Friday, April 9, 2010

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Happy Birthday today to Dr Lynn Rogers
 "The BearWalker" out in Ely, MN
Today, celebrating with Lily, with HOPE
and all the other North American Black Bears!
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Change Can Be Hard . . . but that is no new news. As I sit waitin for the sun this morning I am rather lost in thought, my mind wandering to the life work of Wilma P Mankiller and our world without her here... It will take a lot of getting used to I'm thinking.
Coffee is good this morning; seems so much is happening right now for so many; scary times for some, empowering times for others...
My thoughts are with those that I have spoken to very recently and the many intense conversations we have held... sacred conversations that have been hard, some woven with humor and all with concern.... think that good decisions were made, good things are coming... Change is hard sometimes, as the Cherokee say, sometimes you just have to "sit with it" and the answers will come.

Hard at times, but not impossible. Change can be an evolution, a revelation, an outcome, or happen by chance. Nothing is static. The greatest consistency in the world is change I think! Funny thing is... most people just don't like "change"! One thing I've found you can pretty much always count on... that's the tides at the beach... they just rolllll in and they rolll out.... you can pretty much count on that to not change.... the times may vary, but Mother  Ocean won't let it change, she'll let it roll in, and roll out again... and I'm pretty sure it'll do it over again!

But then there are the other things in life...
relationships, life, jobs, death, animals, opinions, and the list goes on and on... circles and cycles so to speak ~

Nothing in life stays the same forever. Relationships change, seasons change, we each change. Life changes us. Death changes us. "Who you are is not who you've been and you can't go back there again" remember reading that?

Sometimes we change our own lives on purpose.  Imagine that!

Today I would like to think out loud about this particular type of change. You know that we can always change our attitude toward something that we do not have the power to change.

When we wish for someone else to change their behavior and they do not or say they cannot, we can change our own reaction that we have toward them and/or the behavior.
We can sometimes distance ourselves from them, or we can disengage from the relationship. Again, sometimes change is difficult, it is hard at times... it is about the choices we each make for our lives.
The butterfly can teach us about change, struggle, transformation... if we but sit with it awhile and watch...

Again, this is not always a quick line of defense. Changing our attitude is in our control.

We can own our personal power.
S  T  O  M  P
We can determine our reactions.

I read once that life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.

 So true I'm thinkin on this morning with my coffee.

We are only really able to change ourselves.
But we must start somewhere. The only constant in the world is change... look up at the sky, the clouds in all their wonder ~

We must never be static. Accepting where we are in life, because it is the path of least resistance. \\\

We must empower ourselves to make necessary or desirable changes because we do captain our own ship. I often tell my Godsons and beautiful Olivia... "I have great expectations of you all, great hopes, yes great expectations for and in each of you... be the change you want in yourself when you look in the mirror... it begins inside your eyes, deep inside you, and it is always changing ... and growing just like you!"

The same is true of me, of you, of all living things... of Lily the Black bear and her cubbie called HOPE and the HOPE in all of us ~ and so it is good.

"It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad." {C. S. Lewis }

Well I don't know about you... but I'm rather glad I'm not an egg!
Remaining in the safety of the egg is not an option. Not if we want to better ourselves. Become more than we are now. Make our lives better. The best changes often start with a single, simple thought. Think BIG and discover how to make the changes you desire.

As with everything else, we must see the outcome. Know the desired result. Do not fear failure. Failures are the practice runs we make while playing the game of life. If we fail at our first attempt, we must pick ourselves up, dust off the play and go at it with renewed vigor.

The courage to change is not about the fear of failure, but the courage to hold fast to the desired result. To push through with herculean effort until we arrive at the change we seek.

"A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for." –William Shedd

Many many moons ago, Mark Twain said “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.”

What would you do if you did not know the word fear or the feelings associated with it... what if you really really refused to fail...

Face change with a full heart.
                                  Be grateful that we can change.
Be grateful that life changes us.
                           That we grow.
That we can invite change into our lives, and that we should embrace change.

We are not fearful by nature.
We are change agents in our own lives.

We can change the world.

But we must change it by first changing ourselves, unleashing our own power to change.  I am the force of my change... I am fearless~ now how bout that on a Friday morning ~

The fire is burning here, the embers are hot, the smoke on the gentle breezes wafting into the air... with cries from the heart to those who have asked to be remembered with healing thoughts, energy for HOPE, for strength, for laughter for love. For Chris, Cindy, Vicki, Jilly, Liz, Laura, Joanie, Denise, Jim, Andrea, Dorothy P, Angie, Linda, Dot, Lavie, Jeanne, Charlie, Molly, Lee, Tammy.... and
For all who have asked you know who you are, your voice has been heard, you are being thought of by many across the miles... you are in the arms of the angels, mighty warriors of those who know the importance of positive energy and loving support...

Across the winds, we are connected in the sacred circle protected by the fire burning brightly for all...

wherever you are, whatever you are doing...
Have a great weekend!

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Healing Heartaches,Stories of Loss and Life

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Anonymous said...

Change...heavy topic for a Friday morning! I read a great quote once: No one likes change except a baby with a wet diaper! I think that's true...even those people who advocate change for others have a hard time of it with themselves. I know that is certainly true of me. I have another favorite quote:
“Those who say it can't be done are usually interrupted by others doing it.” James Arthur Baldwin.

So,,,let me interrupt.....cause I'm doing it...whatever "it" is today that others say can't be done......


Anonymous said...

Because life changes us whether we take charge, or just "let it happen", I choose to always be the captian of my own ship. No auto pilot for me. STOMP! Wish I were able to tell you who said the following, but alas I cannot, at any rate, I read somewhere that if something hasn't changed in a year it should be reviewed. If it hasn't changed in 3 years you should seriously evaluate it and if there is no change in 5 years you should chuck it out and reinvent the wheel. Some merit to that. A deep rut is like a grave, it's only the demensions that are different. Change makes life fasinating. My life is fasinating.
Though I say that I wouldn't "change it for the world", the world changes it for me day by lovely day. Just taking charge of the helm because I am worth it. Rocket ship, ready for blast off. Houston, we have no problems we can't solve today. TGIF!

chris said...

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE--today's blog reminds me of a song DRSES likes so much--MJ sang it-MAN IN THE MIRROR....if you don't like something, change it! Life gives you lemons, change it and make lemonade-it tastes great if done right!!! Wilma Mankiller said the some thing. I am beginning to see the light..Here's to all the warriors out there-my prayers and thoughts go with you all...may your weekend be full of sunlight!!!

Irene said...

What a GREAT blog this morn, Dr. SES !!
I have changed and am changing each day for the
past 3 weeks, after being STUCK in neutral
for years. Friday is here, yippee !
Thank you for the inspiring words, the
butterfly and EGG / bird vision.
Bye for now, FIRM

Anonymous said...

I LOVE today's blog..
We sometimes have no control
in our life, we know that too well, yet,
that which we can control has to be handled with the grace and spirit from within our souls.. raining here in sunny FL... happy tears from heaven... STOMP.... LOVE THAT BUTTERFLY, WICKED COOL.....

Anonymous said...

Love the blog. Change does not come easy. Just gotta STOMP some more. Butterflies are beautiful.