Friday, December 7, 2012

Thank YOU all, as we surround little Hudson

Meet Jeff and my sweet Tonya
who recently celebrated an anniversary and are so in love that it just gives you goose bumps!
Together they will find joy in a movie and a foot rub or walks along the beach, and together they have just a couple months ago welcomed into their world little 
Hudson to join their family that also includes Tonya's teenage son Brett, and their four-legged lab. I do believe the the lab now thinks Hudson is his own toy; one that is destined to be forever under a paw or on the couch nearby for protection, licks and love.
That is of course, if Hudson is not on the chest of his Daddy or in the loving arms of Mommy, lest I forget in the arms of that teenage boy who then has a reason to put down his texting device and admire his little brother and begin to tell him of all the secrets of the world.
Yep, Hudson has arrived, to a word of such love and joy. Now with eyes wide open and having been able to get all dressed out in soccer balls and basket balls while watching USF on television and get to hear his Mom unplugged as she roots and yells for her team. He is guaranteed to already have outfits that represent the favorite teams as soon as he grows into them I am certain of that!
If memory serves me there is even a bit of rivalry among the couple with a few of the teams so the little kid will probably have bottoms of one team and a top of the other, wondering if he is mismatched at some point and time, but oh he is loved and cuddled and kissed and hugged and slobbered all over!
And even with all of that,
he got sick with this darn thing called RSV after going into the doctor for an appointment for acid reflux. Poor little guy.  Now he is home, back in the room of Mom and Dad and we know he is probably loving that! But he remains sick and had to return to the doctor yesterday for breathing treatments, for blood work and checks on his oxygen levels.
The concern now is that this might turn to pneumonia on one so little, and he has lost weight because of not being able to eat but a couple of ounces at a time.
The good news is this:
He is the son of Tonya and Jeff; a born little fighter and strong spirit.
He has gained weight quickly since his welcome to the world and is loved so very much, and they will love him through this as so many around the world are now holding him in the arms of thoughts, good vibes, energy and prayer for healing.
We are breathing into him strength for wellness and hope for healing while the docs do what they do best; and in doing that we also hope he can sleep and rest which will allow Mom and Dad to do the same. As they rest the 4 legged will watch over the little one, and that internal clock will sound should he need them.
I thank you all for holding them UP now as we move into the weekend.
As so many are running here, there and just about everywhere, I appreciate you taking the time to hold this beautiful family in your thoughts and prayers.
Warriors all united for good here we are.
Our friend Sandy in MI has also told us of her grandbaby Peyton who could use our prayer and thoughts another little one who is ill now, whose parents are filled with fright and feeling rather helpless.
We are thinking about them and also place Peyton in our arms of healing thoughts today.
May this little ones feel the love and their physicians do what is needed to restore them to health gently.
I'm thinkin if we asked Hudson what he thinks about all of us holding him UP right now, all of these people and 4 leggeds just loving him through this; his answer might be found in this photo:
       "THUMMMMS UP"
*all photos belong to Tonya Palumbo"
Yep, sending out rainbows and all the good breaths we can muster on the wings of angels to all who need them today,
I thank each of you for joining me.
 “When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”
Be blessed and pass it on!
Walk in Beauty


fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. Thank you for prayers and good thoughts for my 8 month old great grandson Peyton, who has developed this seizure disorder. He actually stopped breathing on the way to the hospital during a seizure last weekend. It is questioned, at this time, if he also has RSV. It is so difficult when that precious infant is so sick and family can just watch and wait and pray. Peyton's parents are so very worried about him as Tonya and Jeff are about baby Hudson. What a beautiful baby he is. It breaks ones heart to see a baby so sick. I am holding baby Hudson, Tonya, Jeff and family in my prayers and thoughts again today. Please keep us updated. Take care friends and enjoy your Friday!

DrSES said...

Prayers goin up for Peyton and all of you Sandy...