Monday, September 24, 2012

The Dogs Are Dancing into Monday! Are YOU?

Time to get your
Monday Dance on!
After your laid back weekend maybe
like the 4 leggeds here?
That is Patches on her side just "chillin" and of course our Jeepers,
showing us how to lay in his bed
with his souls showing!
This of course was AFter the NASCAR fun run around the pool and they had to "chill" while little Gypsy was still on the run with a monkey in her mouth doing the "bark" which still amazes me!
Dogs are just amazing to me, they amuse, and delight and often will find the bark of bark to irritate and make ya wonder what in the world can they possibly hear that I don't.
Jeepers has a way of running you out of your chair, and having you love on him until your hand becomes numb.
He of course wants you to understand fully that he was born to love and will let you know when he has had enough!
Now Kamryn calls him "his sweet dog" which will prompt a fast visit from Sandy next door when she sees that on Facebook to claim him once again as "her dog" as he runs to take his place in her lap while the others look on.
Gyspy will wag her tail and yet not allow the loving unless Sandy sits on the couch and then allow her to love on her with such kindness and care!
They are funny little creatures indeed.
And last week our Jeepers developed that awful sounding "hacking cough" and we could tell he was not feeling well.
Of course it happened over the weekend, and got its worse after Vet hours here.
As we listened and watched we feared it to be the "kennel cough" symptoms" of bronchitis often showing up in little ones.
And oh how I dreaded that vet bill that happens when you walk in the door and then walk out with antibiotics and shots given.
The other two were fine, only Jeepers was not well it seemed and when he was in his bed, when he was in my lap still he was fine.
Yet, the moment he got up, the moment he moved the "hack hack dry cough began".
By Saturday evening, I had researched old remedies and found one and its variations and we figured can't hurt, might help.
Good we had just had white rice/chicken for dinner as we had leftovers!
We took 1/3 garlic glove for each baby, put it with broth and cooked it, then added it to the rice and chicken and threw it in a blender.
After it was pureed we added it to some of his dog food and pureed that too into a small amount.
Put that in a little bowl and while he was on my lap I held that little bowl and oh was he one happy Jeepers as the other two looked at me wondering where were their goodies, he lapped it all up.
here is the greatest news.
Jeepers has not coughed since then!
It was like a magical elixir I tell you, and yes I gave the other two a little over their doggie food just for a treat.
Garlic breaths all around here.
the healing properties in that ole remedy did the trick and Jeepers is back to his old self now, playing and having the best of times
with NO cough.
Oh happy day!
A quick call to the vet this morning to see if I needed to bring him in and letting him know of how bad the cough was, the remedy used and his resulting comments of 
"I don't see any reason to bring him in"
validated my feelings that
we can heal ourselves and each other with what we have sometimes.
And today?
Gypsy has been barking her bark of 
"something is happening and I'm all over it"
with monkey in her mouth as she runs to the edge of the lanai, as she lets us know in the quiet that something is happening!
I have looked and looked as I assure her we are all good here!
I have to laugh as the Monday dance is on,
and then out of the blue I see the lawnmower, here the sounds and oh my goodness
the 4 leggeds are having a ball with the refrains of
"seee we told you"
How do they know these things before they happen?
This is Gypsy with the leg of Blue Monkey as she is trying to tell me
something is happening here pay attention
it is
But then
when our pal John hit the back yard on that riding lawn mower,
can a little one bark with a big monkey in her mouth while running, 
I sure hope you can see the joy!
 Moral of the story?
Even when something is bigger than you,
go with it, run with it, dance with it
and enjoy every minute of it!
Oh boy she will need water and a big ole' nap with the others soon,
Monday entertainment has about done her in!
Life with the 4 leggeds and if only we could look and see ourselves through the eyes of our dogs, as they look at us with such love, such fun, and such joy!
IF only we could get so excited at the day, the sounds and the drop of a leaf!
Dance friends, it's the beginning of something new today.
YOU can run around with your favorite thing and shake your head with fury
even if just in your mind,
having the best of times
you want to!
Oh my, there she goes again,
too bad this doesn't show the fast pace she and monkey are on as she is managing to bark, run and hold that big monkey in those little teeth!
If she can do it,
surely we can!
Blessings to you all 
from me and mine.
Walk in Beauty


fluff said...

