Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Warning sort of thought:

Sometimes beauty
is seen and yet there is more behind the walls than we will ever imagine or understand unless we take the time to crawl, listen, and get to the other side of our own way of thinking about things and judgments of how things oughta be.
Life is filled with uncertainties and many of life's lessons seem to be repeated until we get it just right in our brains of understanding and seared into our systems and behaviors it seems.
We can often be seen admiring beauty from afar or even close up at times yet forget that there are things behind those walls and barriers just on the other side of such loveliness that we get glimpses of, or know first hand to be grown by our own feeding or hands.
There may be times we have assisted in building foundations for others only to watch as the house gets build shaky, or of materials we would not use, or advise against, yet continue to support and advise as it leans and sways in the breeze. We may watch aghast and fearful of it falling as we see bad choices in the making, or those we love fall again and again through self destruction or pain in decisions that we would not make or make for them if we were the one in control of the making!
We feed our children, give them a roof and knowledge hoping it is enough while teaching them to spread their wings and fly,
yet at times are amazed when they become self absorbed and seem to care for nothing but self along the path.
We at times shake our heads and wonder how we could have failed so horribly when our intentions were so pure and love so strong.
Yet we continue with feelings of love
and hearts of steel knowing that at some point common sense will prevail and love will conquer all, yet we come to a point of wondering
"who is this now grown person".
Some will fall to laziness others will soar to great heights along the way.
Some will unknowingly fall to addictions, while others will be filled with passions and giddiness to fill their days and nights like the stars that fill the skies.
So many choices and so many different lives will be touched reminding us of the spectrum of light.
We see those who report that they cannot sleep, those who sleep too much,
others who sit and complain or judge and get angry of all that do not do things the way they would have it be done.
Anger is similar at times to a hot coal in the hand; before you can get it out of your hand, you have burnt yourself badly with it, and the one you are angry with  had built the wall of fear of telling what is behind that wall, now afraid of losing the support once cherished so dearly.
Life in all its dimensions, not played out on the big screen, nor campaigned about, or heard about on twitter; yet alive and thriving in homes across the world.
Those who need support, guidance and understandings from those they trust.
To enjoy the true beauty is to see the Redbud and that which is behind the buffer of the wall in all its dimensions; the pain and the chaos, while remaining calm in understanding it is not always what we would want it to be.
Yet it is.
The warning for those who are living and struggling and working today and the realities?
Most people wake at the hours of
3:33am, 4:44 am, and hours that make you think you are not sleeping at all.
Millions seek something to help them sleep at night, from over the counter medications, to physicians who often will quickly prescribe something to take the "edge off" and those medications can cost you a life *yours*, or make you do things that you will never know about.
Drugs like; ambien, xanax have been known to affect the system in ways unimagined for many.
Some report sleep walking, engaging in outrageous behavior and scaring their families to death in the middle of the night only to awake with no recall or to deny anything has happened at all.
People utilize caution with medications.
Know this:
Most of the folks I have spoken to across the world say they do not sleep well at night!
Stress, workplace and home life stress
does not make for a good nights' sleep!
The best way to assure a good night's sleep is to rid yourself of the things that are on your mind prior to going to bed at night; take a hot bath or shower, have a ritual you practice each evening before bed.
If you have things that need to be said,
"say them".
Find support!
Talk it through, do not let it build up within you, or wait until the pressure cooker is about to explode before relying on support from your trusted resources... remember you do not want someone running to catch up with you.
It is better to let someone walk the journey with you rather than having them try to fall over brambles and scale the wall to find you among the ruins of emotions.
Yes at times it is most difficult to cope, to find the ways through the emotions of others and the drama that we can become sucked into.
It is during those times that it may be helpful to remember this:
It is always best to take a deep breath,
remember that reaction is never as effective as action or listening while taking deep breaths.
Anger can often be a reaction and hidden fear.
When someone comes to you with their problem, their pain or concern,
try to not judge, to give advice but listen instead and then to help in a calm and soothing sort of way, rather than dictate or condemn.
We are about building up esteem rather than crashing through a system.
Hard truths, are hard truths;
some times we just wish we could have kept some little or wished for a "re-do" of times, things, situations!
The good thing about this day is 
you have a chance to make it right, to stand up and shine.
the life you have today is a short one,
use it well and love large and without condition.
some days you will feel like just finding that cast iron skillet and using it for things other than cooking!
With that said,
that is all that needs to be said.
Ready to care and to reach out now with open arms and love, two ears and one mouth?
Walk in Beauty,

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fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry, Thank you for your good words today of warning thoughts. Love the picture, pretty patterned brick wall and pink bush! Wondering where everyone went - sure been quite here. Perhaps others are traveling about or getting busy with back to school activities this week. Hope all is well. I hope the weather is good where you are. It is cloudy, cool and stormy here in SE Michigan off and on today. This is my vacation week and I am grateful to have the week off for some much needed R & R. Take care of yourselves.