Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lending a hand to others

How often have we heard or seen random acts of kindness or been the recipient of giver of lending a hand to another in life.
We see those who are in need at times and reach out, reach back to pull another with us on this journey of life during the rough times, the sad times, the difficult times when something, or someone gets in the way.
We've heard about definitions of success and ways politicians plan to dig deep to help the young, the old, the future; along with success its definitions and its meaning to those with different values and meaning systems and beliefs.
We just yesterday observed the anniversary of the day the world cried together
and devastation hit our soil, yet our country stood united in ways unimagined.
We have said
and yet many have forgotten
when and how it feels when we link arms,
reach out hand to another
and stand in
UNITY together while reaching our hand to another and reassuring each other
"I've got you".
Yes, reaching out to another not only in times of great struggle in the hours, days, months after a time when our world stood still on 9/11
Not only when there is a tragedy, a crisis or a call to arms,
but everyday when a neighbor, a relative a friend
may struggle or put out a distress call for help
we should be able to grasp a hand, lend a hand, dig deep for a dollar or two and try to help.
Yes, yes and Yes
these are rough economic times where all except the 1% are counting their change, counting and saving even pennies to make a dollar as we cut back, check and re-check on ways to do things differently.
I can remember moving to FL when home prices were insane, and yes bought one at that time; and then in 05 watched as the housing market fell and fell hard, the loaves of bread costs went up through my newly purchased roof along with gas prices while the value of my home dropped and continues to.
That was contrary to the newest politics on ads saying it was our Presidents fault, hell it was before our President!
Yet I also watched Katrina, and people come from all over the place, and reach out, lending a hand to others; those they did not know as they gave hope and muscle to rebuild and to restore faith.
On smaller scales I still get a kick out of those who pay it forward, who do lovely things for others in check outs, drive through s, and even leave bags of groceries at the doors of others late at night and run like teens to get away before being seen. 
Yet I've heard a plea from a friend across states with a link to help with expenses to travel 2 hours to physicans asking if folks could donate $1.00 or more to assist with gas/lodging as times are tough and health is failing her now.
And I've watched as many do not comment about that, nor come up  with creative ideas; things like having a car wash in her behalf as she cannot stand; having a bake sale and donating the proceeds and making it a fun event as she cannot stand nor has the resources to bake nor sell them.
Things that others could do for a friend to make the need more of a fun event without making someone feel diminished by her need yet be able to pay it forward and help just because they can. 
I watch people give until they do without for pages and causes that benefit the animals and benefit people who run sites about the animals, yet seem to close their minds to their fellow man and woman and have to wonder, where has our compassion gone for our brothers and sisters.
Yet some will scam and lie and cheat while getting others hooked into their deceit and next thing you know dollars are rolling in and they are buying luxury items like computers and eating steak!
Yet, there are those who finally muster up the strength and humility to reach out there and ask for help, and next thing you know the only thing they are receiving is a cold shoulder from the people who could be helping find creative ways to support and care.
It truly boggles the mind doesn't it.
I've had people email me about things they have been a part of on social network sites, the fan pages they join only to later regret decisions made, money donated and events of the past.
Good hearted people that are taken advantage of only later to realize that they were duped in ways that do often happen on the internet, and televisions across the lands.
It may just be that is why we have become jaded, are afraid to lend a hand these days and stand UNITED.
WE stood in the aftermath of 9/11
I remember it like yesterday.
The sights, sounds, smells
and the feeling of
It was born from devastation on our soil,
it was born from our need to be together
and our need of each other.
We need to stand now in 
We need to practice random acts of kindness to benefit another human being,
for in the service to another we bring out our light from within and it shines brighter.
WE NEED to wave or nod at others we encounter on a daily basis while remembering when we reached out after 9/11 to each person we saw in UNITY.
WE need to let politicians know that we are sick to death of the bashing of each other and their constituents.
One does not need to tear down another only to think we will think higher of them.
We need to stand for the fallen
and for each other as people first.
WE need to extend a hand when we know it is not a scam or enabling another, but genuinely offering support and care.
There are times when we also need to dig a little deeper for someone that we know could benefit from what we have, maybe a buck, maybe 50.00
and in our help to someone who just may be worse off then us, we will reap great reward in knowing, we have just done something to enhance the quality of someone's life, and that is a ok in my book.
Yes, we all are doing more with less,
and yes, sometimes we do without for others,
and hopefully
we will all have someone to reach out for us
and pull us through a tight spot sometimes
or pull us into the light when it may get dark.
sometimes we have to reach, reach for the moon and be guaranteed a star or several.
Be careful of those pages on FB and other places promising you this and that and wanting your hard earned monies, or saying they will name a building after you or things, animals you have become attracted, attached to. Be warned of these things that may just turn around and leave you devastated or people who you contribute vast amounts of money to who then report they purchased a lap top, dinners out or high tech gadgets with gifts, donations, funds that were sent to help them with food, needed medical bills, everyday living, expenses that they could not handle at the time... Yes there are some sophisticated manipulators out there dear ones, and just like soundbites on ads and commercials and  photoshop, things are not always as they appear;  based on truths and what we are told.
The old saying,
when someone shows you who they are believe them, continues to be true!
BUT, sometimes they are, sometimes we can make a huge difference to the life of another.
Never give up on knowing that care of another is not needed, wanted or one day may be you or me in need of that hand.
Walk in Beauty

