Friday, September 7, 2012

Yes, We Can Do THIS: Obama and Biden set a fire in People

Biden and President Obama
at the DNC last night had people on their feet in a packed to capacity place in Charlotte
and folks in their homes were on their feet right along with those there as they were at their best.
It was quite the finish of a powerful convention, where not only the outfits and enthusiasm was ever so colorful, but it was about
"We the People, and for THE PEOPLE"
with each speaker more powerful and magnificent than I could have imagined.
Our problems can be solved, was the message of our President,
and yes I do believe that to be true.
I also believe it will take work, conviction and the working together of all people!

*Note: I am not a political analyst, not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to politics* just saying here, these are thoughts, just my thoughts folks!
Once again I caught only the snippets and wished I had seen more, but what I did see has given me hope and once again reminded me of many things as I watched and listened to something that set off many of my own personal strong fundamental beliefs.
I heard stories that I knew in my heart were based in faith, tears, hard work and values that I too share.
When I saw with my own eyes
Gabbie Gifford standing and saying the
Pledge of Allegience
and trying to move her right arm closer to her chest, I felt my face become wet with tears,
and I knew that if she came come back,
so can our country.
If she can stand
so can each of us, with grace and dignity under fire.
As I listened to our Vice President I found his passion to be unlike I had ever seen and all of a sudden something clicked inside of me.
He does know our President probably better than anyone other than FLOTUS
as he walks 30 paces to his office and sits to his right on those decisions made 24/7.
He watches his breath, sees his eyes and observes the tenure of his voice in decisions that affect each of us; our lives, our homes our children.
Interesting to me, I thought honestly that I had either gone to the kitchen, the bathroom or fell asleep is the reason I had not heard Romney talk of the sacrifices of our troops or those magnificent men, women, service animals that live, die, to protect and serve our country.
It was only last night that I became aware and that it was validated by a conservative democrat on the news that not once did anyone at the RNC give thanks to our troops, the wounded warriors, those who have died protecting our freedoms or their families during the times in Tampa.
I am more than shocked by that.
I was impressed when Biden did not want the massive crowds to boo or to put down Romney, when he said he was a good man, a family man, but only want to set the record straight.
He was not intending to attack, or malign character.
He was powerful, he was at his best,
and he captivated and charged those who were watching with hope, enthusiasm and with the President's entrance and his re-election.
It's good that they moved inside to a building that was safe from the storms of Charlotte,
but I cannot fathom how those who are in charge of such things pulled it off so gracefully, the details, the entire effort seemed seamless.
So there were no traditional fall of the balloons.
People already saw that in Tampa,
perhaps they will also see it is a waste of precious dollars now and abandon that bit of grandeur?
As it was
it was filled with HOPE and about
"We the People".
It was the President saying,
we have more to do,
and quite frankly who in the world would expect it to be done in 3 years or 4 when every job bill presented has been shut down and stopped. Every bill or measure that has been presented has been nixed/stopped.
Yes, times are hard now,
hell they were harder when he stepped into that office and first sat in the oval office and yes believe it or not things are changing.
And yes, I really like when the President talked about our "citizenship", our call to reach out, reach back and help each other.
That pulled me, it spoke to me.
None of us got up, out, about without at some point the help of another.
When that door opens on success, yes be proud and grateful, and reach back to pull or offer your hand to the next person and bring them through that door with you!
Yes, I enjoyed what I heard, what it makes me think about, and what it stands for.
Mostly it reaffirms what I already know,
this country is the greatest country in the world, and our colors do not run.
Perhaps some people do, others can afford to go here and there and buy their way into hearts,
and businesses and leave some behind.
But we do not leave folks behind in their time of need or success.
We stand together
and take care of each other, the children and The Elders.
We have been taught, we have been given rights and responsibilities as citizens, neighbors and children of the Creator.
Boy I wish Betty White had been their mystery guest,
that would have been the icing on the cake for me,
or did I miss her?
she would have been the icing on the cake!
Meanwhile, get ready folks,
I'm sure by tonight millions of dollars will have been spent for ugly commercials to air as campaigns of the Republicans now will use sound bites to further themselves and try to defend the fact that they did not honor our soldiers, our vet and those who have died.
I'm pretty certain that Rush and Trump will discredit Sandra Fluke and the strong women that spoke; the President and Vice along with our first lady and that the ugly comments and distorted truths or lies will now fill up the airwaves.
I continue to think
that all that money that is spent with overt and subliminal ads for months would be better spent to "fix what is broken" in our economy, or to help a working family with their mortgage, or a random act of kindness
and let these conventions and debates do the talking in real time and live.
Isn't that a better use of time and resources than television ads that are similar to infomercials that remind you of those ads telling you that you can have buns of steel in 30 days?
This is an important election, one that now has me putting notes on the wall of my just turned 18 godson and his pals:
is the message.
Praying that they will go sign up to vote, be taken to vote, willing to buy them dinner if they show me their voter registration card!
Yes the stakes are high for women, men, children, elders.
It is a time where many are angry, are fearful, are needing jobs.
Not just youngsters need jobs though,
most everyone is in need of jobs,
retirement is a thing of the past!
I do believe if folks could get past this anger that is now at record highs, the stress brought on by negative and ugly campaigning
and stand together arm in arm
as "We The People"
while recognizing that there never has been a free ride.
What has been the worst times of our recent history since the housing crash in 04 and o5 and since we expected someone who sat in office to magically fix it in 4 years is unrealistic for anyone.
But we must maintain hope
rather than now say okie dokie
to a man who cannot relate to someone who is trying to rob Peter to pay Paul when paying their bills wondering how they will buy groceries as they hold tight to hope.
And in the middle of all that, if they are a woman
they have to stay awake to assure that no one is trying to break in not only their homes
but their vaginas!
and let your

Welp I guess I'm goin to lose some fans on this one huh?
I sure hope not, cos I love ya all,
and after all this is said and done,
we will continue to stand
and I pray we stand

just keepin it real
Blessings to all


Dot/Mom said...

Well good mornin to you. I thought yesterday blog was the bomb and here today is another one. You told it like it is and what it is. I didnt recognize Gabby at first and then the tears flowed. VP Biden was absolutly good. He was a for the people and by the people. Who knew he could talk as he did last night? Not me. You could tell by Michele as she jumped up out of her seat and applauded that he was right on. They also acted like the liked each other very much. It is time America stood together and stop this fussing and fighting and stand up for America. The president did a great job and so many of the speakers brought God back into the campaign. I, like you was glad to hear the praise for the troops and their families. Just look at how many who has given their lives for us and some will have health problems the rest of their lives. God Bless America. God Bless Our President and lets stand with him and not fight him. TGIF Prayers to all who need them and that is the whole world. Blessings

Anonymous said...

I thought the speeches were uplifting and uniting. Just what we need at this moment in time. thoroughly enjoyed the DNC1 Thanks for speaking up doc and encouraging everyone to get out and vote! No need to complain that you don't have a voice if you don't raise it. Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton, VP Biden and Barack.... GREAT speeches every one. This is one person who will vote, because it is a precious right and a grave responsibility.