Monday, December 31, 2012

Countdown 2013; New Years Eve

The countdown is on, as we soon will raise our glass and toast the new year!
The tide is rolling in to say so long to a year that has seen much, recently too much horror and tragedy etched into our hearts and minds, too much ugliness and hatred that will take hard work, and intention to heal and courage to be better than we have ever been to stand united.
As we put a close to 2012 and millions gather in Times Square to watch that magical ball drop, along and joined with millions more watching from the comforts of their homes; we will listen to music, gather with friends or alone in our homes and see the joy, the wonder, the absolute amazement of those gathered in mass.
That ball will drop differently somehow without Dick Clark to tell us of the magic, the wonder, the brilliance of the last year and all that goes into making it happen once again. I can bet we will see a grand tribute to Dick, once again that man we have all watched on Band Stand and in front of the screen as he ushered in the New Year for so long and so many years as that ball dropped and took us around the globe with the celebrations and the music.
Ryan Seacrest has big shoes to fill and quite an amazing career ...
That remarkable ball that drops down the 141 foot flagpole; its 288 crystals that shine and make us all "oooh awww" as we stare mesmerized at it... can you even imagine what goes into making all that happen? This year the crystals have doves etched in them with the hope in their message of
and oh how I pray that each of the million people around the world watching that take it into their hearts, minds and souls as a mantra for 2013.
The time has never been stronger or more important or more needed as a country and as a world for peace, compassion and kindness.
My resolution this year is rather simple;
it is to Pay It Forward and to enhance kindness and compassion, beginning with me.  
Millions will make those resolutions to go on diets, to do things differently, to lose 39 pounds in 41 days; to save money better than the year past, to stop drinking or eat certain foods, and we will hear of the struggle to maintain or get started in all the high stakes of promises made to self and others.
What are your resolutions or do you even make one or more ?
I hope you will be kind to you. 
Some will dance in the streets while others dance in living rooms and still others will gather in favored establishments and celebrate the joys of this momentous time in history where that clock strikes 12 and the New Year and new beginnings take hold.
Oh 2013
how we welcome you and your promise of better days we have not yet imagined to be ours.
All around the world all around our USA there will be dancing in the streets, there will be gatherings, there will be celebrations of great music and events to celebrate the turning of this 2012 into a NEW YEAR!
That spells Hope to me, it screams of folks being together and in Unity, and we can do that every single day if we want it bad enough.
That ball is going to drop, and this year once again it will be splendid, it will evoke anticipation and great joy for not just the ones physically present, but also the ones who are watching TV's all across the world as they tune in to be a part of something larger than themselves.
The countdown has begun, and folks are gathering ...
Are you ready?
New Years Eve here has left us shaking our heads, thinking that the last of the 2012 is getting out of the systems of "things that can frazzle"; first the computer decides to just not work, followed by an outlet that has just blown appliances out and will not be tripped back into working, followed by the coffee maker this morning that will make the coffee and allow us to pour it "cold".
Yep it would seem that the last day of the year is allowing us to test the "do I sweat the small stuff mode" or just figure it is the last glitches of 2012 hitting all at once!  Here's to a New Year, to renewed thoughts, feelings, restored health, prosperity and Hope in healing for all.
May your outlets be working, your computers be fine, your coffee be hot, and your moods be bright as you now move into the jazz, blessings and razzle of the promise of 
2013 and all that is yet to come!
How bout those Washington Redskins getting to the playoffs after last night for the first time since 1999? Way to go Washington, they are playing "old school" football!
Wherever you are and whatever you are doing,
I wish you enough.
If you are out there tonight celebrating this New Years Eve,
be certain to hand over your car keys and call the free   800 number for a ride home.
The life you save may be your own, or someone you have yet to meet and call friend.
Walk in Beauty,


fluff said...

Good Morning Dr. Sherry and Friends. Thank you for your words Dr. Sherry and so meaningful and so true. Prayers that 2013 will be a better year for all and as we say goodbye to 2012 and celebrate the New Year, 2013, may we remember to be kinder, more compassionate, more loving and as you said, be good to ourselves. May we also remember to daily count our Blessings and take each day and make it the very best we can. I wish each of you much joy, many Blessings, good health and a year of happiness. God Bless you /Sandy♥

Anonymous said...

I will second Sandy's thoughts,
may we all find blessings ahead in 2013,
seems as if 2012 was especially trying and difficult, the world faced immense tragedy, too much sorrow .. the year ahead brings promise and hope our way and life is good.
I will spend my evening close to home , enjoy a special toast of crown royal in honor of my wisdom keepers and my angels,
and watch the crystal ball chime in the new year ( if I'm still awake that is )
HaPpY NeW YEaR to all~
hugging my angels, ♥
sign me, A.