Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy Happy NEW YEAR
to everyone and just everything!
Blessings on the suns rays today and as you step into the newness of this year, may your troubles be left in the year of 2012, your story live there and not carry through to this most new year where you can shine your light bright with hope, kindness compassion and faith.
It begins with YOU, with each of US as we stand together in Unity.
Did you surround yourselves with great times last night? Did you ring in the New Year, or make those resolutions that will be within your reach to achieve?
Did you watch the crystal ball drop with all those standing and dancing in the streets, were you there, or in the comfort of your home in pj's snuggled warmly on your couch?
did you like so many others fall asleep before it hit the midnight hour?
Ah the questions to begin the new year and the day!
Most importantly did you awaken this morning with hope, with a smile on your face even though you  may be facing challenges or have worries or pain?
Now it is time for a day of the annual and most creative day of beauty with the 
Rose Bowl Parade!
 Oh I always marvel at the creativity of such, the joys and can just about smell the fragrances while watching the marching bands and hear their sounds across the lands.
We are our own marshall of our parade when you think about it.
We are the ones who can rise up, get our jazz going in our day, in ways both small and large we make a difference by showing out and showing up with attitudes of warriors.
the resolution that can reach the world and make a difference.
Finding your voice and using it for the good of the greater whole rather than feeding or eating the negatives that are out there, and heaven knows that the negatives will imprint on brains and attitudes and find their way to settle in.
Reminds me of those little green men that Mucus commercials talk about and attempt to sell their products for flu season.
Attitudes and negativity work in the same way, they settle into your nervous systems and are hell to rid yourself of.
Dig deep for the positive in your world, the world around you.
Advocate in positive ways for change; rather than tear down what is broken, find ways to get busy in change that lends to creative and positive contributions and respectful disagreements of policy or decisions that may not be the right ones in opinions voiced.
Add your beautiful and God given light to those who feel darkness is around them.
Resolve to make this your year.
And laugh.
And dance.
And move it through you with passion.
Well you get the idea!
Happy New Year, may you prosper, may you dance, may you laugh out loud, even if you laugh at yourself during those times of glitches or hiccups along the way.
    Together we can do this, we can stand on solid ground and follow the path, or create our own in honor, in joy, in and with integrity.
May you be open to all that is yet to come in this new Year, in new ways, with hope, promise and dazzle in each step, each day, in all ways.
Walk in Beauty


fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and all our friends here. I hope you had a very nice New Years Eve and enjoyed whatever it was you did. I spent the evening at my Sister's house and came home though before the midnight hour. I jumped into my PJs and watched the ball drop with my three four legged furry loves of my life! Right now,I am watching the Rose Bowl parade. How I love a parade! Thank you Dr. Sherry for your wisdom and words. Wishing you and all our friends the Very Best in 2013 and may all your dreams come true and your life is Blessed. Have a wonderful day today. I am spending it later with my entire little family and what a Blessing it will be. It is amazing to me how wonderful I have enjoyed the holidays this year for the first time in many years. We are carrying on our Mom's New Years tradition by having Stuffed Cabbage and sausage for dinner. It was not a holiday unless Mom had her traditional meals and my nephew is seeing that this tradition is carried on and family is together. For this I am so very grateful. So, whatever it is you do today remember to count your Blessings and be thankful and have a wonderful and memorable day. Sending hugs to each of you. /Sandy ♥

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year everyone,
thank you Doc for insightful and beautiful thought today,
hard to fathom another year has flown by,and am looking forward to a better year ahead..
gotta say, the green men in those commercials are gross !!
I think those advertisers deserve the most
credit for such a vivid creation.
they are unforgettably disgusting.. LOL
sign me, hugging my angels,
♥ A.