Monday, December 24, 2012

Chirstmas Eve ...

Oh the lights, the lights, the things to see!
Last night we drove to St. Petersburg to see the lights and oh what lights there were, over 600,000 lights amid stuffed animals, inflatables and people in line with grins on their faces as we walked through Christmas!
It was astounding to see.
Brilliant imaginations and things and beauty around angels, teddy bears and just everywhere color up high and down low!
Oh my, it was a night of lights and this picture was my "jazz" of the night!
The statistics of this display vary, but it is safe to say it began in 1977 over `/2 acre.  The tallest display is 70 feet and the roof of the house has 4 giant trees made of lights. The total number of lights include fiber optics total now 609,751 with an electric bill of about $5,000.00 and the joy to the faces including ours just about priceless when you include our delight of the bubble machine that filled our senses when we walked by along with the prime parking space that we managed to grab!
Yes as I sit here and think on it, I am just amazed how long Kamryn's legs are getting as he stretched across us on the ride back and we had another memory for the books after a good burger at the historic Chattaways in St. Pete.
So here we are
Christmas Eve day,
long known as the day and evening men prefer to shop! The roads will be busy, the retail stores a buzz with excitement for those last minute things and the grocery stores filled with folks looking for what they missed yesterday.
Many are finding themselves at work today, and their minds are already off and running for the next thing that is on the list
while Santa is already on his sleigh and into his trekk across the lands and seas.
This evening at 
5:00 the call has been sent for folks to light a candle and place it in their home or driveway in honor of the fallen in Newtown CT.
I'm sure there will be light across the world for the newest of angels and those here to light their way and allow them hope.
Here we will be preparing our little bags and tea lights for the evening.
Kamryn will light each one with care in the driveway as I read the names, we will honor them.
And then?
We will jump in the car to explore a special neighborhood for their explosion of lights
and wicked cool people who hang in their driveways and wish each person a very Merry Christmas as they drive slowly through and just admire the beauty.
From our home to yours
We Wish you a Blessed and Most Merry Christmas
May the Creator bless you on this most remarkable Christmas Eve
and bring you joyous bright and colorful noise within and around you 
Walk in Beauty


fluff said...

Yes, it is Christmas Eve around the world tonight. Many celebrations will be going on with family and friends. Let us continue to hold those in our prayers who may be going through a very tough time through the holidays. We know there are many.

The light show in St. Petersburg sounds lovely. Kamryn is sure groing up quickly. I am glad you had a very nice time together.

Wishing you Dr. Sherry and your family, and all of our friends here, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Blessed New Year.

Anonymous said...

with love and peace in my
heart, and the lights of the tree and candlelight setting the room a
glow, I'd like to extend my wishes
to all my friends and warriors who gather here ~
Have a blessed and Happy Christmas ~ may your hearts be full of joy and the moments that bring you happiness~
Cheers to all !
hugging my angels,
sign me ♥,