Ah Dr. Sherry, sure do love the antics of the four leggeds there. They are so cute, so much loved and I know so active. I am happy you tried the remedy for Jeepers and his cough. Those old and holistic remedies really do work for ailments. I am fortunate to have a vet who specializes in acupuncture and Chinese Herbal therapy and also some Holistic veterinary medicine. She has done wonders on ailments where the common vet practice is not working. We took a Holistic approach with my cat who has IBD and acupuncture with a cat at the shelter with a neurological issue. Both had awesome results where the common Vet practice was doing nothing to help. Our furry friends sure bring joy to our lives and homes. That is why I love volunteering at the shelter. 3-4 days a week. I love to take those cats and dogs and love and care for them. Some of them have not had kind, human touch for a long time, if ever. So some take lots of work and TLC to come around. It is a joyous and heart warming times when we see those that come in in such bad shape turn around and do well and find forever loving homes.
Take care Dr. Sherry and four leggeds. I hope all is well with our friends today. I hope the sun is shining brightly for you. It is chilly here in SE Michigan in the 40s today but the sun is shining.

DrSES said...

Ah, Sandy you do stay so very busy, working in trauma unit at Detroit Medical center *DMC* where I tip my hat to all there and that shelter is so lucky to have you! Please share some of those remedies with readers as I was so lucky to find this one for the Jeepers! Blessings and gratitude to you and those in Detroit one of my favorite places to visit and speak! brrr it is getting chilly out there!
Dr S

Anonymous said...

Good job Doc, probably saved the two week ordeal of antibiotics at home and the 300-400 vet bill. List this as one great cure. Everybody should take note. what dog has not had a cough and sent us running to the vet? Gotta love um, but vet costs are skyrocketing! The cost of care for the creatures in our lives is scary high. Loved the pics, and know you love the pups. Lucky they have such a smart human to oversee their antics.

oshkosh said...

Precious read. Fun they are, and NOT one bit spoiled!!!!! Glad the cough is gone, and thanks for the recipe----I will use it with mine if ever needed. Good to know.

DrSES said...

Thanks to all for dancing in today!
NOT a bit spoiled are they!!!

But, that blue monkey is a hoot!!!

Best to all and keep that reemedy, now that I think about it,

maybe I'll try it next cough I get!

Dot/Mom/Cob said...

Hey Dr. SES, how about trying that for the ear ache, probably better that using all of those antibotics. I am going thru empty nest syndrome with my friends off to the beach. We had a wonderful time and lots of hugs and tears. Memories are great. You talking about cold, it was 37deg. here in Va. this morning. I finally had to turn on the heat tonight. I am not ready for this weather. Keep my friends Billy and Yvonne Ray in all the prayers. They are trying to get the antibotics to work out the menegitis and waiting on a call for Duke Univ. in NC.. I took him some candy kisses and her tootsie rolls and visited just a little while. Prayers go out to them and all who are on a journey with sickness in their life. I shook a Army soldier hand this evening in Walmart and he was very pleased, we need to let them know we are thinking of them and appreciate what they do for our Country. Blessings to all.

fluff said...

Hi Dr. Sherry and friends. Just wanted to share a life saving holistic remedy for many problems. This is especially good for GI issues in dogs and cats, and people also. I used it for my cat with IBD and I swear by its results and I know it saved my cats life. I still use it occasionally on all of my cats with a GI upset. This was even used back George Washington days. I also used is when I had strep throat and a canker sore on my jaw that would not get better. It was healed in 2 days with this. It is Slippery Elm Syrup. This was given to me from a Holistic vet in New Mexico and was supported by my own vet. Here is an article and directions. You can purchase Slippery Elm powder in most health food stores and can order it on-line also. I would not use the pills, always the powder to make syrup. I have used this for the past 6years and never had a problem with it but saw great results from its use. /Sandy♥