Thursday, December 20, 2012

REALITY IN NEWTOWN CT: as mourning of funerals continue

Sadness, grief, tears in Newtown CT as little ones and educators are laid to rest continue.
The funerals continue, the sorrow felt around the country as lines round corners and in cold weather with people waiting to pay their respects and say their last good-byes to the little ones, the educators that tried to protect them on that day now that will forever be etched in hearts forever.
Yet the "tragi-tourists" continue to come there, those who want to also pay respects, to fill their own needs of being there. Parking is hard to come by in this quaint and close knit town. Fear is at an all time high, when folks there can feel anything at all in the middle of going from one funeral to another. The first responders are walking with no sleep, with emotions of sights, sounds, smells that they have not yet begun to deal with. They stop everything to stand quietly and salute as the hearse rolls by, many attending as many funerals as possible, still wanting to protect, still having to be on scene and with those that are standing in the middle of that nightmare. 
And in it all, for today I will share a first hand note and we will leave today at that.
Let is serve as a reminder of the impact happening to so many who are not thinking, those who want to rush in or already have.
To the media who stop people on the street wanting to interview the children that their parents are trying to shield and protect, the helicopters that are triggering trauma with the sounds now.
Those who are attending funerals who do not have a connection nor know of the victims or families yet are there.
This from someone who is established in the community, with children and a surviving child yet lost many dear little ones and playmates and the experience of last evening in the cold while trying to be with community and pay respects to the fallen:

To the woman behind me in line for the wake at St. Rose this evening (and anyone like her):

1) This is not a race. You don't need to speed up as you approach the church to try to get in line before me and my 8-year-old son.
2) I can see you when you nonchalantly try to move ahead of us. There is no prize at the end of this line.
3) We did not order the chilly weather or the hard pavement to inconvenience you or cause you discomfort.
4) Small talk in a line such as this should NEVER include "what is this?" and when the person (me) supposes you're maybe confused that it is an evening mass, don't get irritated at my response "it is a wake"
5) If you then say impatiently "I know THAT, but which one?" Not only do you lack class and any sense of human decency...


In case there is any doubt in anyone's mind, Sandy Hook is not a tourist destination right now. We cannot drive anywhere in town without unbelievable traffic. You do not belong at the private events honoring our fallen children and the adults who tried to protect them. We appreciate your outpouring of sympathy in appropriate public places. Leave our grieving families at peace.
It may be now is the time to call on our Veterans, have them in Uniform standing quietly to check drivers license's there... If folks are not from town, ask them to please get in their cars and go home, respecting the privacy of these families and their funerals now... It just may be that folks are needing some boundaries and guidance to realize that if they need to do something, need to be a part of such horror, they need to channel that energy in positive energy in their own communities and homes. We need to honor the requests of those who live there now... to respect them and each other. Across the country folks are sending threats of bombs, of killings in schools things are just out of hand and control.  Groups are advocating for more guns, less guns, gun control.  The right to bear arms was based on "muskets" if I do remember back in the day... NOT assault weapons, that are used by the military.  This is not the time to talk about this while funerals are taking place for the little ones... It is the time for people to come together in oneness to heal and to find their way back to respect... to compassion and to kindness. It is time for children, teens and  adults to find boundaries and stay within them... Let those little ones be the light for understanding within while giving respect and kindness NOW. 
A letter that says it all to little Jack Pinto from his friend,
 as the world holds them in our arms and the holidays approach,
Walk in Beauty,

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