown that Mayberry days, Ozzie and Harriet are dead and gone for so many around our world and is over for now, it is a time of re-birthing the Nation and re-education of over indulgence and taking things for granted.
It is a time to "quityerbitchin" and move into action with gratitude and humility.
Yes yes YES, I get that many do not like who is sitting in the White House, but he was elected to be there. It is time, past time to get over yourselves and to show some respect for that position. Do you not realize the world is watching what and how we do things? We are the United States of America. If you do not or cannot abide it, then leave it, go to the Carribean, go to Russia, go to Canada.
We can either be together or not, but it is a time, a call to COMPASSION and a return to Kindness in our world now, it is a time to rekindle all the many things we all miss of the old days and old ways and it is now.
Yes there will always be those who have and those who have not, those whose grass is greener than others, those who bitch and moan and those who stand even when standing alone in life. There will be times of great pain, loss and sorrow.  Yet if we are reading this today, we know there is this day to change US, to change the world one step at a time because we know it is now that shapes tomorrow, that is our time to change within and burn brighter for each other.
We each are grieving for those who died in CT; those children and teachers all gone too soon and if their lives here and the suddeness of their death can stand for anything; i would hope it stands as a call for re-birthing our own fundamental beliefs and actions into compassion for each other.
WE must change, we must be more kind to do things differently ... in order to survive and thrive once more.  It is the way we greet, meet, treat one another that will determine our paths along this life and the legacy we leave with our footprints.  Cliffs, valleys, economies will continue as they have since the great depression; promises and treaties will be broken as they have since the trail of tears, since the sorrow of the Native American Boarding Schools run by Government with the theme being "Kill the Indian save the person", yet they survived, and they are still.
As folks joke of the Mayans and no wonder they are not around, they seem to forget, there are still Mayans alive and thriving and living their lives.
There are no quick fixes, we cannot forget, we must remember, we must be educated and go about living our best lives for all and then pay it forward in acts of true compassion, caring, kindness. Yes, there is a change today, life as we know it changed. The wheel of the days before us has not only had a flat, but it is now shattered and of no use unless we learn from it. Video Games, movies, music, thrill seeking, celebrities, and such violence that seep into the minds of young ones and adults has de-sensitized all of us to the profound fragility of life itself.  this has to change. When songs about killing kids/teachers/women/rape become common place, when churches protest at the funerals of the fallen and spew hate, when children are given signs to hold and are on the shoulders of protests we know something is very wrong in our world.  Children are not born to hate, they are taught this by those around them, it is nurtured and fed to them like Oreo cookies and milk, and over time they develop a fondness for it, and they become it.
We must make changes, each and every one of us and on this day,
The WINTER SOLSTICE it is your day to start the change.
The change that will set off an energy that may join with others in our Universe that says,
no more.
No more hatred, no more bullshit on social media sites that only perpetuate fear, hate, dis-equilibrium in our world.
We can start a new wheel, one of our own design, one that is created of newness, or re-birth that is designed with advocacy created in compassion to get us back to a world of health, healing and hope.
It is time to return to a place where you can wave at your neighbor without fear of being shot. A time where we can sit outside and breathe fresh air and enjoy the solitude without having a fear reaction when hearing a siren.
A time where the media respects privacy and stops sensationalizing tragedy and knocking on doors for the next story and people almost knock over another to sign a guest book at a funeral when in reality they had no business being there as they were not even from that town.
to return like the days of Mayberry
where adults played with kids and took the place of the latest IPHONE or video game of killing that we see, that even my Godsons were wild about when they were on their Xbox.
It is time to talk to the kids about life, death, and the fragility of both.
For a dose of reality, visit your local funeral home, or write your own obituary; sit your teenager down and talk to them. Have them write their own obituary and take them to the local police station over the holidays after spending time with them in the kitchen making cupcakes for some first responders and drop them off.
May you have a most blessed and happy
Winter Solstice as you embrace all close to you this Christmas season.
May you want to let folks know that how they contribute in conversations, in posts of their upset, their causes, impacts your brain, your thoughts, your senses, and that you would like them to join you on the energy of healing creating a Compassionate Wheel for the New Year and our New world.
May you heal.
DECEMBER 21, 2012
We are all connected, what we do to the web we do to ourselves, 
Walk in Beauty,


fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. I hope all is well and your day is good today. Very good and thought provoking message today. I recently heard a comment from an elderly person who said "Common Sense is no longer Common." I thought how true that is. Sadly, many schools here in SE Michigan are closed today due to the many threats of kids bringing guns to school and plans to start shooting. They actually closed the schools for fear this would happend. What a crazy world it is that we live in today? Very sad indeed.
Well, hope you all are good today and enjoying your day as Christmas is just around the corner. Take care friends. /Sandy♥

DrSES said...

Sandy, I do think many schools are closed across the country today... and those opened many parents have made the call to keep their kids at home.
In thinking hard about this, I think that schools today perhaps should have planned to be closed as an honoring of Sandy Hook Elementary and allowing families to begin their holiday ...
Blessings to you and yours

oshkosh said...

I'm thinking you are right---in closing schools to honor Sandy Hook, and I loved all the comments about all the Bullshit, and all the Just EVERYTHING. People can be such IDIOTS. Lots will never get it it seems, but you just keep on truckin, DRSES, just keep moving right along---The values we were raised with, the work ethic, the RESPECT, the compassion, and the being grateful, and keeping one's word seems to be history more and more every day. How come people can't focus on the bottom line, and the REAL issue at hand any more?? All the "rabbit trails" make me crazy. I have figured out that just working, and helping others where needed, blessing some, keeping my word, and reading this blog daily will keep me and my mind in Mayberry. AND I AIN'T MOVING FROM MAYBERRY!!!!!!!! Oh, and dancing when I don't feel like it.

Anonymous said...

wishing each and all who visit here,
all of the warriors of the most gentle spirits a day of serenity and
peace.. lots going on to think
about ...
hugging my angels, ♥
sign me, A.