Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Out of the Blue

Out of the blue
storms can come from thunder beings and lightning bolts that astound the senses and leave us wondering
"where did that come from".
Out of the blue, we can turn around and see a rainbow that fills our hearts in ways of joy of children when they play.
Out of the blue,
just this month, I received emails and a post on my facebook from an old friend of the family,
a woman I haven't heard from in over 25 years.
Just out of the blue
with the message,
"call me ASAP, I've been looking for you!"
Just like that, out of the blue.
Days later when I had the time, I rang the number only to hear the voice of so long ago, such happiness as we connected, as she told me of her love of me, of Dot/Cob/Mom and our family of a lifetime ago.
Out of the blue, she quickly told me of the death of her daughter in 2001 of a widow maker in her sleep, of the man she was once married to, of her life now, that she is a Cancer Survivor
and then she wept of joy talking with me
and the connection between phones.
Just out of the blue
25+ years later.
love that remains when paths go their own ways and thanks to the internet and friends in their investigative ways find another!
She was determined to find me and seems that she did
just out of the blue thanks to the modern technology of this time and age!
Thanks to facebook and this blog
and all those things.
She asked about members of the family with a tad of hesitation, as she knew that death may have taken them, and for many it has.
Both of us have known tragedy and death over the years.
We laughed at some of the memories, the years gone by, the times now a memory some of them dim and some activated by the conversation.
Out of the blue.
I let her know I would pass her number along
to Dot/Mom/Cob
as long ago I have learned not to give out numbers, not anyone's number under any circumstances; I'm just protective that way.
Yet I knew she would get a phone call; I knew they would spend hours on the phone with a reunion of sorts, and they did!
Out of the blue as they recounted memories and now went to the present day via the wireless connection of a phone.
Modern technology brought old friends together once again, activated old memories, perhaps soothed old wounds in the process
made for the opportunity for a new beginning of a face to face hug in the near future.
Remarkable isn't it?
Out of the blue.
Just like that
old friends from the days of mini skirts and high style hair doos,
bouffants and attitude in a different time and place!
Oh yes, I do remember the twosome, Dottie and Dot, their laughter their good times
and their friendships.
Out of the blue
a reunion of sorts occurred this month with tears, updates, survivals of cancer, deaths, rebirths and finding old friends,
and a laugh that was instantly remembered before the sound of a voice!
Granny would be laughing about this one!
Almost as much as I laughed when visiting the river and Dot/Mom/Cob had my old sweatshirt laying on the couch!
I quickly put it on and we both just howled remembering how old it is
Out of the Blue she thought to lay it out
for giggles and grins!
That's older than the relationship that came back this month
out of the blue
and we can still wear it well and laugh
through the memories!
The Dublin Dukes was the high school that Dot/Mom/Cob and her brothers and sisters went to school! So one can only imagine how old that sweat shirt is, and to think of the use I've gotten out of it...
Mom is after all 29 years old!
Do the math?
Dublin High School no longer is in existence but those Dukes still reunion often,
and are still quite amazing folks...
Just take a look at the one in the picture
still beautiful, now imagine with dark dark bouffant hair and mini skirt?
Oh my.
Out of the blue
Dottie activated that old memory for me,
after all these years!
have a blessed day.
 May you have an
"Out of the blue"
time of wonderment friends!
Walk in Beauty


oshkosh said...

P R I C E L E S S !!!!!!!!!!!!

Just Priceless!!!

fluff said...

Awww Dr. Sherry, what a nice gift that was just "out of the blue". The reaqainting with old friends, old times and bringing it all up to date. That is so nice to hear. I am sure there will be more times together in the future. It is funny how those things happen through the modern world of technology and intraweb. Well, hope everyone is having a great day. We had some of those huge thunder cracks last night after I just got in bed and dozing off. Wow, they were loud and fast. It is very cloudy out right now looking like we will be hearing some more of them soon. It is cold out in the low 60s. Autumn is fast approaching. Take care friends and have a Terrific Tuesday.

I forgot to mention yesterday about our shelter fund raiser weekend. We made over $4,000 in proceeds for the medical care of the animals. It was a super weekend. We were all pretty tired but grateful for such a good time and grand results. A lot of animals will be able to be medicated and cared for over the months ahead. /Sandy♥

Dot/Mom/Cob said...

WOW, out of the blue, yea baby. This is good. A few years back like maybe 15yrs. I also looked for my old(young) friend. I didnt find her as I am not a facebook person. She found Dr. SES. She sent me the phone number and I did not hesitate very long and made the call. 2 1/2 hrs. or more later we had sorta caught up with life. I am sure there is more to come. She and another one of her friends she found of long ago will be coming thru Va. to go to the beach. We hope to connect this Sat.. I will look in my closet to see if I still have the hot pants. I know I dont have the vinyl blue boots knee high. Bouffant hair do, no not now. I know some of your readers will remember that do. You took a long comb to stick in that hair to scratch your head. My hair always looked great with loving care hair dye and my friend the hair dresser. She used to do some do's. It is a great time. We laughed we cried and just talked. I have the feeling this is again going to be a great time of our life. Ok, Dr. SES the Dublin Duke shirt is great, where is the shorts that is so ripped to go with it? I would not even guess how old it is. I kept it all of these years and then when you were home you wanted to take it to Fl.. I hope you will always remember all of the memories of DHS. Great memories. I still have the Cabbage patch doll with your majorette cheer leader outfit on it with the big Dublin Duke letter. Some things we just cant part with, part of a wonderful life with friends of a life time. Even tho my brothers are gone their friends still drop in after all of these years. They dont drop in as much since Granny is gone as she fed half of the ball teams. I used to pop a dish pan full of popcorn. Those days will be forever in my memory. We are having big rain storms and we need it. Blessings to all. Remember our soldiers and their families. Keep the president and his family in your prayers he may not be your choice but he is the president of our USA. Keep my friends Billy and YVonne Ray in your prayers. They are on a journey and with your prayers they can make it thru with Gods help.

chris said...


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful blog today! The thought of Cob in HOT PANTS is a lil scary tho!
You can call me grateful for out of the blues!