Monday, January 14, 2013

The Echo of laughter and a New Week ahead

#15 makes his shot!
Oh what a weekend it was; from the tires screeching to a halt in Roanoke VA!
From take off in Tampa with an 11 year old who whined, cried and snot flying over his fear of flight, and my nerve being exposed after realizing his desire of whining trumped his fear as he went on and on to his Dad, finally having to speak up and say to him,
"Time to buck up buddy, and realize it is not about you today"!
Much to the delight of Dad, he seemed to qet a bit more quiet and after we heard the familiar ding ding of the bell to safely move about the cabin and looked out the window, he exclaimed,
"Dad thIS IS AWESOME", and then Dad and I looked for the latch to then both throw him out the window!
From the welcome of landing to the Pulaski Rehab, to the wonderment of Kamryn on the courts, the laughter now is an echo, it was a weekend to savor, time to enjoy, the joys were many.
NRV ELITE now 3rd place Champions in the many and oh how many who gather to root, who gather around there to ball on those courts from all over the place!
Congratulations to all!
The action swift, the refs are tough, the calls are often questioned and the tolerance level for those who step up and holler out against calls are ZERO!
We had a grand time of togetherness and it was love and action centered!
  After the big game, we had worked up an appetite so off to the Outback it was... where we laughed we ate, and we recharged...
Then into the car we went, but after the buckle up, the talk, we had to just get out of the car for a "photo op" that D'Vante thought pretty funny... of all places for a staged photo in a parking lot!
 After that as we drove of course he would yell out when passing gas stations or pastures that we should stop there for a photo op!
But we didn't!
It would have been a good idea now that I think about it though...
What we needed was a stranger to walk up at just the right moment so that ALL of us could be in the same photo was my thought, but that just wasn't in the cards at the time.
 So we just had one after the other of those fab photos done right there in a parking lot, while passing on the fields and the donkeys and pastures for the next great opportunity of Christmas Card fronts of fam together!
We laughed, we caught up, we just enjoyed time spent together.
We were joined by Dottie from WVA who had just gotten her drivers permit after years of letting it go and passed that test! She took to the roads and found her way to join for a weekend of reunions and of joyous noise, and boy did we make some noise on Saturday night when we found a fun way to take pictures and then look at them with our faces skewed and stretched! We lit up the night in smiles and with laughter over the hills and in the skies! Spirits were dancing as that home on the hill came alive around the table reminicent of the days when Granny had us all in stitches there.
It was a grand time, a time of joyous noise, and of course wouldn't ya just know, I had to fly the friendly skies as Kamryn took to the court on Sunday! As I flew home he and his team were winning their game in Christiansburg VA, and when my phone was turned to on as I arrived home, I received the text:
WE WON, and Kam scored 14 points!
Now it is Monday, time to get busy, time to be the best that you can be, do the things that you didn't know you had in you, to stretch into the day and the week ahead.
The echo of laughter is resounding in my heart and head as I am ready for the week.
It is time to STOMP
with the attitude of blessings and deep gratitude for all that ever has been, all that is, and the hope of all that is to come.
I wish you all the best of all that you dare to dream.

Walk in Beauty


fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. It was so good to hear about the grand weekend and see the photos of the family together again. My goodness, D'Vante sure does look good and all grown up there in college. Kamryn is so happy. What a great player he is. I hope all his games are winning ones for his team. I am happy that you got to spend the weekend with family Dr. Sherry and making memories that will last forever.
Wishing all those here a very peaceful Monday and all is well. I hope the sun is shining on you today. It is freezing here in SE Michigan. Saturday it was high 59 and we were out with just a long sleeves shirt most of the day. Today it is freezing and was 21 degrees this morning on my ride in but the sun is shining.☺ Take care friends and count your many Blessings this wonderful Monday. /Sandy♥

Dot/Mom/Cob said...

Good morning Fluff and all of the readers. It was a beautiful, fun filled weekend with Dr. SES and our dear friend from WVA. We laughed,we cried, we ate bologna and cheese sandwiches and the Outback rest. will never be the same. I think we ate them out of house and home. Yes laughter is the answer to lots of problems and our health is so much better when we laugh. I dont know about you but I have heard if we dont laugh we will get wrinkles. The ball games was wonderful these 6th. grade kids learning to play as a team and love each other. What excitement we had especially with Dr. SES and Dottie from WVA. joining us. We travel to Richmond this Fri. and will return on Sun.. pray for our winning and safe traveling. Blessings to all. God Bless USA