Thursday, September 20, 2012

Soon The Colors will Change

Before we know it,
the magnificence of fall we be seen around the country,
the colors will be changing and the brilliance of fall will astound those who look up, look, around and even look down at times to see it.
Acorns will fall at times enough to make ya wonder if the squirrels are taking aim for your head while walking to your car or working in the yard!
Yes the air, the light, and just about everything is in the time of change.
As Mother Earth prepares herself for the dark months, so are those around us here at the gathering season.
From rainbows after the storms to fabulous flower and last of the season garden goodies; now the trees and nature is letting us know that it is time for the season change.
How will you prepare?
How will you gather your resources close to you for the fall and coming winter?
Will you embrace it by finding ways to nurture self and others...
Or hibernate like the bears of the woods?
Oh those choices we find ourselves making all the time, even as the seasons change, in preparing our homes, ourselves and those we know.
We now know that many will find the coming snows and winter welcoming as they love the cold while others shudder and seek the warmth and look for ways to bring in the light or move to the light!
Many do not care for these dark months and already will be counting the days til spring, to longer days and nights, preferring to just bypass getting up and getting home in darkness any day of the week.
And yet they do, each and every time this time of the year.
While others embrace this fall of the year, there are still others that already are missing the hot hot of summer,
and we again see that we are a hard lot to find satisfaction about things; 
from weather, to music, to sights, and politics!
But for today,
May you find something to really smile about, to laugh out loud about,
to realize the joy of life about.
If all else fails 
you can laugh at self and the seriousness that we at times get wrapped up in as we take ourselves so seriously we forget to laugh, to experience joy that is simple and delightful.
Yes, there is tragedy found on every corner around the world and often in our neighbors or families,
we must find the power to laugh
and to reclaim the beauty and the light within that is Creator given and us filled continually.
That light burns brightly even in the dreariest of days,
and it is up to each of us to fan that flame, to stoke the embers from within
no matter what, no matter where,
and to spread our light to others in order to live our best lives
while noticing the beauty that is around us.
In all seasons, for many reasons, the Creator has given us beauty to fill our spirits and to stoke the fire from within while giving us hope and grace with purpose and the ability to choose.
 Walk your path, in your feet that only you know, while being a steward to others and shining your light.
Beauty surrounds you
in light that is yours from within.

Walk in beauty

Prayers going up for
Billy Ray who is battling brain CA, and his bride Yvonne as he battles Meningitis.

For EE as she is on her way for the second painful procedure again for the Radio Ablation Procedure of those 8 horrid needles in her spine today, may you feel our strength and prayers, we are holding you UP.

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fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry, lovely message and words today. Autumn is indeed a beautiful time of year and is a favorite of many. The weather is cool and clear and the colors bright and the air is crisp. Although it is very nice I know what is coming just around the corner. The cold winter weather of Michigan. It gets colder each year it seems. I prefer warmth of spring and summer and the beauty of autumn. It is chilly today,in the 40s, and we have thunder storms since early this morning. It is very dark, noisy and windy outside. Hope it clears up before I go home. I hope the weather is nice where you are. Prayers for our friends listed, Billy Ray, Yvonne and EE today.
Take care friends and remember to count your Blessings. /Sandy♥

I hope everyone is