Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Adventure,Excitememt, Memories, Say YES~

Lizzie and Miss Molly
My Dinner Companions
First Night In Arlington VA!
"Another Adventure"

Morning In Arlington... Memories are flooding the senses as my coffee is smelling up the room with another day of adventure! Last night found me in the great company of Lizzie and her young daughter Miss Molly now 13 years old! Boy the years have gone so quickly, she was so little last I saw her.
Wow, I remember so well her being half her height and so young, so innocent and cute... yes still cute as a bugs ear, but oh the teen years are upon her... so many decisions are ahead, so many quandaries, so many adventures yet to discover...

Read to S T O M P along with me... LOL.  I have the music cranked this morning, looking out the window at buildings everywhere; things sure have changed since I was here last. Concrete, traffic, and did I mention the "steps"...

Guess my sweet Olivia is getting ready for awake for her day, ready to learn more adventurous things herself. Wonder if she has thought of ole' Nana yet today?

Speaking of adventures... I am surely on one with this trip, finding there are much deeper, spiritual, and far more in depth reasons for this trip than I ever could have imagined...

Spirit has once again worked in wondrous ways putting people right where they need to be at precisely the right times.

Here we go.... STOMP!
Put Some Adventure In Your Life

In a rut?
Come on it’s a big world out there. REALLY BIG~
What’s stopping you from breaking out and trying some excitement?
Too busy?
What’s better than something to look forward to and something to look back on?

If we are to really to live life to the fullest, we must fill it up with a good balance of the must dos, the want to's, and the Oh My God am I brave enough to try to!

I love to try new things. Yes it can test my bravery. But what the heck. Ever done something awesome that you thought you could never do? What a fabulous feeling of accomplishment you own on the other side of the event.
Do you have a “bucket list” that is gathering dust?
If not now, when?
                                      What are you waiting for?

Hot air balloon ride anyone?
                                               White water rafting?
                   Skinny dipping?
Swimming with dolphins?

Well, you know where this is going.

Think of one wild adventure you always wished you had done.

What are you waiting for? We only have one life to live.
            Spice it up.
                          Pick your adventure.
Make it happen.
Trust me, you are unlikely to suddenly find yourself with a bungee cord around your ankle on the way to the grocery store.

                                   MAKE IT HAPPEN.
Do it with a friend. You may need moral support, or just someone to be there to share the experience. Take pictures!
You are amazing.
A Friend of mine once took a driving course to learn to drive a stunt car, just because she could.
She is a bit of a daredevil I might add.

So maybe not everyone is up for the daredevil experience, maybe you are suffering from the “economic blue” and are afraid to squander a penny on recreation, but surely there are enough ways to “change it up”.
Pick one.
How about a week of meatless meals?
Now that could be a challenge.
Imagine a whole week where you purposefully cooked in a way you are totally unfamiliar with. Sounds like fun to me.
Or maybe, serving ice cream on breakfast cereal instead of milk. OR, how bout starting the meal with dessert and then the entree and then the appetizer?
I could go on forever with suggestions. The opportunity for an adventure in life is limitless.
Put your “little kid” thinking cap on and have some fun with it.
Don’t let others opinion that your plan sounds ridiculous keep you from experiencing life in all it’s wonderful glory.
Go for it. Life is NOT a dress rehearsal.
                      It’s your adventure after all.

Ever thrown a pajama party as an adult?
I did. One weekend night we drove around and collected a batch of friends, long after bedtime and brought everybody, in their PJs to our house for a midnight brunch.
It was a blast. Funny memory too.
Was kidnapped by my family in the middle of the night and flown all the way to Vegas for a birthday surprise. TRUE STORY~
I Didn’t even know where I was going until we changed planes in Dallas. Wouldn't have known the purpose of the event at all except they were all wearing Birthday party hats, and me in my bathrobe and slippers. Guess I should mention that they had glitter painted “Happy Birthday TO ME’ on the back of the robe in foot tall letters. Yes I was a spectacle, but you cannot imagine how much laughter it generated along the way.

We held a beauty pageant for the guys once. All the women dressed each others partners in evening gowns and heels from the thrift store, and put on an ad hoc talent show.
Winner got bragging rights, and a lot of razzing. The guys tried to make it an annual event. Don’t be surprised at spectacular outcomes.
Half the fun is dreaming up the event.

