Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wishing YOU Rainbows

Look closely and you will see 
both of them!
A double rainbow after the storm
to delight and make ya know
storms never last, and if we remember to look up and look around we might just find the splendor.
Wishing you a day of rainbows, a day of color and brightness now that the crisp morning and evening air is finding its way to many around the lands.
As the light changes, the temperatures are falling and the squirrels are gathering their nuts for the coming cold months,
so are the humans.
Gathering resources now to sustain them through the dark months as moods are seen to be changing, stress is mounting and people are running and doing with their heads down and their grind on, doing going and doing more with less it seems. Except of course those who have more and seem to do more with what they have.
God Bless them, the ones who have and never have to want or need.
But for the majority; they are are fighting hard to go and do and often forget to be.
Tired and often weary, forgetting to look up, to take the time to just "be" in a time of hurry up and do more.
As we get closer to the political debates and that most important time for all who can to 
we see the stress wearing on folks.
We hear it in restaurants, in pubs, in televisions around the world. Everyone it seems is weighing in with their opinions, their views and their expert advise on who to vote for and why, all now with thoughts based on ads on television screens or rally's heard about or talked about in social media.  Emotions are heightened in ways not filled with compassion and spirit, but it seems filled with fear and hate now both sides battling for things that involve them against them, and rights and choices;
politics and religion.
A deadly combination.
Modern technology has now made it possible to know everything, and to alter whole truths and get snippets and soundbites, to piece together this and that, to go back and rewrite history for the benefit of one or the other and then spend millions and millions of dollars for ads on prime time t.v. to persuade the public to vote for one over the other.
Rather than look for rainbows folks are encouraged to look at the darkest of the clouds and accept the storms as lasting doom and feel the wetness to the core.
It only adds to the general sense of a cold that somehow won't go away.
How is it that is suppose to make anyone feel better?
There is no amount of tylenol to fix that feeling.
We cry for those who die protecting our freedoms yet they are not mentioned in a convention; we ache for the Americans slain in Libya, yet a politician uses that tragedy to politicize and leaves a stage with a smirk on his face while condemning our current President of the United States.
How does that make our country seen in other countries and in the eyes of us who love our country and those who serve, the families who sit awake all night and wonder if their soldiers are safe, or those who mourn the fallen.
We have to witness these ads over and again, knowing that money could be put to better use, to fund an education, to put people to work, to save a home or several of the working people that are struggling out here in the real world.
Why in the world are those ads thought of to be beneficial to anyone?
After all there are two conventions right?
People for the most part have already decided who they will vote for come November,
and those yet to decide have the debates that are live and face to face to help them with those decisions vs. ads that cost millions.
It just seems to me a waste of millions of dollars along with the relentless phone calls that people are now receiving asking for support.
Are you getting those as well?
Hello, I'm calling to ask for you support!
Oh please just take a moment to go outside and dance in the rain, to dance in the sun
to look for a rainbow
and to be glad that you are alive
in this country of ours or the country that you live in.
Rather than spend gazillions of dollars on ads, campaigns and hate moments on social media, to something for someone that matters.
Put your money where your mouth is
It is not complicated
the debates will come, two men will face off, people will have a decision to make, and they will make it.
For today,
look for the rainbows, begin the gathering season; gather your resources as the dark months are upon us, the chill in many places is in the air, gather wisely and always 
look UP
storms never last...
Blessings to all who gather here,
Bless those who are serving our country
those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice
in their service.

Walk in Beauty


fluff said...

Good Morning Dr. Sherry and friends. Loved the rainbows there in that picture. The cloudy sky looks like our SE Michigan sky the past few days. Boy was it cold this morning coming to work. It was only 42 degrees and wet- Brrr, chilly morning. Supposed to be cooler all week.
Yes, those phone calls are coming to my house also. If I don't know who it is on the caller ID I don't answer it. Most of them are those political calls. I usually have a couple who dared to leave a message on my voice mail and they are automatically deleated!

Well Friends, I am tired today, Can hardly keep my eyes open and desperately need a nap for sure. I have a lot of work to do today so I am fighting sleep terribly and have 4 more hours to go.

Wishing each of you a Wonderful Wednesday and hope some warm sunshine is over head for you today. /Sandy♥

oshkosh said...

Nice weather here today. Received your new book yesterday, and it was wonderful. Excellent it was.
Informative, moving and humerous the way you told some of your stories.....Glad I got mine when I did before they were all gone.

Very much worth the read.

DrSES said...

Sandy so sorry to hear that you are so tired, but wow you are doing some great things at DMC and the shelter in MI dear one!

Osh, thank you so much for your thoughts on Chronic Pain, Hand In Hand! I am honored that you have already read it, and hope you will write a review on Amazon, you just might be the first! haha,
since Sandy has now taken Irene's place as first here on the blog... you may just be the first on Amazon to review the new book, along with reviewing Healing Heartaches as well,
I thank you both for being here...

Blessings to all who enter here...