Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Beyonce... and that ear piece and the missed opportunity

The excited Kelly Clarkson, just as tickled as she could be just to be there.. you could see it in her face, feel it in her energy and here it in her voice.
Sweet Baby James, as he smoothly took his faithful guitar as only he could and with respect and with his words sung softly to the world.
The beauty of Beyonce, and we all watch, we listened and we were wowed.
And I thought as she took her earpiece out, oh my she is "just that good"...
And she was off the hook, and so very powerful, and then come to find out...
She lip synced the most important performance she was invited to give in front of the world.
What a sadness that is and tremendous lack of courage on top of it. Now hitting the news, confirmed and making rounds to all the news feeds and entertainment industries and confirmed by so many it is hard to disbelieve its truth.
What in the world could she have been thinking?
It was refreshing and wonderful to see Kelly Clarkson's raw joy of being invited to sing; to almost feel her unbridled energy of being there in that moment, knowing she would sing and be heard by millions. It was her energy that was outstanding, her desire to be the best she could be under that moment that was the shining moment and that she stood, that she sang, that she put all that she had into the moment.
Yes we get that everyone rehearses, probably pre-records for events beyond the control of anyone, as in electrical outages, storms, laryngitis, and things like that...
But to make a quick opt out of being real is beyond what we expect of those granted the distinction of the invitation on such an important day when a choice is made to use such a pre recording rather than take the risk of being your best.
I'm thinking that invitation should have been extended to a true diva, a performer who has stood on stages and in the lights and chosen to use her pipes with courage ... they should have asked Patti Labelle to sing as only she can sing.
Real and in Real Time with grace, honor and courage to and for our America.
Yes, I loved the song, I thought Beyonce did it well... and rocked it, and was impressed by her yanking out that ear plug and really going for it. Until I learned she faked it.
We were just over the moon excited for her and her passion, until we learned she took the safe road to success on such a magnificent day.
It wasn't 8 degrees outside, it wasn't raining nor a day where her instrument was rusting in the weather.
It was a day she consciously chose to not use it for the world.
And that is what makes it so sad a choice.
Oh Patti Labelle would have been a grand choice, a powerful choice, a colorful choice, and a respected choice... about 5 octaves worth I'm thinking for that U.S. Marine band to play in real time with for all of us to witness.
Let the music play on.
Jennifer Hudson certainly did Al Green proud later on that night as she sang for the President and First Lady to dance, and when the U.S. Military joined them I wept...
Let the music move you today as you listen to your CD's, your pre-recorded music, I wish and hope you are finding a way to hear and to see live performances of those you enjoy along the way.
Have the best day "ever"...
Stay warm out there as we remember this is the middle of January, when the cold gets colder, the bugs get stronger and the flu is catching everyone by surprise with those achy and breaky symptoms of cover your head and stay under covers and hide in bed.

Be well, stay safe, and stay warm.

Walk in Beauty


fluff said...

Good Morning Dr Sherry and friends. So nice to see the photos today. Yes, not a good decision for Beyonce to prerecord her song for a most importan event such as that. I am sure that the others were just as nervous but their performance was outstanding. She is better than that and should have trusted that she could do it well.

It is still frigid cold here today in Michigan. Right now only 5° and this morning was 2° on the way to work. it was very cold. I brought a blanket to my car today to cover my legs while driving. The sun is out and the sky is blue but it is very cold.
Take care friends, hope it is warm where you are today. Have a wonderful day. /Sandy♥

Anonymous said...

okay, I'll second all your words today
without blinking an eye .. phony baloney on Beyonce.. and now we know exactly what to expect from her pending performance at the superbowl.. perhaps she just showed her truest colors and her lack of self confidence..she is probably embarrassed by now that she has been exposed..
Kudos to Kelli, James T. ( authentic as they will ever be ) and Jennifer as well.. but most of all ..
A HUGE salute to President Obama and our First Lady !! Class and dignity as well as integrity.. I am proud to have him leading our nation and all the naysayers really need to rethink their closed minded views.. more importantly, they need to keep their negativity and disrespect to themselves.. I agree that we all have a right to voice our opinion, however, I also believe folks should think before they speak and perhaps, as Beyonce did, record their own voices once in a while so they may truly listen to the ugliness they spew..
God Bless America !
It is certainly the time to STAND UNITED and put ignorance, hatred and bigotry behind us..
Blessings to all on this day , sun's a shining and the air is chilly, but after reading here , my heart is warm..
Thank you Doc for all you continue to do for so many of us ...
hugging my angels, ♥
sign me, A.