Monday, December 10, 2012

Hearts joined together Remembering The Children

Precious Children
in our hearts you live on.
The night was lit around the globe making the skies and rooms bright for 24 hours as those children of all ages who have died of all causes, all reasons were remembered and people gathered last night.
WE sat together as the video rolled with the song playing Precious Child as photos of children and their names were seen on the screen; from the little ones to those who looked as if they were having the best of times and ready to walk out the door to a night on the town. The ones who were toddlers, the teens, the adult children and their grins, their eyes of mischief and of such love or even those of wonder.
The photos flashed as we listened to the song play, one could still hear the tears of those in the room; still could hear the little children that were there and bored who whined or cried out or made noise not knowing what was going on around them on this most sacred of gatherings.
The kleenex on tables were plenty, most were used and used well as a cleansing of sorts was in process and a hope of strength and hope were happening as we gathered to light those lights, so that the light of those children and all children who have died would shine brighter.
Some faces were so familiar, as old friends once again together, hugs were many for many there.
Others had found the courage to enter the door for the first time; grief and shock were new to them, their pain as raw as meat in a butchers shop and visible to those of us who know that look all too well.
Quite a few were there because they were grieving sudden and unexpected deaths of their children; some a result of a bad and poor choice of their children; some were "pissed" at both their children and systems, others felt that they have a hole in their heart that nothing will ever again fill.
Yet all had the courage and the desire to be there, all were missing someone or many someone's and took the time on a foggy night to come and to gather.
Many wanted to be touched, to feel hope, many were open to receive and most will return next year.
The room changed at one point once again, the room got hotter after that slide show and all those many children's faces were seen, after all those candles were lit and those there said the NAMES of their kids, their sisters, brothers, and those that they brought forward into that room.
It was not lost once again on me or friends that have lost their children who serve on the steering committee and of course I did have to let others be aware that those spirit children now were in the house, and to sit with that a moment, to feel the energy in the room while noticing the heat!
Through the tears there was a chance of laughter as they heard stories told me by children who were dying, about signs to look for, even the fog they drove through to arrive in this most special place last night.
We talked of hope in healing and building memories to take up space in what had been viewed as a hole in the heart, using threads of love to repair what felt empty and a hole, filling that space with all the love that had ever been.
Mostly we talked about those candles, using the flame to stoke the embers within, so that the love that is within may burn brightly in order to live fully yet differently than ever before.
It just may be that is the greatest gift the children can give from the other side, is letting those here know that they are wanting them to know that they are the light, the light that must burn on brightly to remember, to love, to enjoy each breath.
           From the host candles, REMEMBRANCE, LOVE, PEACE
our candles were lit
and each said the name of the one they love so and miss terribly.
From those hosts, my wish is that the flame that now will stay with them
is HOPE during the dark months as they look to Faith to walk into the new year differently with LIGHT.
For as long as they live those children also live within to take the space of that hole in the heart I heard of last night, and the eyes that I once again saw on the screen as we remembered them.
Blessings to all who gathered around the world for the Annual World Wide Candle Lighting
may they have touched each other as Compassionate Friends.

Prayers going UP
Walk in Beauty


Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for sharing these beautiful moments ~ I applaud all of those brave folks for having the courage to embark on a painful yet beautiful journey ~
Courage is something I do not have
the best grasp on .. my inner strentgh rolls in an then back out , much like the changing tide~
there is not a moment in time when my heart is full of love, yet longing for the presence of my daughter, Jaren, yes .. like so many others .. gone to soon.
The fog of the night seems to have carried over into this day, sprinkles of much needed rain and that wonderful aroma of freshness in the air..
sending prayers out to all who are in need, hoping for serenity in our
hearts.. Thank you again Doc, for all you do, all of the time,
for so many.. you are invaluable.
hugging my angels, ♥
sign me, A.

fluff said...

Thank you Dr. Sherry for sharing such a heart felt event with the lighting of the candle and the child's name is spoken. My heart is touched by your words. Thank you for being their for so many who need that strength to continue to go on in life. Bless you. Prayers continue for those mentioned here the last few days. For our friends who stop by I hope you are feeling better each day. Have a peaceful afternoon. /Sandy♥