Friday, January 18, 2013

The Bracelet: Livestrong, will YOU still wear it?

The famous bracelet, we've seen it worn by millions. Many of us have had one or several through the years, have supported the cause, have watched in amazement the man Lance Armstrong as he cycled his way into fame, beat Cancer and went on to greatness for so many as an inspiration of hope.
He has now left it all on tape and in his words to Oprah on a show, the "gig is up" so to speak.
He is not the man we thought he was, another hero and one who was admired gone down after standing so strongly against the allegations of "doping" has finally apologized to the millions before sitting with the legendary Oprah who then insisted on carrying that tape on her person back to her studio to be sure it was safe before airing it.
But what of those bracelets and their message?
We need not talk of all the dollars that many dug deep to send to the organization; that bell has been rung along with his words of denial and false accusations.
He has now admitted that which he long denied
and that which we have all long heard about as happening in sports and arenas where humans have to continually go beyond what seems humanly possible to set records to exceed the possible of endurance and strength.
What of the message behind the rubber yellow bands that we see on so many wrists.
What of the HOPE they inspired for the millions?
Will folks continue to wear them?
Are they looking beyond the now new or long suspected of the man, and holding onto the message of "living strong" through the message of hope in healing?
It is hard to imagine isn't it?
Years of public denial, more money than we can imagine spent on court cases, people threatened, throw away phones to secretly know when the tests would be coming and to talk in code, 7 time tour de France winner, lays it all out for the world with the one and only Oprah as all sat and watched.
Is the world now stunned or just moving along saying "there goes another one" down the tubes of fame and glory.
But, this time... all the many millions of those with Cancer, those with hope in watching a survivor, those who supported by the wearing of that bracelet... what of them now?
Many who have supported Lance feel betrayed by him;  his foundation will suffer greatly and the apology not enough to stop that feeling after so many years. Many now will grieve the loss of him as a leader, a hero, a true warrior of gentle spirit.
Many will throw off the bracelets, cut them, trash them or burn them as they are associated with him.
for many many others, those bracelets represent MORE than Lance... they represent living strong, living long, and the "fight".
They have become more than the man, the cycle, the news of one person.  They have become personal and universal to fighting Cancer.
Still others will wear those bracelets with pride, they will find ways to dis-associate the bracelet with actions of the man and his admission of guilt now.
They will be able to look at the good in him in regards to his foundation and beating Cancer and many others will even look at him as one who beat those who cheat a system like doping for a very long time.
He cheated cheaters and won for awhile they will think.
It seems the bracelets all but disappeared back in October from shelves where normally seen, back when this all began I believe, around the same time that i also noticed not as many people sporting those familiar yellow bands on wrists around here.
Wrist bands of shapes causes colors are seen so very often and that is one that is rather standard.
It may be that the association now is too strong to the admission of guilt from Lance; and yet many will find that bracelet represents more than the man, it represents more than cycling, than doping, than just a human.
It represents fighting the fight of Cancer.
What do you think?
Will you still wear it... it's up to you.
It just may be that his cycling success allowed the world to increase their awareness of the need to research and find the cure to Cancer, and when you think about that...
A yellow band wristband certainly has let us think and remember
and we need a cure now.
Walk in Beauty


Anonymous said...

okay. I have been justly prompted to speak my mind.. or to stand as we say..
no person, hero, fallen hero, liar,
truth teller, cheat or upstanding citizen can deny it..
Lance Armstong is HUMAN ..
I have never been a fan or a non fan..
I believe in goodness in all of us..
I find it very sad that Lance has found it necessary to believe he needed to put up a front and lie all of thses years.. I find it sad that in spite of his potential he needed drug enhancement. I refuse to believe that he ever once faked his sincerity or concern about the insidious disease of CANCER... yes, he is HUMAN.. perhaps he bit off a whole lot more than he could chew in becoming a hero and a role model for thousands of folks.. those hero shoes are huge to fill I would imagine.. I would think the scrutiny of the media and the constant judgemental opinions of the public would be a grueling inconvienence in any person's life..It is shameful to him that he did lie, purposefully and fully.. I believe he is ashamed by now.. HOWEVER..
the "LIVESTRONG" campaign has always stood for a fight against cancer to me.. not a trophy to Lance Armstrong..
If I owned a yellow bracelet I would still be wearing it with pride. Lance will forever pay the $$$$ of his poor choices and that burden is his alone to bear. I would hope that we will not stop fighting for cures for cancer because of this story of another fallen hero.. Yes, we have become complacent when it comes to being duped by celebrities.. we are not shocked anymore by the lies and deceit which unfold before our eyes on a daily basis
We are used to being victims of false promises, false idols,false advertisements in all aspects of our
lives ... we have almost come to expect nothing less .. sad statement of reality for sure..
I am not in a place to place my personal judgements on anyone and I would expect nothing less than the media hype and frenzy we are witnessing..I can only shake my head and wonder "why" .. just like you..
and I hope down deep we all keep fighting to do the right thing in our own corner of the world on a daily basis... The actions of others are not in our control, we are limited by our own actions and reactions..
Pay it forward I will continue to say..
The creator and Lance will make their own ammends .. The moneymakers who may have lost out on this revelation ??
I do not feel sympathy for the sponsors,
the folks who have made big bucks on this whole affair will find another
victim to prey upon in due time..
enough is enough, move on and focus on what the true mission should have been all along ... FIND A CURE FOR CANCER!!!
enough outta me..
have a blessed day y'all..
thanks Doc for all YOU do for so many !
hugging my angels, ♥
sign me , A.

DrSES said...

Well said, well said... thank YOU