I’d rather be in the adventure than sitting in front of the TV, vicariously enjoying someone else’s experiences. Make your own adventure whatever you want it to be. The wilder, the more fun it is, the better. Life is too short to put off having a great time. There will always be enough time to do what you have to. But do you make time to do what you want to? Why not? We get so entrenched in our day to day routines that it all feels like a chore. I’ll take a joy ride any day over cleaning the bathtub. Pack a picnic and eat dinner in the park. STEP IT UP! Rock it out. Sing at the top of your lungs. Put on the most elaborate, mismatched outfit and show up for coffee at your friend’s house. Be silly, have fun. Try something that you have never done. Better yet, try something that you are sure you never would do. I promise you will treasure the memory.

So with all of that thought and said, the coffee is empty, think I'll take a walk around my old STOMPIN grounds, maybe STOMP in my moccasins a bit before seeing Denise for lunch! Have to start signing some books today... catch up with the calendar so I know what is next... so much to do...

LIFE IS A DARING ADVENTURE OR NOTHING AT ALL ... That is what Helen Keller said, and I agree with that sentiment as you already know!

Oh how the fire is burning brightly with embers of love and HOPE in healing ways... Sending all of that and so much more on the winds of the Nation's Capital to all of you and YOU do know who you are...

Think anymore of how you can help with that MS raising some dough for a cure? Let readers know your thoughts! Send your "change/dough" in honor of Shauna or Laura Roorda if you can... maybe they can help provide an address for those who can.
Chris any doc updates, Jill how are you doing...

You are in the arms of some powerful angels from this page and all around, keep the faith and fight the fight... we are with you always.

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, do it well, do it with your head held high

Walk In Beauty
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life

"tell em about the book, order it"!


Anonymous said...

Thinkin Cap on, wonderufl, exciting thoughts to start this day! Here I thought going to Walgreens for sinus pills in my PJ,s late at night was fum. I'm up for anything. Will wake up the kid in me and come up with some crazy stuff of my own. Just contemplating it feels good. Bungee jumping will probably NOT get on my TO DO list but....
Welcome home Laura. Back from the MS ride!
To everyone here, have a fabulous day. Might pull off a practical joke at work today, just to get my collegues smiling.

Anonymous said...

Was great to see you for dinner last night!! Today I might do something really crazy..hmm...maybe I'll actually get some cello practice in. That's crazy because I normally don't take time to do that....I take time to clean the bathroom, do laundry, etc. OR...maybe I'll finally get up the guts to get on the John Deere and mow the lawn! It will be an amusing sight to be sure!

to everyone here...have a GREAT day!

IRENE said...

My coffee's empty, too and my mind is FULL
of " to-do's ". I will dream up some fun-filled activity or prank today, just to keep it " REAL" with others around me.
Been feeling GREAT, mentally, the knee is giving me the business, though. Brace on,
ready to GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EyeScream

Anonymous said...

Hey, where is everybody? What a fun Blog today. I am excited just thiking of what new adventures I might add to my own life. Will get back to all of you when I think up some fun ideas. Would like to be a fly on your wall. Vegas in a bathrobe, playing dressup with the guys. How come you have such fun ideas and I am sitting here trying to think of just one? I will come up with something soon.
Not only that but I will act on it. Promise.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dr. SES, fun things you say? Ok, how about in July when you are going to be invaded with adults and kids? What about that trip to Disney? Fun things, stomp, run and scream thru the rain. Just check your email and see how many surprises you find. You gonna love it. Maybe that would be a title to a new song. Lets work on that one. Glad DC is going good with some work and some play with old friends and meeting new ones.

Anonymous said...

OK I'll take the challenge... I'm going bike riding. First I must borrow a bike. That shoudn't be too hard. Almost all my neighbors have teenagers. I have not ridden a bike since I don't know when. In facr, I think the last bike I was on had streamers and a horn. Look out world, here I come. Baring no broken bones, I will let you know how it goes. I hope someone has a bike with foot breaks. My next door neighbor said most of them havev break levers on the handlebars. This is really something I never thought I would ever do again. If it goes well, I have this little idea way back in my mind to hitch a ride on a motorcycle.

Vicki said...

Oh Sherry...
This blog was just too funny...LOL
I can see you on the plane in your pajamas!
I am still laughing!!
Well swimming in Lake Tarpon at midnight (in the middle of Lake Tarpon that is~ off of a floating dock).. Climbing a water tower at midnight with 8 others...Running from the cops on foot and actually out running them...did I say I was a runner at one time! I could go on and on..I have done too many things to list here...atleast I didn't get eaten up by any gators in Lake Tarpon!
I will have to think of some new things to do!
Hope everyone had a great day!