Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The THIRSTY MARLIN, a restaurant here in town

The Thirsty Marlin
Palm Harbor Florida
One of the local and fine places to stop in, to lounge about enjoy a drink and enjoy some of the best there is to eat in the area!
Owners Brian and Mike are usually always around to say hello and once you are there you are greeted with friendliness and soon felt to be a regular among the wait staff.
Yes, I will often be here to tell you when it is good or bad, when it is indifferent, and today I am telling you about a local place that I take visitors to on a regular basis!
Of course wouldn't just go to show me, that after making it a tradition not to venture too far from home on New Years Eve, this time was a tad different and a decision was made to indeed venture out to the Thirsty Marlin with friends for dinner!
Met by the lovely young women at the door it was not long until we were seated and the joys of the time to be spent together began with a toast to the coming of the New Year as we sat and looked around at the new changes made in our Thirsty Marlin with recent construction from our familiar tent where we have always sat to construction and high ceiling and the new Tiki Bar to the side. We laughed and talked about Landon Korabek and the upcoming Jam Fest in his memory and oh what an event would be had in this new atmosphere there.
As we talked it became apparent that a band would take the stage after the dinner hour, and we did comment it odd that behind my friend leaning against the wall was a woman who kept texting on her phone not so far from us, and near the sound man who was fidgeting with his sound board in preparations.  Funny she had no place to sit I kept thinking as I wished she would go somewhere else. I found her to be a distraction over the shoulder of my dear friend, yet we were so enjoying our times together, our waiter David a delight.
Yes the local Thirsty Marlin, quite the place it is; and the food is melt in your mouth good.
It was a great night!
I couldn't help but share with my friends the time shared at the last Landon Korabek Jamfest while we talked of 2012 and seeing it end.
    Just thrilled to know that the community came out in such magnitude to fill the Thirsty Marlin, to know that Brian the owner is so very committed to the community, the mission of this event for a young man gone too soon and knowing that his Mom and Dad are working their grief and horror and missing through such powerful advocacy and reaching so many through music!
That room was packed during the jamfest, folks had donated so freely and then those there were bidding to win such awesome things; everyone, almost everyone wearing white t-shirts with One Love printed on them and the musicians gave so freely of their time and talents, playing to the filled house.
You could still hear yourself talk, still feel the love and the energy that flowed freely in healing the pain of loss while feeling the presence of Landon's spirit!
All gathered in one place 
The Thirsty Marlin!
Bravo Brian and Mike for your generousity of spirit and love of community as awareness was raised that special day.
Oh my, special friends, great conversations, ending a year with others at their tables doing all the same I suppose while having appetizers and drinks and soon to enjoy dinner.
 The band hired took to the stage with sound as if they were playing in a concert hall to 5,000 and it was painful. The conversation we were having came to a halt as lightning felt it had seared our brains and the woman continued to text, the sound man said it could not be turned down, the wait staff looked as though they were in pain, and we realized at about the same time we were literally screaming at each other to no avail, we could not hear each other.
My friend snapped.
She left the table in search of a manager who at first said, "they will not turn it down".
We were offered a table inside the restaurant where a door separated us, some people left, while those who wanted or were with the band stayed to here them.
It was there first song of the evening during the dinner hour, it was so very loud that you could not hear yourself think, nor the conversation of anyone who was trying to talk with or to you.
We moved, yet the evening seemed to have changed, the energy changed, and everytime the door opened from where we had been sitting we were once again hearing the blaring of a band that did not know how to play to their crowd.  Oh how disappointed I found myself during that time, as I gazed at my friends and we ate our meals in complete shock. Brian's wife came and let us know she had told the band to stop playing until after the dinner hour; we noticed it took them a bit longer to actually quit. It was a gesture that seemed not quite fast enough, not quite enough to rewind the moment that changed our night for the good somehow.
>Lesson learned<  
I visited the FAcebook page of Thirsty Marlin,
I let my voice be heard in my disappointment, and my faith was restored.
Yes, I was disappointed in the evening and in the fact that from a great night, from great conversations with very close friends/family of choice, our space and hearing was needlessly invaded by musicians that didn't know or care how to play to their audience with sound.
The owner of Thirsty Marlin cared for regulars, for his community enough to put his phone numbers out there and to ask that I call him. He wanted me to know that he cared, that he apologized for this happening, and that he wanted to make it right.
I felt badly for him as we talked, understanding that he hires groups, musicians based on recommendations, on contracts, yet there is little he can do once they take to the stage unless he pulls the plug on them and is there.
Yet the food went out, it was hot, it was good, and he cares.  Yes, he had his share of complaints on New Years Eve from customers, he had more than his share from the band and their defending their sound, those who came to hear them, and it seems that he continues to take a stand for his regulars and his community.
He looks forward to the Annual One Love Landon Korabek JamFest of 2013 this year where the music will be hot, it will play to a full house and the sense of community will flow into the streets while you will still hear each other at the tables while you enjoy a bleu burger or fish tacos, or the many other offerings on the Menu and say "ohhh mon that is off the hook"
and yes
The Thirsty Marlin has my vote as one fine establishment here in the Palm Harbor area!
Stop in and let them know Dr Sherry sent ya!
According to Kamryn, their cheeseburgers are "the bomb" and their wings are right up there too ... Now Kamryn knows a ting or three about both!
Susan Korabek and I at the One Love Jam Fest 2012 remembering Landon,
gone too soon.
Hope to see you there in 2013  
Thank you Brian and Mike for sponsoring this event at the Thirsty Marlin!
Walk in Beauty

Hope you caught the radio show yesterday on Close-up with Doug Llewllyn

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fluff said...

Good Morning Dr. Sherry and friends. Good to read your words and the experience at the Thirsty Marlin. Sounds like the owner Brien really cares about the people who come there on a regular basis. That is good and does not often happen in such establishments. I read the Press Release from the talk radio show and it is good Dr. Sherry. I am sure you touched many people with your words.

Well, wishing each of you a tremendous Tuesday and sunshine for your day. It is sunny here in SE Michigan but very cold, in the 20s, but the sun is pretty! Take care friends ~~ /Sandy♥