Saturday, September 15, 2012

Just might be....

We need to see and have our American flags flying on every house, in every yard and on every business we do business in.
Just might be that we need to cross the street to say good morning or afternoon to each person we see on the street, and wave and nod while passing each other in our cars no matter what we are driving or they are as we move about our day.
Just might be,
that we need to honor each other and our rights, responsibilities and choices we make and can make with our lives, our minds and our bodies. 
Just might be that we give thanks rather than fall into the traps of emotional and intellectual warfare fueled by politics and the money spent to advertise, seduce and get us on one side divided against the other and common sense and reason.
For is sure does seem that
common sense is not so common anymore!
it just may be that people have lost their ability to remember some basic and rather elementary math skills along the way as well.
There are some very simple truths:
We all make choices each and every day of our lives... They are indeed "ours to make" and if you do not like the choices being made by others do not make them for yourself.
Yet we see others trying to take away the ability to choose, take away consumers rights, even in NYC there is now a ban on the amount of soda one can purchase in their judgment and effort to curb obsesity?
A ban on soda?
Are you kidding me NYC?
A BAN ON THE OUNCES OF SODA that one can purchase, to be governed...
I'm thinking someone has too much time on their hands there.
Americans dying everyday defending our freedoms.
The recent tragedy of 4 Americans being brought home in flag draped caskets
Where is the compassion, the care,
and those who serve are being compared to a laundry list that did not get addressed by a politician?
Choices and judgement made with "Lehman moments"
later to be clarified, denied, and common sense that is not so common it seems.
Choices, attitude fueling anger and hate,
we were not born to hate,
we are children of the Creator
born with no agenda and a blank slate of only light.
Hatred and judgment are learned behaviors
and they are not pretty.
Don't like something?
Don't do it!
But leave a person with their own choices, their rights and responsibilities whether good, great, painful or bad.
People make choices with each breath, having to live with the result of them,
be it drinking a 20 oz. soda or having an abortion or working their ass to the bone to buy and maintain a home, or raise a child;
whether choosing to fight the greatest battle again pain, brain cancer, breast cancer
or hope and faith that sustains and moves mountains.
Together we are strong, as the families and friends of the fallen will show as they stand by caskets draped with our Flag knowing their loved ones choose to fight, to represent the best of America, to sacrifice and now have paid the ultimate price.
WE are the People
and this person
is grateful for their service.
Just may be
it is time for us to stand in 
and once again regain our balance as the children of our Creator
while saying enough is enough with the ugliness of the times.
SOAR we are so much more than what we have been being pulled into the last months
and being emotionally drained by

Prayers going UP for those whose lives ended so tragically, and their friends and families.
Continual prayers and strength for EE who is having a difficult time with pain from the needles and procedure ... may you soon have relief friend, I know you are struggling now.
For those who serve, have served, I thank you all and your families.

bring them all home.

Walk in Beauty

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