Monday, September 10, 2012

No See-Ums, but sure do feel Um

A no seeum
the bain of Florida living
Nope can't see the little monsters, but oh boy do they ever leave their marks and sting.
After getting my screen on the lanai repaired from the Hawk visit, where he entered talons first not so long ago, John *the nicest fella* you will meet also found many other screens in need of repair!
Oh goodie I thought now those mosquitoes that have been eating us alive won't be able to find their way in anymore was my first thought along with my big RED X would be gone from ole' Hawk.
As I talked to John about how badly the bugs were this year and how responsive the country has been on the mosquito spraying with only one call to him, he was as impressed as I.
It was then he gave me a cocky grin and said slowly,
"you do know that no see-ums" get through screens don't you?"
I had to pause a moment and think on that one, and he continued to tell me of the number of customers that tell him everyday about being eaten up with those little bugs that are so small they can indeed get through the screens of lanais without a blink.
And yes, as the evening falls
rather than go inside we sit and are victim to 
"NO SEE-UMS" just like the rest of the state and many other places around the world.
The invisible attack by those flying insects also known as Midges or sandfleas to others.
Well there is no sand here, and I don't know much about Midges
but I do know that these No see-ums are a real pain in my arse.
Yes the citronella is burning, the over head fan is spinning, and the smell of Deet is all around!
Yet they still arrive and dine on skin and I cannot even have the satisfaction of seeing them to kill them dead!
 All this time I've been thinking it is mosquitoes biting me and wouldn't ya just know
it is the famous
No See-Ums
on top of the tropical storms bringing them dancing through itty bitty holes of the screen.
Just great!
As another tropical storm is gearing up out in the Atlantic Ocean and as the sun is shining today, I am now wondering...
Just as I wonder about research for Cancer and its cure, about auto-immune diseases and their cures,
about kindness in campaigns and those who stand proudly on their own values and beliefs without trying to pull the rug out from another.
Wondering why if we can devise the skills to build and activate weaponry that is capable of blowing up buildings and radar that takes us 3D or 4D on screens and other countries
phones that allow us access to another around the world,
internet that allows us face time with another and access to the future
when we can develop chemistry that alters the brain in labs and pharmaceutical companies
across the world.
why does cancer still exist?
When we can do all these things
why do we have people suffering
and me scratching red places today.
I think the acid from the no see um
has made me ramble 
Meanwhile for now the sun is shining
and I hear the Hawk in the tree
for now
the no see-ums are sleeping
and I'm off to buy more Deet and Avon's skin so soft as I increase my arsenal here
to combat the 
little buggers before their next attack as the darkness falls.
Yes, between love bug season, no see-um season,
I now am just thrilled
to see
NFL season once again.
Wishing you a momentous Monday!
Hope you still get in some water time to play!
Walk in Beauty


fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. Yes indeed those No See-Ums are tough. I don't see them in SE Michigan but Northern Michigan they are in abundance!!! I remember that they were the most frustrating thing on our yearly summer family vacations. The locals called them pepper bugs or No see-ums. You really don't see them unless you are looking very close with good eyes and they look like little paper flakes. Yikes! For such little critters they were surely tough on the skin!

Today is my last vacation day off work. Back to work tomorrow! It is hard to go back after being off 10 days. It was nice to be off though. I hope you all have a terrific Monday and all is well. /Sandy♥

Anonymous said...

And the bite goes on .... Be well doc!