Thursday, January 17, 2013

Just when you think...

Just when you think that you've heard it all, you get to hear more, you witness more, you absorb it in your heart, your mind, your nervous system.
YOU become outraged if you are paying attention.
Your heart beats a bit stronger, and your tears burn a bit hotter as you try to make sense of what appears those who have lost all common sense in the land of ugly and the words of hatred and actions that are beyond your senses.
Where has common decency and love of mankind gone during times during and after tragedy?
The latest outrage is that of the "conspiracy theorys" those who live to find ways to blame, to fuel ire and fear in the hearts and minds of others.
Now taking aim at Sandy Hook, the families who stand now, only one month after the unthinkable happened there.
Born of a need to blame, to create havoc and to once again involve the press in the desire of harrassing the community in digging deeper into the lives and the world of those standing in grief while saying that it "did not happen" and the children killed are in fact alive and well.
What is wrong with that picture?
You Tubes making the airwaves, stating a child who was murdered was in fact standing with the President the next day alive; when it was actually her sister in the photo mentioned.
People once again having to guard themselves, having to protect themselves from the media, as the children are still fearful of going to school, afraid of those who do not belong in their community.
The President is faulted yet again; being accused of not shedding a tear; being slandered for shedding a tear, being accused of using the wrong finger to wipe a tear from his eye.
Nothing goes without judgment, nothing goes without comment, nor complaint.
No one is held accountable for the harm they are doing in people who set out to fill their personal agendas and compare apples to donuts in the face of fear and tragedy.
Horrid things happen around the world, and if each were given the amount of time that one would suggest, there would be an outcry for it to stop immediately as people just ceased to be able to comprehend the magnitude and be unable to function at all.
Interestingly those who are making the most sense it seems are the survivors of the slaughtered in a small community in Sandy Hook as they sit and have conversations on how to move forward; what steps to take next, ways to heal and how to step up and take a stand.
They have initiated the Sandy Hook Promise, born of tragedy so quickly since the horror there.
It makes sense, it uses common sense. I have yet to hear anyone there demand or ask or yell for all guns to be turned in or for anyone to change the constitution.
We wonder about the stability of children, of adults and yet we see insanity being modeled everytime we turn on news, look at social media and extremity.
Mirror neurons are being activated by those most impressionable and those whose brains are yet fully developed and those who are just looking for a reason to go off.
Yet through the darkness and in the depth of sorrow, there are still those who are able to gather information, to sit around tables and engage in intelligent conversations about how to compromise, how to make things better, safer, and to be the best they can be.
Gene Rosen of Sandy Hook found those kids and brought them in his home, now is being harassed there, many thinking he lied, many thinking he  is part of a conspiracy all of a sudden in a small town in CT.
What is wrong with people?
Yes there will always be holes in every story that involves sudden tragedy, there will always be "after the fact" findings as the stories emerge and as the fog lifts. When in the middle of chaos and horror it is difficult at best to do what is done in the minute. Things are not as clear as days, sometimes even months afterward. Yes Yes oh my God don't we know there are needless and horrid murders of children and adults that happen daily, yet go unreported in this country, across the world.
Yes these facts also come out after something of such tremendous coverage along with those who want/demand that coverage be equal and as vast and complex.
But conspiracy? Accusing heroes of being involved in something less than heroic in a small town and now families being harassed and accused of laughing it up in Sandy Hook while planning vacations?
Just when you think you have heard it all, this one is beneath most rocks I have seen be unearthed of disgusting things.
 It just seems to me that what the conspiratorial mind sees as misinformation and lies, most of us will see as merely perfectly ordinary incomplete and inaccurate information following a multifaceted tragedy. Can you even truly imagine what was happening  in the hours and first days after such a chaotic and horrifying event, can you feel in your heart the energy there, the sorrow, the sounds, the witnesses who are in shock, confused and unable to recall exacts. Police officers and reporters are also members of that community, often told not to report and to be brief and say as little as possible, or be given incorrect information.
Not every single statement about what occurred, from dozens of different people in different places at different times, will agree in every detail. Three different witnesses to a minor car accident will often give three slightly different accounts of what they saw, so it's unrealistic to expect dozens of people who were involved in a chaotic school massacre to report exactly the same things. Most of us will disagree what we ate at the same restaurant or if asked what and how many sat at the table to the right would have a hard time reporting the same information.
Are you serious about this conspiracy and really going to tell me that there are people out there putting a community through this and again knocking or pounding on doors there?
The very idea that this has come up and that Sandy Hook was faked is not only absurd but is a disgrace to those families, to the children and educators that were slaughtered in Sandy Hook Elementary School.
Shame on those who have initiated this and who are now continuing to promote it. There must be another way for you to promote your cause rather than to use this as a platform.
Sandy Hook,
I stand with you in 
The Sandy Hook Promise
as we remember those no longer here
and I stand with you
as I honor the steps you are taking knowing that you are all survivors walking in the light of healing each day with such courage there.
May the Creator hold you gently.
This is Dylans' Hallelujah the 6 year old child murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary.   

Walk in Beauty


Dot/Mom/Cob said...

Good afternoon, just reading the blog and listening to the great video Hallelujah for Dylan. It is so sad to see the people with their 15min. of fame telling tales that did not happen. There was a tape on the internet telling the police planted the guns the killer did not have them, the police got them out of a car and planted them in the school. Why cant we just grieve with the families and give them our support and love? The world and many families are not feeling love for themselves or their family. So sad when people cannot get along and for some always blaming others because they cannot think of anyone but themselves. There are so much sadness in the world today. Thank you for the messages you send us daily. Maybe people will read it and get the real message. We are expecting 4-6in. of snow here in Va.. all of the schools are closing early and some did not open today. It has been raining for days and we need it. Blessings to all. God Bless USA

fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. Been missing you the last few days but just caught up. My computer was down. Working good today so far. Thank you Dr. Sherry for your words and what a sad and crazy scary world we live in for sure. Keep on telling it like it is Dr. Sherry.
Have a wonderful day friends and Dot/Mom/Cob, hope the snow was not so bad and all is well.
I wish each of you a peaceful Friday and YES! It's Friday - finally☺