Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Flu Epidemic and BUG sweeping the nation

Yep, we've watched the news, seen the map colored in a shade of red to indicate this years' outbreak of FLU... and oh boy they haven't been joking us or just trying to scare us.
Yet there also seems to be a band of those menacing "green men" we see on the commercials that have now multiplied and managed to arrive from the East Coast to the West, and all the many states between to set up residence in the bodies of many along the way.
And from a few aches over the course of a few days, once we settle down and sit down it just hits.
WHAM/BAM and that's about it.
Misery sits in and the green men play the blues, and the kleenex come out.
From talking to folks in CA, in NY, and in between it seems that the aches turn into something quite wicked, a bad sorta wicked as symptoms mimic the flu, yet it is a "bug/virus" and it lingers.
Those who manage to make it to a waiting room of the doctors find themselves in germ infested areas of shades of barking, sounds of sickness and end up with prescriptions of antibiotics and worsening conditions after sharing what they already had differently with those who are already with it, or those who were too sick to be out and in public.
Some will venture into work as they are needed, out of sick leave, or told "it's ok, just come on in", and spread their lovely green men with others and immune systems will be compromised and the loop widens this winter of 2013. Those voices are strained as weakness and laryngitis join with the "crud" and words of "I'm sick as a dog" are echoed from coast to coast, as their dogs run around gaily in the house, or stay nearby offering slurps and support.
The shelves at the grocery are slimmer where gatorade and ginger ale and chicken noodle soup usually abound along with saltine crackers.
Steak is plentiful, now that tells us something about how folks are feeling!
Middle of the week, at the end of the month, and soon to be the main event of the Super Bowl.
A fine time to be down with the "green men in your body syndrome".
Better to be careful though of how much you complain or think about it, or talk about it.
The new DSM 5 manual is soon to be printed which has a new diagnosis code for folks that will devastate those with physical illness in it; making it seem they are mentally unstable or ill and diminish the reality of their physical illness in the eyes of physicians and insurance companies.
Do tell you may find yourself with an anti-depressant or psychotropic drug to treat this lingering virus or flu the way the new "bible of psychiatry" is written.
Yes it can have and will have devastating effects on millions of people with physical illness, chronic illness, hard to treat symptoms.  
Back to this bug,
it is a hard one to recover from it seems, one that rest and liquids seem to be the only way to treat properly.
Gatorade, water, rest, and the constant eviction notice to the "little green men" to vacate the premises.
They sure are a stubborn lot those green men and seem to love a party, to invite more of their friends, and did I mention they love the night life within your very body?
Just doesn't seem right to me.
They even brought a woman into this, no wonder it is such a "wicked bug" to contend with for those all over the land!
Be well dear ones, get well, and try to take best care of you.
Hope you have lots of kleenex and all the comfort things you need around you to feel better until you GET BETTER!
Walk in beauty
*thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes for Dot/Mom/Cob yesterday*
I hear she had an outstanding day and night!



fluff said...

Good Morning Dr. Sherry and friends. Yes indeed that flu bug virus and little green men and women are attacking many innocent systems these day. Those who are healthy have to stay healthy by keeping distance from those with the sneezes, coughs and all that other yucky stuff going on with them. Many people here at work are going through it also. I have a few friends who have been sick for over two weeks with it - just can't shake those green people off them. Hope all those who are sick get to feeling better soon and those who are well stay well. Have a terrific day. I am happy Dot/Mom/Cob had a nice birthday celebration day yesterday. You must be getting ready to fly off to Oklahoma Dr. Sherry. I know they are ready, waiting and excited for your arrival. Have a grand time. /Sandy♥

oshkosh said...

Yep---all flyin' here, Sandy----Some by plane, and one without a plane!!!!!!!!!! Blessings to all. I DO NOT NEED THE FLU, AND NONE OF THE REST OF YOU EITHER. MANY BLESSINGS TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!