Friday, January 25, 2013

Poor Charlie Brown... some folks will stoop to any level

"Good Grief, you mean someone stole my voice and said that?"
Oh what a sad time for Charlie Brown and those of us who love him. To think that even Charlie is not exempt from having his identity and very voice stolen and name now associated with such with such poor and bad behaviors out there in world of wrong doings. 
Can you even imagine?
Good Grief Charlie Brown!
Thank Goodness that there is no mug shot of his "voice" for the world to now associate with his life of great times in specials and joy filled moments including his MetLife commercials. I wonder what his friends are thinking now, or if Lucy has opened her therapy box at a quarter or maybe just standing by to offer support at no charge for her little friend.
Oh Charlie Brown, how could you leave yourself so very vulnerable and how do we learn from this to protect our voices from those who may take them and use them in such callous and uncaring ways to the harm and detriment of so many?
That is the bigger question.
Booze and common sense have never been the best of friends as have Charlie Brown and Snoopy sitting on the edge of a dock discussing life and world events it seems.
Folks tend to loose their ability to reason well and then sit and figure out ways to just make an ass of themselves while being ridiculous, and even this time having the nerve to steal the very voice we have all come to love through the years.
Not only did this fellow USE the voice of our beloved Charlie Brown, but he used it in the harshest of ways, by threatening death to another, by threatening bodily harm, and by using a phone to demand money and further threaten and harass another.
Clearly not something our Charlie Brown would do, nor even entertain.
Too bad he couldn't just use his own voice, his own reason and leave others to their own life in the process and move along in his own life.
Perhaps he should have consulted with Lucy or Linus or even Snoopy or Charlie before stealing from Charlie Brown and acting in such a ridiculous way.
I'm thinking folks will not take kindly to this crime or the actions that followed after the theft of Charlie's voice.  We do have our standards of conduct; yes yes, I realize that these days those standards have been tested quite a bit by the lowering of them by the outward and ugly and most ridiculous of those we have watched in the Capital Dome. Those who want their moment of fame and their aspirations of 2016 loom in their fantasies thinking that we want someone with such mouths and hearts of bleakness and mouths of such disrespect to represent us.
Yet, I just cannot believe theft of the spirit has now included theft of Charlie Brown's voice.
Maybe just maybe we will not look at him differently as he finds a new voice; finds a better voice, or a deeper voice or maybe even a funnier voice!
One that cannot be stolen and used for such perversion or ugliness.
I can hope.
I'm sure that Charlie Brown is feeling a bit like this 
           And when he hit the ground his voice was just gone.
But as we all prepare for that big ole' Super Bowl Feb. 3, we can practice our hollers', practice our arm chair screams and field goal kicks, knowing that together we will stand behind ole Charlie Brown; the one we have watched on T.V. through the years at Christmas and on Thanksgiving, and as he managed to maneuver the many changes and actions of life.
May the one who stole his voice, get what is coming to him remembering that you just don't go and do bad things in the world.
Good Grief Mister, what were you thinking?
Are you ready for some weekend?
It's Gasperilla time in Tampa here where the Pirates come out and take over, the beads and the people flood the streets and the bay is filled with boaters.
It's a Friday where folks are so darn cold that some are throwing a hot cup of coffee in the air just to see what happens and stand amazed; where keeping warm and trying to avoid the new strain of stomach virus that is sweeping the country is taking Vitamin C off the shelves so quickly that they cannot restock it, where the news is a buzz with happenings and most of them make you shake your head and wonder what channel is the old timey cartoons on.
It's Friday,
may your troubles be few, your joys be many and you always have sand in your shoes and a shell in your pocket.

Blessings on the winds to all who gather here.
We may do well to stand together, and protect our voices in harmony while using the exectutive functions of our brain before taking a step or uttering a word.
Good Grief Charlie Brown!
The nerve of some people to take his voice and use it for wrong.

Walk in Beauty

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fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. Wow, I am beat! It has been a terribly long and busy day in my life. Work was terribly busy, home is busy, shelter tonight was non-stop and it is snowing out all day and again tonight and freezing cold and roads are very bad. Just got home and had to crawl as the roads are slippery. Almost slid through a busy intersection but stopped midway through.

The message was good here today, thank you Dr. Sherry. Wishing each of you the best and most peaceful evening and rest well. Have a grand weekend and be safe and stay warm. /Sandy♥