Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday, chill, time to dance!

Kamryn holding the big trophy
as the Elite won the championship yesterday in Carroll County VA!
Kamryn and Coach Wilson
oh what a day for me to be hollering in FL while the fam lost their voices in the bleachers up there!
My phone was blowing up with those texts as I was updated on the games!
The last text of the evening as I watched my beloved Redskins lose and RGIII re-injure that knee on the field, was
Oh what excitement, *on the hardwoods*, not so much on Fed Ex field though!
Many happy Elite players I have to tell ya!
The mantra of NRV ELITE under the leadership of Coach Julia Skinner got me from the beginning, it seems to apply to the many life lessons that we all could use as we now go into the middle of month of January 2013.
This is a woman who beat breast cancer, a woman who loves loves basketball and now throws her energy, skills, and love of the game into life lessons for youth at NRV ELITE.
We could all use that mantra when our feet hit the floor each day, through the day when in the car, at work, or dancing into our days.
This day is a great day to start!
S T R I V E for Excellence!
Instead of "Rise and Shine" she tells those kids to "Rise and Grind" in her talks, her practices, her lectures as she teaches each one.
To ball hard, study hard, to strive and reach hard.
Don't settle, don't whine, don't just sit there or walk down the hardwood thinking all is lost.
Oh I can remember Kam and hearing his tears of disappointment having lost a game in the last seconds by just one point. His sadness and frustration saying, "well yes I am upset, we'll never get a championship this way"!
My having to remind him, that someone has to lose, that someone has to win, that there is no crying in basketball!
Having to dig deep to remind him we are always being watched out there, not only when we win, but when we lose... our attitudes, when faced with adversity, with loss, with  wins. Folks are watching how we handle it all, and it all matters as we "strive for excellence".
And when I saw some of the pictures of the team yesterday; boys of 6th grade doing what they do... being silly, making faces and such as that, I noticed he got it.
  No goofy faces, no silliness for the camera... just PRIDE of his team, his joy seen.
He got it, much more than being able to hold that trophy, but the lesson.
We all have so many lessons to learn, we are life learners.
As we continually "strive for excellence" in this new day of a new week.
May we all be winners while knowing that someone has to lose, someone has to win, and somedays it may just feel like a tie or even rained out!
Congrats to NRV ELITE as they "rise and grind" today and everyday along with all of us wherever you are and whatever in the world you are doing!
Do it the best you can and then take a moment and pat yourself on the back!
Let's roll
Thank you to all those who are serving our Nation, please treat you well.
 “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”
  Michael Jordan
Walk in beauty,


fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. Wow, great job and congratulations to the NRV Elite on your win! Congratulations to Kamryn - the pride in his face of holding that trophy of the winning team. He does get it and you have taught him well Dr. Sherry. Congratulations also to Coach Julia Skinner. What a great lady she is to take basket ball and the youngsters teaching them to heart! It is a very special woman to servie in that capacity and love what she is doing with all she has overcome.

Wishing each of you a very Happy Monday - may your light shine to others as you go about your way today. /Sandy♥

Dot/Mom/Cob said...

Wow, what a day in Virginia with the NRV ELITE taking the trophy after playing 3 straight games on Sunday. My throat is still aching from all of the plays I had to complete. I was on my feet most of the game. The bottom was worn out from jumping up and down. I worked it out in the water aerobatic class this morning even tho I wanted to stay in bed. Kamryn was awesome, he had a lot of boys on top of him at every move. He shot his 3 and did awesome rebound by jumping far in the air. All of the young men worked together and the team was HOT. A lot of credit goes to Coach Gary their own Coach. You can see his love for each player as he has to call them out he is very good with all of the boys. A proud and caring Coach. Starting out Sun. morning we were in Mcdonald line and a man came to the car and said you have a flat tire. We went to the gas station next door and pumped it up and I decided we needed to come back home and get my car. All going well I thought as I reminded my beautiful sweet and kind Niece to watch her speed on $77. Low and behold there the blue light came after us. Oh no, 78mi. in a 65mi. zone. He was really a scrooge, I threatened the 2 boys in the car to say nothing as I thought we would be locked up. That over we went to the game and the man or woman with higher power smiled down on us and WE WON THE NRV ELITE TROPHY. A great day was had by all. Blessings to all, enjoy each day and Pay Forward.

DrSES said...

ohhhhhh my.... what a day indeed!