Saturday, December 29, 2012

Holidays, Travel Plans, Suitcases and just about everything

Some have already taken down the trees, the paper long in the trash, the gifts put away and the trips to where joy and fun times about to end. Those Hallmark moments captured on cameras and phones that go "snap/click" to capture the moment now a memory shared, and laughter or stress of Christmas 2012 filed in the memory banks.
Now folks are wrapping it up, hitting the roads or the airports to head back to their homes, or tidy up and ready themselves for the coming of the New Year.
Resolutions will be made and hopes for a kinder or more gentle year will be held in the hearts of many, yet for others it will be the same ole' same ole.
The fiscal cliff is still hanging precariously, and many think we should just maybe push Congress over the age right before emptying their pockets that is.
Ah it is Saturday, the last Saturday before our New Year of 2013.
The cold moon of last night was quite amazing and it sure was a cold one, you could see your breath with each exhale.
A great time to exhale the negatives, the bad thoughts, and words that somehow still find a way to escape from within during holidays and times of great times.
Holidays still manage to kick off those stress hormones and ways of getting folks riled up it seems; as we watch folks in traffic and zooming through their moments of such precious time.
Finding time and making time, and just enjoying time are all in short supply for so many.
Kamryn and I spent some time yesterday getting his annual hair stylin for his return home to VA by his stylist here named ANGEL.
He looks "fly/fresh/sick" and Angel did an awesome job for his customer from VA.
    Kamryn loves it, and will return home with Angel's one of a kind creation once again!
We've had the best of times once again at Christmas, as today we prepare them for their flight tomorrow back to reality of cold weather and soon back to school and Cob/Mom/Dot back to her go and do all over the place at her home!
It will be time to embrace the memories and get back to the doing while holding precious memories of those Hallmark moments shared.
For today?
It's a milkshake sort of day, as we creatively pack them and just enjoy our time, while listening to the sounds that surround.
Wishing you an outstanding weekend wherever you are and whatever you are doing!
May the tinsel continue to shine in your hearts and the taking down of decorations be painless as you settle in and begin to plan for your New Year.
Use caution on the resolutions beginning with the ones that include
being good to you, then
Paying it forward!
Walk in Beauty


oshkosh said...

Love Kamryn's hair stylin'!! Safe travels. Dreading going back to work, but thankful I have a job. Back to the grind. Counting my blessings. Prayers and blessings to all.

fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. Happy Saturday to each of you. Thank you for your words today. Wow, Kamryn's new hair cut is a grand original from his friend Angel in Florida. She is very artistic! I just got home from the shelter and enjoying a cup of hot coffee, and a Christmas cookie that was a gift from a friend. Mmmmm, so good! It is very cold here in SE Michigan also. We had about 3" of snow overnight on top of the 5" we got a few days ago and now it is snowing again and in the low 20s. No adoptions today but we had 2 cats adopted last night so that was good. A few people coming in who previously adopted from us and came in to bring donations and show us photos of their new furry friends they adopted this year. It was nice to see them and hear good news. A young kitten was brought in by a lady who said the kitten followed her dog through their doggy door and she woke up to find the kitten on her bed with her. He is sooooo precious, cute and loveable. He wants to be held and cuddled by everyone he sees. He cries when you put him back in his cage. We are happy the kitten was brought in safe and warm but it was a cute story!
Well, have a wonderful day and stay warm friends. /Sandy♥

Anonymous said...

Kamyrn certainly does wear his
'swag ' .. 'sic' ..'fresh' with a flair !! gotta chuckle at the new terms of 'wicked cool' that the young ones speak .. I am happy that all of you had a wonderful visit !
I still sit amoung the wrappings of Christmas here, the most beautiful tree EvEr is standing tall and heartwarming, decorations need dusting and packing up but I have always waited at least until the week after the New Year to put away.. no worries .
The moon and the night sky have been most awesome the past few nights, and the chill has been refreshing .. maybe some of the flu germs will stay out of the air as we head full force into 2013.
Health, happiness and all great
things in life ~ that is my wish for all ~ I love our warriors of gentle spirit !
Thanks Sandy for sharing the story of the kitten.. I have been known to be a 'crazy cat' lady and I love to hear about all of our 4 leggeds.
Have a wonderful day y'all ~
hugging my angels, ♥
sign me, A.