Wednesday, September 26, 2012

NFL COACHES> I have something for YOU!

Get ready Coaches across the NFL
it's getting close to Sunday, and I am hoping against hope that as you prepare your teams, as you ready yourselves all across our country...
YOU are taking care of your bodies and minds, and getting those arms AND shoulders of YOURS in shape.
Not only will your teams need to be on top of the ball, the latest moves, but YOU will need to be on top of it,
 So coaches, 
START TODAY, find a way to get massages, get brain massages too, to get ready, and know that I feel ya, and I have what you need and can make more in a hot minute along with enlisting people across the country to help with this.
We can start a movement right here and right now.
I will add this to Twitter, I will put it on Facebook, I will shout it from the Mountain tops and the ocean sides.
Here is a gift from me to you,
it's only been used once
so it should fit your hand quite well,
do not lose it,
be prepared to USE IT
and Use it you will need to
as we have seen the defensive coach of Tampa have to again and again last Sunday
And I'm here to tell you coaches, do not hesitate as it might just save you from walking in that tunnel wanting to kill a zebra or two knowing that your day could have turned out completely differently.
So here ya go, from one who "gets it" and millions who care.
Yes, we will make more,
we will ship them overnight if need be,
cos' the way things are going
it seems this is who you will contend with on Sunday and we all know,
nothing good can come from this.
Coaches, we feel you
we are standing in the middle of living rooms and sports bars and in stadiums across the country screaming until we are hoarse
at the results of not only bad plays
but calls from the zebras that feel so good that they are in the lights and should be working at Foot Locker instead where the only mistakes made can be either returned or credited to an account.
here we are, and folks are all jacked up,
so get those challenge flags in your pockets
and let me know if you need more,
I have about a thousand on hand to make more with me and drive them to you all over the country in time for Sunday
where we all are hoping to see
real men in striped shirts with experience along with real football played.
But so far,
not real sure that can happen with those clowns and their calls.
Hit Me Up coaches,
I'm here for you,
therapy via phone for the players
challenge flags can be made
Those look like the real deal
remember what it looks like?
I'm here if ya need me
and just saying
what has been done is over,
but what is to come largely lays in the hands of those with bucks once again
to make things right,
until then
get your arms ready and those red flags handy, I'm thinkin you are going to need them 
What if the Packers get right to the Super Bowl and lose by that one game that was lost by that one miserable call?
Not that I am a Pack Rat or anything, but wouldn't that just be a tragedy as one ref stood making a sign of nope as the other made a touchdown sign and they looked at each other wondering where was Curly, since only two of the stooges were together?
And we wonder why fans and players get mad or fight on the field and on their way home.
Even the President and his opponent weighed in on that game, now that just is amazing don't ya think?
Just keepin it real

To all here,
Walk in Beauty


fluff said...

Thank you for the good words today Dr. Sherry. I am not much into sports but I know a lot of people who are following this daily. Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone and I hope the sun is shining brightly on you today as you count your many Blessings. /Sandy♥

DrSES said...

Hello Sandy, hope you will share today with those who are into Football, they are sure to laugh as they prepare for Sunday and those challenge flags that will be flying! Take care dear one...