Tuesday, September 11, 2012


as we stand in Unity
we Remember them,
those lives lost
those who made their last calls to loved ones and diverted that plane
those who were on Flight #77
those who answered All calls to respond
on a day of blue skies
a morning that our world stood still.
those who died nor those who served.


fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry, Indeed 9/11 ~ A day we will never forget. What we were doing and where we were when we heard the unbeliavable and most horrid of news. The day America stood still and held her breath as the pictures flashed across TV screens. The day so many of those who lost their loved ones are forever changed. The day bravery and determination was strong and the tears flowed from so many. That day, I was doing exactly what I am doing today, same place and even preparing the same work I am doing today. At the very moment a co-worker came through the department and said "a plane just hit the twin towers". I did not know and had never heard of the twin towers until the moment but is forever etched in my memory. Remembering, we all went quickly to the lobby waiting area as that was the closest place that there was a television. We sat there and many stood with eye on that TV watching in shock and horror still disbelieving when we saw the second plane hit and then soon heard the other tragedies of that day. Many sad and teary eyes sat and stood there that day crowded around a little waiting room TV, in a big trauma hospital in Detroit. Physicians, nurses, receptionists, social workers, housekeepers, patients and families all together. We watched in horror not wanting to believe it was real but knowing at that point that life would never be the same in America. We sat there quietly in shock, tears falling, some sobbing, some with hand over their mouth in disbelief, some with arms around another and wiping away the tears that continued to fall over the days and weeks ahead.
Take care Dr. Sherry and friends - be well today and count our Blessings.

DrSES said...

THANK YOU SANDY, THANK YOU... for your words, your memories, your remembering... of what happened 11 years ago in Detroit...

I encourage all here to share their story, their memory as we remember the day our world stood still as we honor the fallen, and honor those who answered the call.


oshkosh said...

How could ANYONE ever forget? We all remember where we were. 9/11 was like nothing we had ever witnessed before. The sheer HORROR, was totally unbelievable.

Sad that it takes a tragedy of such magnitude to pull America together as one. I don't get it.

Thank YOU Dr. Sherry for your service to our Nation, and your continued support to all peoples.

DrSES said...

Thank you Osh,


Shanksville PA, ARLINGTON VA and NYC

Dot/Mom said...

You are right the day the world stood still. I remember so well. I was in my bathroom getting ready for the day. I could see thru the mirror to the tv. I saw the plane hit and I thought what a sick commercial, then I heard the sounds and people screaming, sirens going and then the other plane hit. I ran to the phone and called my daughter Dr. Sherry. I was crying and so upset. I said I am coming to your house right now in Northern Va.. I got ready and away we went. It was utter panic on everyone we saw traveling up and down the road. So many trying to get out of DC. We arrived there and Dr. Sherry was getting ready to go as First Responder with the Red Cross. For days she was working the midnight shift. She would come home all sutty, brack and little white on her. We would take off her clothes, hold her in the shower and sit her down to eat. She slept very little up and going again for days. It was a terrible time for all of us everywhere. We were scared that was just the beginning. Time stood still. So many deaths, so many families destroyed. I will forever remember the man jumping or falling from that building. Sheer panic. Yes I remember and I pray for the people who lost their loved ones. God Bless USA.