Here's a link you may want to subscribe to, a person that I am honored to call friend, and should you want to help one who is now making 2.5 hour trips to a multitude of Doctors, she could sure use whatever you can spare for gas as her son is her primary caregiver.
She is going tomorrow for painful injections in her spine as they prepare to do a procedure in the hospital that will burn the nerves in her damaged spine to enhance her quality of life.
Please keep her in your prayers.
The paypal link to help is at the top right of her page. Prayers going up for my pal as she goes tomorrow for the beginning of this painful procedure, may the Creator hold you gently in arms of peace for a successful outcome.


fluff said...

Thank you Dr. Sherry for your words today. So many people who think only of themselves but many out there who do go the extra mile and "Pay it Forward" and so willing to help out. They are a Blessing. Prayers continue for our friend who struggles day after day due to her chronic illness. I hope all is well today. Busy day for me. A lot of work to catch up on. Have a wonderful Wednesday friends.

Anonymous said...

Shouting an AMEN to that doc. Just one small token of kindness can go a long way. Like to pay it forward, and reach back... in return, a fuller life, a kinder world, a softer place for someone else to land. Keep the words coming. We treasure them.

Dot/Mom/Cob said...

Good advice and words of wisdom Dr. SES, I for one try to reach out and help those in need. I have Pay it Forward many time to a teen in line getting some food, to a car behind me with children in it and they looked as if they needed some help. There are so many ways we can help with kindness. I just volunteered at a Clothes Bank here in my home town. It was a great experience as some people that needed help came in and was able to get clothes nothing cost more than $5. It is run by volunteers and donation from some stores and community. You had to be registered to get free clothes. They also gave free school supplies to those who could not afford to pay for them. There are many places to donate all of those clothes we have not worn in 2 yrs. Take them out of the closet and help someone who needs them, in our area we have besides the clothes closet, Goodwill, Salvation Army and several other places. I was very impressed with the Clothes closet as it is run with volunteers and setup where you know the need is there. Volunteer,. help someone today, lend a helping hand for someone in need. A dear friend of mine Aunt is in the hospital she is 94 and has cancer. I told my friend to call if she needs anyone and I mean it. She said you are one of the few that means that, some people say call but it never comes thru. Remember our friends that are sick, our soldiers and their families. Remember our family. Blessings to all.

fluff said...

Hello friends and Dr. Sherry. Been missing your words - hope everything is okay for you.

Dot/Mom/Cob, it is so good to read about your volunteering. I love volunteering. Even though a lot of it is with the animal shelter and rescue I also volunteer in other ways. It is good for one's heart and soul to do something not expecing a payback in return. Recently, one night after leaving the shelter and was so tired I went to a Bob Evans for supper. I paid my bill with a gift card but it did not have enough $ on it for my total bill. I told the cashier I had to run out to my car and get my cash. It was only $4.36 but when I came back in the fella that was behind me paid the rest of my bill. That was so kind of him! I tried to give him the money back but he would not take it and waved me good bye and wished me a nice evening. That was so sweet and sure made me want to pass it forward to someone else, which I have. At first, I was embarassed because I had the money but then I realized he did it out of the kindness of his heart.

I hope everyone is having a Fantastic Friday and looking for the weekend. Is stormy here in SE Michigna today and cold - 50s - but supposed to clear up for a nice weekend. Take care friends /Sandy♥

DrSES said...

PAY IT FORWARD.. great read for me friends, thank you for sharing.... blessings to you all!

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