Saturday, September 22, 2012

The September Equinox and Fall is here

Oh my, it's official
today the day will be equal with the nighttime all over the word; the equinox of autumn
and the first day of fall is here!
I hear that the colors are already changing around the lands, as the air is crisp in the mornings and the heat is being used to warm along with an extra blanket or two in the night on those beds as we now find the cooler air changing with the leaves on the trees.
The leaves that were green will turn to brown, yet will yield to brilliants reds and oranges before dropping and those rakes coming out for some exercise for folks!
Yard work, Mums will be a plenty as fall begins to show itself and its beauty, and all of its wonder for us to behold.
Just as those bushytails are throwing acorns from the trees at us and making my driveway sound like standing on bubble wrap,
soon people will be gathering their resources, their yard tools and doing, fixing and preparing for the winter!
Many are laying back now on the Sundays
as it is time for football!
The busy work of weekends held on Saturdays, of chores and doings and goings, to reserve that Sunday for the big games on screens, with friends, families or at the main event itself
as the cheers and favorite teams get rooted for.
Local towns and Friday Night Football continue to bring communities together, I sure miss those texts when that Godson was playing last year; keeping me posted on the score, the plays, the everything as he took the field.
Communities and those who live in them are still able to throw their hand up to each other at times like that; in fellowship in high school games, all coming together to support kids and their efforts on the field and each other; giving themselves a needed respite from world events, from stress of work and life events.
Enjoyment and fun.
People need to play more.
Remember playing in leaves?
Jumping or running in a pile of leaves and the thrill of it all?
Simple but joyous moments that are just fun filled, and take your mind away from everything else.
Here's to fall, to autumn, to the equinox when things are balanced all over the world and equal 
what a thought
what a moment for us all.
Have fun this week-end
Do something for you.
Today is also
Playing for Change Day
 All Over The World
where musicians are gathering on streets, cafes, and just about everywhere, and doing just what it says,
sings, playing for 
What a marvelous thought turned to action through the universal language of music.

Wishing you a day of music, of wonderment,
of balance

Walk in Beauty



oshkosh said...

A day of Music, Wonderment, and Balance...... PERFECT

fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. Brrr, it is cold outside today. First day of fall and here in SE Michigan it is 53 degrees now and that is the high. Our leaves are falling and autumn fragrance is in the air. I put an extra blanket on my bed today and had to close my windows. May have to turn the furnace on a minute as it is 67 now and colder tonight. Dr. Sherry, I love that song "Stand By Me" I listen to it each time you post it. Love seeing all those joining in song across the country. Wishing each of you a very happy and peaceful evening. Take care friends. /Sandy♥