Monday, January 28, 2013

Publisher Clearing HOUSE, the Prize Patrol...

Ok, now who has seen this famous van, with the words on it: THE PRIZE PATROL?
We've seen those envelopes in the mailbox for years and years, watched the commercials, now see that they've taken to Facebook... and They are once again coming to your neighborhood!
The famous Prize Patrol; those great folks with a big ole' check longer than we are, to change the lives of the one behind the front door. But, I ask you again, have you ever ever known anyone, or seen that famous van in your neighborhood?  Just once I would love to see it roll by, knowing that it is heading to my neighbors house, a friends house, to my house even! To the home of one I know or can celebrate as the van rolls in and the door gets knocked on, only to be opened by one who can then pay it forward after falling all over the floor with sheer delight by the thrill of it all.
Oh my can you even imagine! After going through the countless mail, offers of this and that, the magazines too and the deals often that just amaze... no purchase necessary to be eligible to win it all. Sounds just marvelous doesn't it.
The Prize Patrol, poised and great looking people posing at the red door, not knowing who will open it; what they will look like on the other side of that door, but knowing a life will be changed forever.... Oh my, just imagine it.
Nice door ... great looking folks, but what about that van, the follow up in the news? We never hear about that, how they manage after the van drives off and how their lives are.

Oh life is just filled with everyday mysteries and fun if we think about it. Imagine having the great job of driving the Prize Patrol van, and the places you go, the people you meet and the horns that blare and people leaning out the windows saying "follow me home Prize Patrol, pick me"?  Yes a grand job of driver I'm thinking, especially if they drive on a Monday where folks need a bit of a motivator to move into the week and get their shine on.
Just might be that the end of February, I'll drive around town just to look for that van, as I notice that is when they will be picking the lucky winner right here in my town (at least that is what the latest envelope says), and that I need to hurry and validate the latest mail in order to not be left out. Seems that someone with the same initials SS in my area is "in the win zone", so I better clean the driveway and be sure to be dressed appropriately on that magic day.  Ah yes, just as Oprah told that Barbra Walters oh so long ago, "I am destined for greatness", so I'm thinkin it is in the waitin on that magic van, and the Prize Patrol of 2013.

Keep watching, you too may have the right initials and that van may be on its way to your door.
Let me know if you've ever seen it on the roads after all these years, commercials, mailings ... surely someone has. Wonder whatever happened to all those people that have won? We do hear of lottery winners, their choices, mistakes, murders, yet no one reports on the great Prize Patrol winners ... just a bit of humor to start the week. Where are they anyway?

Oh yes, don't worry if you are not home when they roll up. According to the Prize Patrol, they will make every effort to find you on that special day! Whew, I am relieved as I will be in Durant Oklahoma speaking then. I hope they get this so they can adjust the route. More to come about that event, but in the meantime, all those in Oklahoma, look for the info, and I will look forward to seeing you there! Just follow the Prize Patrol Van...

Welcome to the week, and take best care of YOU,

Walk in beauty 


Anonymous said...

If they just stopped mailing out the incessant envelopes and pooled the savings, they could pick a trillion winners just randomly. You are so right. I have NEVER seen their van, nor have I ever met anyone who has been on the winning side of the door. Hummmm... All yack, no shack? Enjoy this Monday everyone. We have today to make a difference, somewhere, somehow. what will you do today that matters?

Anonymous said...

Lucky Durant Doc! Glad you posted the map. I can't ever remember where the states are in relation to each other. At least not the ones in the middle of the country. Guess I slept through geography in the fourth grade. I remember my teacher though. he scared the hell out of the whole class. funny what we recall that is entirely useless information.
Be well, I just know the folks in Oklahoma are not ready for all they will learn when you take up the microphone. Lucky them.

Anonymous said...

