Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Day After and thunder rolls

Christmas Eve found the boy busy with the mixer, with measuring 1 1/3 cups, with just making and doing red velvet cupcakes and then the decorating... things were happening!
 Concentration and Creativity filled the air, along with the permission granted to EAT all the chocolate chips that fell on the counter in the midst of the decorations and oh what "slips" occurred when that announcement was made by the little chef!
The mission was clear; making cupcakes for the night shift of our local Tarpon Springs Police Dept and Fire Department.
A yearly ritual here in our home, and this year all fell to Kamryn since D'Vante wasn't here with us.
While Christmas movies were on in the background our our illumanaries were lit in the driveway, the bake shop was alive in the kitchen.
The smells were delicious.
And then the presentation of the red velvet cupcakes..
    Those chocolate chips ones just too devine to post here as one could gain 20 pounds just by the looking.
The face on the one in uniform who received all?
Priceless as Kamryn handed the tray to her, and said,
"Merry Christmas from our family" on Christmas Eve night!
Home we came via the bayou where those white bags with tea lights lit the waters in memory or honor of loved ones and reflected such amazing beauty on the waters.
Christmas music blaring on the car radio as we pulled into our driveway and returned to the warmth of home to await ole' St Nick together, where we laughed and then took to gaming on devices and enjoyed time spent and the dazzle of tree lights.
Christmas morning found us blessed to be together, the wonders of the morning and smells of the kitchen and candles burning along with the parade, and one kiddo who handed out gifts and the joys of the day.
A basketball, "toe socks", a wool hat with basketballs on it; it's all about the "balling".
It's all about finding the "happy and the joy"
  It's just all about
holiday time and times past and times yet experienced!
   I sure hope you have your toes warm today, as those storms have hit and the rains and thunder are rolling here today.
PRAYERS GOING UP for those in the path as we hear of sorrow through tornados and those in the cold lands where snow, ice, and conditions are now developing on this day after Christmas.
May your days be gentle, your hearts be open for compassion, kindness and laughter 
and may you
Walk in beauty
today and in your heart always

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fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. Happy Day after Christmas 2012. Such grand photos and Kamryn loved his cupcake baking and giving. That is such a wonderful tradition you all have. Love the toe socks. I had a pair of those many years ago. Probably around Kamryn's size. So happy you all had a wonderful Christmas. Thank you Dr. Sherry for sharing your Christmas day in photos. The snow and blizzard has hit here in SE Michigan. I am grateful I am off work. My front windows are covered and it has been snowing hard all day. Prayers for those back on the road to go back home today. My youngest grand daughter, her boyfriend and little dog was heading back to Georgia today. Prayers for they safety. Little Peyton and his parents will be here for a few more days. Not a good day to travel in weather like this.
Have a wonderful day friends, take care and stay warm. /Sandy♥