Saturday, December 8, 2012

STretch in TO Saturday

We can do this,
stretch friends, it's good for the body
and you just might stretch well enough to make yourself double or turn into a clone!
Ah, just imagine the possibilities as December finds folks running hard and doin more as we near the magic the joy, the lights and tinsel of the days coming!

Happy Hannukka!
    The festivities have begun for many across the world.
Let kindness ring in your hearts, your homes and in your very being as the spirit of giving fills the air.
Baby Hudson is doing a bit better I am hearing as he gets those breathing treatments and is absorbing the healing energy being sent from all over the world, and those who are surrounding him with the gift of love and energy.  He is feeling it within, breathing it in and he is healing one breath at a time.
A gift that so many freely gave; their love and their energy.
EE is heading off in 2 days for that arduous trip to Denver for the long awaited and very dangerous surgery on her kidney that has a mass blood filled and must be carefully removed, along with lung specialists to care for her.  She thanks those able to give a dollar, five or even more that will help with hotel and gas money for her and her son that has allowed her to get there.  It is a difficult time and many have tried to help her out there in the west to get where she needs to be for care.
The spirit of kindness can be seen if we look hard enough, if we believe and if we stand in the lights or offer a light from our own when the light of others dim secondary to circumstances.
The winter months can be hard for many as the holidays approach or as some just will attempt to suck the air from a moment or another.
Life can be like that at times it seems.
How grand it would be to have a magic filter as the one I used on Patches to double her, yet doubt we would want that really could it be true!
The dark months for many just as the holidays can at times shine a bit too brightly offer a bit too much gaiety as some will be holding pain that is a bit to sharp or memories that are a bit to hard to swallow along with traditions that need a bit of changing in order to walk through them.
It is a time of bitter sweet for so many more, yet it is a time of hope, a time of healing, and a time of amazing gifts.
If we choose it to be.
A time to get busy or to be gentle with self and others; a time for now and to stretch into the day and the week-end as you savor each moment while you can.
        Have a STerling Saturday Friends,
Please join us tomorrow
at 7pm lighting your candles as we gather around the world with the
world wide candle lighting services
lighting our candles for all the children who have died... all ages, all causes
All Gone Too Soon.
Dec 9, 7pm

Walk in Beauty

Prayers going UP   


fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. So happy to hear that Hudson is doing better as prayers and good thoughts are going up for him and Mom & Dad. Peyton is feeling better also and no seizures in the last week. For this we are thankful and grateful for friends and loved ones who hold him in their prayers also.
Love the photo of that cutie furry four legged Dr. Sherry. Wishing everyone a Super Saturday. I am off to the shelter hoping for some adoptions so these sweet orphaned furry friends will be home for Christmas. Take care /Sandy♥

oshkosh said...

Prayers continuining for Peyton and Hudson. Candle will be lit tomorrow for the candle lighting.
So glad both babies are doing better. Thanks for the update on these little ones. Love to all.

Anonymous said...

just a quick note to check in and wish everyone a great day !
prayers are strong and powerful, and I am happy to hear all babes are doing as well as they can.. EE will be kept close in heart as she battles once again.. her inner strentgh is remarkable , may the doctors work their hands with angels along side to give EE the healing she needs at this time..
quiet day for me. lots of house stuff to do, maybe I'll find time to start a few holiday decorations..
Thinking of all our warriors today and giving thanks for Doc, and all she does each day for so many..
in gatitude, hugging my angels,
sign me, ♥ A.