Well doc, now that you mention it, I even get emails from those folks, and have (lowering my head) even read the information after clicking and bought a thing or two that was just too neat to miss . Yet I have NEVER seen that van, but I have seen some of the winners and do recall the woman in old fashioned curlers in her head accepting that big check . Where is that van we hear so much about? Durant Oklahoma, now I see it on the map and oh I bet they are ready to STOMP with you coming there. Pretty close to Texas it does appear and maybe that van will find you there. Lucky for Durant is my thoughts they have just hit the real jackpot. Be well everyone and sure hope the bug didn't bite you as it bites everyone I am seeing these days. Thanks doc I needed to start my week this way

fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry, no - I never saw that Price Patrol van in my area of town either. Sure would be nice to see them pull up to my front dorr. I guess you probably have to fill out the Sweepstake paper in order fot them to pay you visit LOL.
Well, busy day today after a very busy weekend. We had an ice storm last night and my world was covered with ice this morning, porch, steps, sidewalk, car and street. It is melting quickly and for this I am grateful. It was nerve racking driving in this morning.
Take care and have a terrific day /Sandy♥

Anonymous said...

it's great to see everyone here on
a Monday ~ awesome beginning to a new week.. got me chuckling as I am thinking I also have never seen the van .. hmmm.. makes me wonder if it really does make the rounds dropping off checks to lucky folks. I've alwaya been a little leary on the ' no purchase' necessary deal.sounds too good to be true.
I am sure those folks in Durant will be lovin' them some DRSES in the dead of winter.. you'll be bringing lots of sunshine for sure..
have a blessed day y'all !
you'll be the first to know if I end up being a lucky winner...
hugging my angels ♥
sign me, A.

oshkosh said...

Where in the world is Durant, Oklahoma????? I know one that is waaaaaaay past ready in that town. Yep, on the Oklahoma/Texas line-----seems I know about where it is------My take on all this Durant, Oklahoma talk in this blog today, is this------THAT VAN YOU ALL CALLIN' THE PRICE PATROL, OR WHATEVER, WILL BECOME "THE PRIZE PATROL"--- ONCE IT CROSSES FROM TEXAS TO OKLAHOMA, AND THE CITY OF DURANT WILL NEVER BE THE SAME, ALONG WITH ONE OF DURANT'S RESIDENTS. AWWW, DURANT HAS BEEN ON THE MAP FOR YEARS, YOU GUYS..... BUT FIXIN TO BLOW IT WIDE OPEN, AND TEXAS, AMERICA RIGHT ALONG WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!! I ALWAYS HEARD EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS BIGGER AND BETTER IN TEXAS----WELL----NOT THIS TIME-----THEY JUST SHOULD BE GLAD THEY SHARE THE STATE LINE WITH OKLAHOMA ON THAT DAY, AND THAT THEY ARE INCLUDED IN THIS "GREAT EVENT"----(I got that right, didn't I Dr. Sherry) Used the right words, did I???? "GREAT EVENT"........ LLLOOOLLL

Anonymous said...

just gotta add my two cents here ..
sounds as if one of our gentle warriors is about to explode with excitement.. I'm not sure if she will be able to hang in there until the arrival of Doc Sherry ..
could be just like the 4th of July in february.. fireworks and maybe a prade right along that state line.. one thing is certain, those folks lucky enough to attend the
seminar and hear Sherry speak will be feeling fired up and positive !
Thanks Doc for all you do for so
many ...
STOMP !! to you Osh , you'll have
an unforgettable memory made..
sign me, A.

oshkosh said...

My dog loves this present time--- I take 4 bites of food, and he gets the rest of the meal. Tonight he had chicken fried steak from the best place in town.

DrSES said...

I do believe the Prize Patrol has landed here today... and yes Osh, you have said it just fine, fine fine, along with others and tickle me to life... now funny to me, from MI, to New England and even Durant OK, and who knows where else, so far no one has seen that magical van... Looking forward to seeing Dallas/FT Worth, a driver who will tell me all I need to know along the roads to the city of Durant ... oh my, we will have a time I just feel it... thanks to all for being here, and Fluff you be safe up there in Detroit, the home of Motown, let the music move you as you slide on in to DMC where I hope you give all my best regards.