Monday, January 21, 2013

What a Day is this day ~

It's not just any Monday to dance on the desks and in the streets ...
It's a Monday that millions will gather in front of televisions if they haven't already started, a day to watch the Inauguration of our President of the United States of America.
It's the day that thousands will take to the streets of Washington D.C. to be a part of traditions and to watch history unfold with friends, with Elders and children as bands play and processions line the streets.
It's a day also to remember
Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday and the many many years of work done in the fight for all people who have and continue to walk a path of equality and civil rights. A federal holiday and the innauguration falling on the same day and all on a Monday!
I can not even imagine what Dr. King's thoughts would be today, and would not dare to even go there in my mind or on a blog.
Yet the question posed on the picture has never been more compelling, more to the point than it is this moment, it has never been more urgent.
"What are you doing for others"?
Are you reaching or teaching or touching or praying or striving for excellence that will affect and infect all that you breathe into the Universe with?
Are you spreading forward an attitude of honor and trust and compassion and love to make better situations in all that you do and stand for?
What a day it is indeed.
A day of Monday, where research has stated it is also the day where folks are the most proned to feelings of depression than any other day of the year. Research suggests that now after the holidays, after the bills have arrived and spending is done, the casserole dishes put away, the trees taken down, this is the day that folks just get the sads and it is the worst day of feeling them.
Maybe this year, this day it will be different since the parade, the t.v. will be busy, the day of the federal holday will have folks at home or on the streets of parades.
The day after rough and rumble football where the match up of the Superbowl was decided last night, now we will watch the west coast meet the east as two Brothers coach each team for the title and the "big ring" of the ultimate winner.
San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens will go against each other as Ray Lewis has his last game on the field and brothers square off as coaches.
Not just any day this day.
Excitement is in the air and the ultimate question is till out there.
 "What are you doing for others"
ARe you a taker, a giver, a user, a doer, a person who stands for what is right or just stands.
A person who fights for the rights and stands for responsibilities that go along with right.
Yes this is a day, a powerful and emotion filled day.
May the Creator stand with one hand on our shoulder and the other hand near the mouths of all just in case we need some help along the way.
Blessings to all and hope on the winds as we STand.
May God Bless our President and his family and those serving our country.
God Bless us All.

Walk in Beauty


oshkosh said...

Great blog!!! I forgot things are closed today, including schools. At the college, students are off, but professors, and the rest of us had to work. Glad I can still be working. Blessings to all and have a great day.

fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends - OshKosh, good to see you this morning.
Yes indeed, a day of history for sure. A day of work for many though. Interestingly, I have worked on several occasions here with a senior orthopedic physician who actually was very close friends with Martin Luther King Jr. and his family. He has told us many stories of their years in the South woking hard for the rights of others. What an interesting man he is and he has recently announced his retirement for the third time! He loves his job and keeping busy. Says it keeps him young in his late 70s.
It is really cold here, was 10 degrees this morning and is now snowing and blowing. I hope it lets up before I go home.

I hope your day is Blessed and the sun is shining and it is warm where you are. /Sandy♥