Saturday, September 29, 2012

Harvest Moon Tonight, Yep a FULL MOON

This is a photo I took in Tarpon Springs as the sun was setting after a storm brought a double rainbow!
That reflection and sight just took my breath away as I stood there,
and tonight will take the breath of many as they look up to see the brightness of
the Harvest Moon!
After that ole sunsets and darkness begins to fall once again we will see the moon rise in fullness, yet it will be brighter, it will be fuller and it will indicate the Harvest Moon once again, shining so brightly that farmers used it as a way to gather their crops now that the darkness has come earlier as the light has changed once again and work was still left to complete before calling it a day!
Many commuters will still be in traffic as that moon rises, many will be heading out to enjoy their weekends while others will be waiting to gaze at its fullness and its brightness.
We've already been seeing the fullness, witnessing those effects around the lands, in the feelings, emotions, tides and in the air.
The full moon surely has a pull on people, animals and every thing doesn't it?
Change is in the air;
and a full moon brings it all out in every living thing as well as the tides that roll in and roll out.
It reminds us of the upcoming time changes when we "fall back" yet we don't do that until 
November 4th this year.
Yet the dark months are upon us and tonight we will light up the sky with that big ole' moon, and many will get a chance to glimpse its beauty and brightness all over the skies!
I can only imagine those that are also just hoping this moon will soon be a memory as I've already heard of ER's, hospices and hospitals, clinics, caregivers suffering the effects of what is known as the full moon in all its madness as things ramp up in times of the "full moon".
We even see it in those we know; often suffering from mood changes, feelings of the churning tides of change and feeling unsettled that coincide with the moon and her phases and stages.
Rises and falls of emotions, of energy, of brightness and dreams.
Is it related?
Seems a theme and often revolves around the moon, perhaps we should consult the four leggeds, the swimmers, the crawlers, the winged ones...
Or just "sit with it" and look within.
Might just be a good day to dance in the wonder of it all, to celebrate the ones who are gathering crops under the full Moon of the harvest,
and to harvest our own yield of that which we have planted, watered, nurtured through the growing season as we now gather our resources for the dark months and the coming winter.
Oh Creator,
may we all remember to gather our resources well as we thank YOU for the many blessings that you provide, the tools you have given and the light that burns within each of us.
We have all that we need to heal, to be, to give to one another freely.
Thank you, wado, may you be free to rest as we do as we were taught, as we walk in beauty and share our bounty while gathering our resources under the light of the Harvest Moon and awakening to the fullness of our potential.
And So It is!
Walk in Beauty
We Walk In Beauty
We Are your Beauty.

Wishing you the grace and courage to look up and see above the rainbow at those powerful angels that are with you always.
Hope you get to see that
Full Moon tonight
Harvest Moon
a time to remember to gather your resources for the coming season!
Blessings on the sun's rays to ya today
the rain drops
Walk in Beauty dearhearts.

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fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry, so good to read your words this morning. Just a quick note to wish you and all our friends a peaceful Saturday. I love the awesome pictures today and your prayer was very comforting Dr. Sherry. Yes indeed,the moon has such an effect on things and people. The Hospital was quite busy yesterday and glad I am not working until Monday again. At the animal shelter last night was quite hectic with people bringing in animals to give up with very strange reasons. I am off shortly for a day at the shelter so we will see what this day brings. It will be a busy one we know. We are full to the max with cats and kittens and dogs are overflowing. We hope for adoptions this weekend. We must move some of those precious orphan animals into forever loving homes or foster homes at least for now. I may bring home a few kittens to foster to free up a cage or two. So, have a great day doing something you love as you count your Blessings. /Sandy♥