Tuesday, December 11, 2012

One view at a time and shared differences

Sometimes, just sometimes it may help to adjust your lens and realize that things will never be as they once were.
To realize that folks will never really be on the same page, nor hold the same beliefs or the same good times with the same humor, heartache, or feelings or views.
Yet, it is possible I do believe for everyone to learn to create their own stain glass window within, to shine brightly even in the darkest hours and to be their best selves.
In all the years, all the paths walked I have yet to meet more than a handful of families that did not wear the usual label of dysfunction at its finest.  I have yet to be less than amazed at the negativity where lightness and positive spins could have be chosen. Patterns, habits and ways of doing seem to get ingrained and take over it seems, lovely pieces of cherished glass shattered over events and times, leaving holes in hearts along with a mess needing to be repaired.
Sometimes happening by circumstance, bad luck, errors of judgment ... or choices.
So many can look at the very same things and see them so very differently; hear a story and come back interpreting it making one shake their head in wonder if they had heard it at all.
People tend to believe what they want to, to hear what they need or choose to, often not listening to all that is said, and interpreting that which fits them the best.
It is hard work to replace holes and to choose to rebuild from tragedy, from hurt, from sorrow or circumstance.
To find creative ways to listen, to ask questions, to be bold and say the truth and sit with the tears and fears while the stain glass ragged glass is made into something of beauty.
It takes courage to take a stand and to be respectful even in times of disagreement or question with grace yet agree to disagree yet leave judgments at the door.
It is a work as we all are in process.
We all look through the eyes of our own experiences, processed through brains that then send messages of interpretation and it happens so very quickly.
Before speaking we need to breath, to stop and think hard before the next step and the next view. Maybe blinking our eyes and looking again, touching our ears and giving great thanks that we can hear at all, being sure to listen as hard as we are wanting to speak.
Only then can we say we are giving our all to our views and shared differences while respecting those of others.
Families, gatherings are now being planned all over the lands; perfect Hallmark moments being thought of in our brains... yet we forget so quickly reality vs. views and wished for moments of time.
Give more than you hope to get, with open views and words of strength, laughter that rings the bells of joy, while knowing that everyone has a story... I hope you do not get lost in a chapter that you have moved past oh so long ago.
One view at a time, one breath, one step
holding all dear to you without judgment, with all the beauty that is the season.
Cracked, broken, fragile yet beauty remains, and stain glass shines when that light hits it, yet the true beauty can be seen by all with different views even on the darkest of nights in shared experiences if they only take a breath and join together as one.
Walk in beauty,


oshkosh said...


Mom/Dot/Cob said...

Mornin to all. This is a beautiful reminder to us today and always. Think before we speak and be kind but firm. Sometimes we speak out in anger, I have learned and still learning if there is a situation I am upset about I back off until I am not so angry. I especially like the stained class and the value of what it could mean. I for one would not want the glass to crash around me. I am learning to not interfere with others problems until I am asked to do so. Sometimes it is very diffult when you know someone is hurting. This is a very fragile time to so many who have lost loved ones and to know there are so many people that is sick and hurting. I thank God each day for my blessings and to take care of all of my family. Heal them of sickness and loss. My prayers go out to the service men and women and their families. God Bless the President and his family and all those who need blessings. God Bless USA

fluff said...

Very thought provoking words and message Dr. Sherry, Many thoughts and rememberances of holidays passed and the hurts and doubts one can suffer at such times that are forever etched in ones mind. May the holidays ahead, and the New Year be wonderous and joyful as we think about the stained glass and what is stands for. As we think and dream of those who are no longer with us in body but are forever in your hearts and mind.

Wishing all here a very nice evening and all is well. /Sandy♥

Anonymous said...

love the words here today.
very meaningful and true. as trying as life can be at times, it is also full of wonder and joy,it is very necessary to realize that the happiness we all seek lies within our hearts, perhaps the view just needs adjuxtment to bring it to the light.
we would not be where we are now without living through all the life events that have brought us this far..
the past is gone, that's a fact, and now there's no more looking back..
each day presents another gift, and moving ahead with a positive outlook is truly important..
sometimes that's a bit easier said than done~
Thanks Doc for sharing an abundance of thoughts to ponder, and I love your analogy of life as a stained glass piece of artwork...
Have a blessed day everyone !
hugging my angels,
sign me, ♥ A.