Monday, September 3, 2012


Thank you to those
who are laboring as many of us
are taking this beautiful day to relax and enjoy while recognizing that it is the heartbeat of American's that believe
"nothing works unless we do"
Happy Labor Day to one and all!
I hope your day is filled with joys
and your bellies are just filled with the excitement of those grills that may be still full from a weekend of grilling and good treats of gatherings
along with today's activities wherever you may be.
It is also a day for many thousands to hit the roads to return home
and I pray them safe returns as they leave the beaches and the mountains carrying with them memories of the last weekend before fall finds its way to us.
Labor day
as many in the world also love to hit those malls for the sales of their lives unable to resist the many temptations that are laid out in the newspapers and on commercials with a steely look in the eyes and crowds to compete with!
Ah but what would we do without the competitions and the rush of adrenalin that many find so exciting as they via for a parking space that you just know will put you at a distinct advantage to bring home the packages of all those savings!
Others may have used this long weekend to begin the fall clean,
or just to actually relax and enjoy homes, friends, or quiet solitude.
Many have visited the "trusty Redbox" to rent movies and take a needed break from news and politics that seem to fill the screens of those boxes we pay so dearly for and enter our senses with the hopes of subliminally making us decide one way or the other on this or that!
Wonder how many felt a strong need to see ole' Clint Eastwood say "Make My Day" once again?
Yes while many in home care, health care, and retail are busy today doing what they do each and every day, many others are in shorts and t-shirts, kids are celebrating being out of school and perhaps one last lap in pools across the lands,
yet our service men and women along with our beloved 4 legged service animals, police, fire, EMS and those who never recognize those days like this;
are out there around the globe
doing what they do best. Some will make home visits, others will fire up grills at the workplace parking lots for dogs and burgers during shifts to make it feel a bit more like they are also joining in the celebrations, yet ready to respond when called or between visits,
and this day will for many be the last day of their lives.
It is remarkable to think how very blessed we are in the big scheme of things.
It's Labor Day!
Many can no longer labor; are ill, disabled
are in need of help.
I've not met anyone yet who wouldn't prefer being part of the workforce if they could though, well perhaps except those who feel they are trying to "skate/or are entitled to just lay off others" that is.
But the majority of folks, WWII vets and those returning from war who have been severely injured, have said that would go back in a heart beat, if only they could.
Those now disabled and having to stay close to home, or unable to stand for periods of time, or dependent on others for care;
will tell you, "oh what I wouldn't give to work again", to contribute in some ways and to do as I once did.
Labor day.
We are people who are used to putting in work, who are not shy about rolling up our sleeves for our brothers and sisters or the greater good.
I do believe in the resiliency of the human spirit,
and for the most part,
I do believe that most others do as well.
Labor Day
It just may be that folks forget to tell others that they believe in them,
that our country is a grand and magnificent place to be from and to live.
are an awesome people
who need to value and treat each other the way we want and deserve to be treated.
It just might be we all need to give
a bit more until we feel the muscles burn as if doing strenuous exercise
that we then really appreciate
a day
Happy Labor Day
to all.
 GEt out there and 
but don't forget to take a nap today!

Blessings on the wind
Walk in Beauty

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fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. Wishing each of you a very happy Labor Day. Stay safe if you are out and traveling or enjoying family fun. Enjoy your day. A new beginning of the school year for most children and parents.

This day bring back memories of my youngster years. The last vacation day! Back to that forever long school year and knowing our Michigan winter is just around the corner. Growing up years thinking about helping Mom in that hot kitchen as this would be the last weekend of canning the tomatoes that were tended too all summer in their garden. Pickle making, green bean canning and corn on the cob freezing as we watched the Jerry Lewis MS Telethon. Mom would shed tears at the messages and the songs. Family would be together for the last summer cook out gathering. All busy, all loved and enjoying one another and time together. Now that Mom, Dad and brother have left this earth Labor Day weekend doesn't have the same joy it once did and my mind is on them and those times today.

Remember to enjoy your time spent with family and friends and count the Blessings you have and memories for the season.

Take care friends and be well.